Check The PS4 UI In Action in Extensive Two Minutes Long Video with Settings, Trophies and More

With the launch of the PS4 drawing near, looks like booth personnel on the show floor at industry events is starting to relax, allowing people to take better and longer videos of the PS4 UI in action.

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Thatguy-3101707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

a lot more snappier. Thank God that the trophies link up instantly. I hated waiting to compare my trophies to others because of the wait time. 4 more days =D

GarrusVakarian1707d ago

Simple and responsive, just how i like it.

1707d ago
JackISbacK1707d ago

truly said i will not be a fanboy we all must not but this ui is realy getting messy i realy did not get it what it was was it simple i was realy confused wat are settings these use to follow same follish ui found in sont tvs this has been agreat issue with sony from years and i can see the reference of it this looks soo much unstandard if compatare to ms ui when i looked at xb ui it ws soo simple if you uses kinedct it was damn simple and when you used controller it was loot easy to understand i've used thier ui in private when met with ms it was damn good but this was realy annoying i will get my hands on it soon and i'am damn sure i will try it before the launcha and will again try it at review event.

combatcash1707d ago

Looks a bit too plain, I just hope the apps and playstation store load up quickly this time around.

Prime1571707d ago

@ JackISbacK

Seriously? Not only was it hard to comprehend what you were actually saying, but there were only 9 options on the screen and 6 of them were social functions.

The way I see it is that these are the things I use more often than not. having them all on one line is awesome. Then, when the guy flicked down (however he did so) he came across recently run programs - which is also awesome in my opinion.

To me, this seems downright to the point of what Sony is trying to do: keep it social. Skip the advertisments, skip the jargon, let me connect with my fellow gamers.

This is a crash display, and I'm sorry you think it's so concrete to judge. We know Metro. However, we suddenly think that it's going to be that awesome?

Kids, Metro has sucked, the difference is now you have voice commands via a microphone... Wait... You don't? You have to use Kinect? You're serious? Oh, so that's supposed to make the UI we've all been avoiding better? I see. Let me go buy a kinect for my pc.

mp12891706d ago

Spaniards got their hands on the PS4 before me

Septic1706d ago

Hmmm, I'm not liking it. Its just too bland for me. I appreciate the simplicity of it all but the X1 UI is far superior in my opinion. You can tailor fit all your pins on one side, the friends tab looks brilliant and the multi-tasking stuff looks functional.

This is a continuation of what came before albeit more faster and responsive. To be honest, many people liked the old XMB so if it aint broke....

SolidStoner1706d ago

I want to be able get home max drunk on my four legs crawling to TV, then turn on my console and play games... it seems I could do that with ps4.. simple, cheap and fast is main reason I buy consoles.. (its not like Im a retard or alcoholic..) just saying our lives are too difficult and time consuming.. making it simple is very ok...

and dont bring Xbox here.. its like arguing racers.. "my Aston Martin is better", "no, no Lamborghini is better"

and who cares.. even if MS creates best UI in the world, I sill would not sign a pact with that dark money addict demon!!!

BlackTar1871706d ago

Waiting for the people who say Pre ordered cancelled UI not good.

Some people are so funny.

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Rikuson11707d ago

Well since he's most likely playing offline that's why the trophies didn't sync but none the less if it did have to sync it would sync like the Ps Vita (which is a good thing if you know how the vita does it)

Convas1707d ago

Definitely liking the speed in getting to trophy lists. Everything seems snappy and responsive, as expected from a next gen OS.

4 Days

lex-10201706d ago

He was offline so the trophies didn't synce to a server. It's possible when your connected to the online it will take a little longer. Other than that everything was nice and fast.

OlgerO1707d ago

Yes it was very fast. Clearly this was not anything like it will look in the final version and nothing worked yet

scott1821707d ago

They always make their UI classy and easy to use, love what I see.

BattleTorn1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )


Yeah, look how fast all that was!!!

PSN - no.

Video - no.

Music - no.

It was all so fast. :/

On top of that, trophies taking a ridiculous time to load has always been a issue limited to Playstation, and I'm still shocks that they have kept them in long list form, rather than adopting tile format.

CERN1707d ago

It's a demo kit and it's offline, just like the ones you get in game stores. You can't use any of the apps or change the settings. It's mainly there to demo games.

iiorestesii1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Another fanboy whose had his heart broken by console launch 2013. It will be ok. Let go of your hate. We know your hurting. Were here for you. It will be ok.

BattleTorn1707d ago


So that was "extensive" enough for you?

Prime1571707d ago

Oh, it's list form vs tile form that takes them awhile to load, huh?


combatcash1706d ago

Honestly it would be nice if they showed how fast the system loads into apps and the ps store.

I don't want it to be as slow as the ps3.

I haven't seen any videos of this, the kios I tried at target didn't have any extra features and it actually took a bit to load from one game to another not a big deal since games always take a while to load.

I just really want Netflix to load up quickly

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nutcase131706d ago

Urghhhhhhhh! Us Europeans have to wait another more 17 days :(

boneso821706d ago

I feel your pain, I'm with you! These next 2 weeks are going to be awesome and frustrating at the same time. And to top it all off I've lost a bubble :( and I don't know why...

Gamer19821706d ago

What annoys me the most is its still got XMB backend. They will not get rid of XMB... After all the complaints about it.. Its a horrible system.

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GarrusVakarian1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Seems faster here than it was on the other video i saw.

Abriael1707d ago

Either a newer version, or maybe the system is less burdened. This one only had hohokum loaded, even if I doubt it'd influence it so much.

Eonjay1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Correct @Abriael. If you examine this video to the last one, it will become blatently clear that it was the internet connection that causes the delays.

For example the message at the bottom of the screen is telling the user to "Connect to the network for more information" thats why you don't see a dashboard come up under Hohokum on the bar.

In the video from yesterday, the PS4 had an active (albeit slow) connection. So every time he he had a title selected, it was going online to retrieve information.

fenome1707d ago


Exactly what I was thinking when I watched the other video. The internet connection in those convention halls is usually terrible and spotty.

BitbyDeath1707d ago

Not sure why you got disagrees Eonjay, but yes the internet connection was the cause for it going slow in the last vid.

Likely just a slow internet connection as we have previously seen it working faster with internet connected.

Obscure_Observer1706d ago

@ Lukas_Japinicus

It was indeed. But Battle Torn has a point.

There´s nothing there to stress the PS4. No internet conection, user profiles, videos, music and games (loading Knack info was one of the major factors to slow down the UI in that presentation video)

Sony will improve the overall performance after launch, but with this video, we can´t be certain that improvements has been made on PS4 UI when compared to what we have seen before.

lonz3581707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

It only took that indie game around 12 seconds from start up to playing...that's fast!

Prime1571707d ago

Oh yeah! That menu screen that AAA games don't have is a burden!

tulholdren1707d ago

WOW I like what I'm seeing simple and not to much extra junk. I want to play my games so I like things to be simple and sweet.

Lwhit61707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Exactly. Yes, the Xbones UI did look more colorful and fun, but there's something about the simplistic beauty of the PS4'S UI that I love so much better. I want to play my games. Not Skype or watch TV.

Mustang300C20121707d ago

Why do you all make it sound like you have to go through hoops to play a game on Xbox One. The first thing you see is to play your game. Not sure what difference it makes what you choose to do beyond simply starting your game.

rainslacker1706d ago

Can't you auto-boot to games on both the PS3 and 360? I'd imagine you could to the PS4 and X1 as well.

For some people that's all they care about.