Okami - The best game no one played?

Interesting video by a friend of mine. I played Okami recently and was surprised at how little the majority of people knew about it.

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Lucreto1740d ago

It is my favourite game of the PS2 era.

I was happy to play it again in HD. If it appears on the PS4 I would play it again.

Vitalogy1740d ago

They should've made it for the Vita aswell, the touch screen for the "drawing parts" is perfect.

Aceman181740d ago

it was one of my favorites on PS2

Venox20081740d ago

one of the best games i played, bought wii version not long time ago, so i could play it on Wii U...again :)

Irishguy951740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

I have a problem with the story. It had too many villains. Too many 'endings' only for you to move onto another villain which shoulda been weaker than the first one(orochi). I'm very big on Japanese Mythology due to Naruto so I loved all most of the stuff in it, however em...yeah the game was poorly paced. Ypu basically kill the main villain too early and the rest of it is cleaning up after him. Also repeating bosses is just a bad idea.

Either should been shorter, or...the story shoulda moved around a bit, with Amaterasu fighting Orochi last and fighting some of the others earlier, nine tails, leviathan etc etc. Also the platforming wasn't that good. Since the game was similar to Zelda, the platforming and puzzles were just poor compared to Zelda.

Either way, 8.5/10 game. For art style, combat, mythos(imo, Shinto is simply very interesting, one of my fav mythologies/religions) and yes story, even though again the games pacing was odd.

Lucreto1740d ago

Orochi was not the main villain in the end. Yami was the source of all the evil.

Orochi had just been revived and was still in a weakened state. The evil was still there even after Orochi's original defeat but the evil was sealed away not let loose the second time. The other villains continued to gain strength in the meantime.

Orochi is the most fun boss I ever placed. Getting him drunk to defeat his is something you never see in other games.

badboy7761740d ago

my favorite t0.
It was long
It had amazing Graphics
IT was Fun
It was unique
10/10 Game easily!!!!!!!!!

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SpiralTear1740d ago

Clover Studios was great already with the Viewtiful Joe series, but Okami was just incredible. Considering you could find the game on both Wii and PSN this gen, I'm very surprised that a lot of people still haven't experienced it.

Venox20081740d ago

viewtiful game is still one of my favourite games along with god hand, even now Platinum Games are kickin ass again this game, but i still would love god hand 2 and viewtiful 3

gillri1740d ago (Edited 1740d ago )

Best Zelda clone ever, and in my top 10 games of all time

proper tear jerker...poor Tobi...sniff

IN fact I think id have it above all Zelda games because its was such an emotional game

RytGear1740d ago

Honestly, game of the PS2 generation, hands down.

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