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Check The PS4 UI In Action in Extensive Two Minutes Long Video with Settings, Trophies and More

With the launch of the PS4 drawing near, looks like booth personnel on the show floor at industry events is starting to relax, allowing people to take better and longer videos of the PS4 UI in action. (PS4)

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dboyc310  +   623d ago
a lot more snappier. Thank God that the trophies link up instantly. I hated waiting to compare my trophies to others because of the wait time. 4 more days =D
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Lukas_Japonicus  +   623d ago
Simple and responsive, just how i like it.
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JackISbacK  +   623d ago
truly said i will not be a fanboy we all must not but this ui is realy getting messy i realy did not get it what it was was it simple i was realy confused wat are settings these use to follow same follish ui found in sont tvs this has been agreat issue with sony from years and i can see the reference of it this looks soo much unstandard if compatare to ms ui when i looked at xb ui it ws soo simple if you uses kinedct it was damn simple and when you used controller it was loot easy to understand i've used thier ui in private when met with ms it was damn good but this was realy annoying i will get my hands on it soon and i'am damn sure i will try it before the launcha and will again try it at review event.
combatcash  +   623d ago
Looks a bit too plain, I just hope the apps and playstation store load up quickly this time around.
Prime157  +   623d ago
@ JackISbacK

Seriously? Not only was it hard to comprehend what you were actually saying, but there were only 9 options on the screen and 6 of them were social functions.

The way I see it is that these are the things I use more often than not. having them all on one line is awesome. Then, when the guy flicked down (however he did so) he came across recently run programs - which is also awesome in my opinion.

To me, this seems downright to the point of what Sony is trying to do: keep it social. Skip the advertisments, skip the jargon, let me connect with my fellow gamers.

This is a crash display, and I'm sorry you think it's so concrete to judge. We know Metro. However, we suddenly think that it's going to be that awesome?

Kids, Metro has sucked, the difference is now you have voice commands via a microphone... Wait... You don't? You have to use Kinect? You're serious? Oh, so that's supposed to make the UI we've all been avoiding better? I see. Let me go buy a kinect for my pc.
mp1289  +   623d ago
Spaniards got their hands on the PS4 before me
Septic  +   623d ago
Hmmm, I'm not liking it. Its just too bland for me. I appreciate the simplicity of it all but the X1 UI is far superior in my opinion. You can tailor fit all your pins on one side, the friends tab looks brilliant and the multi-tasking stuff looks functional.

This is a continuation of what came before albeit more faster and responsive. To be honest, many people liked the old XMB so if it aint broke....
SolidStoner  +   623d ago
I want to be able get home max drunk on my four legs crawling to TV, then turn on my console and play games... it seems I could do that with ps4.. simple, cheap and fast is main reason I buy consoles.. (its not like Im a retard or alcoholic..) just saying our lives are too difficult and time consuming.. making it simple is very ok...

and dont bring Xbox here.. its like arguing racers.. "my Aston Martin is better", "no, no Lamborghini is better"

and who cares.. even if MS creates best UI in the world, I sill would not sign a pact with that dark money addict demon!!!
BlackTar187  +   622d ago
Waiting for the people who say Pre ordered cancelled UI not good.

Some people are so funny.
Rikuson1  +   623d ago
Well since he's most likely playing offline that's why the trophies didn't sync but none the less if it did have to sync it would sync like the Ps Vita (which is a good thing if you know how the vita does it)
Convas  +   623d ago
Definitely liking the speed in getting to trophy lists. Everything seems snappy and responsive, as expected from a next gen OS.

4 Days
lex-1020  +   623d ago
He was offline so the trophies didn't synce to a server. It's possible when your connected to the online it will take a little longer. Other than that everything was nice and fast.
OlgerO  +   623d ago
Yes it was very fast. Clearly this was not anything like it will look in the final version and nothing worked yet
scott182  +   623d ago
They always make their UI classy and easy to use, love what I see.
BattleTorn  +   623d ago

Yeah, look how fast all that was!!!

PSN - no.

Video - no.

Music - no.

It was all so fast. :/

On top of that, trophies taking a ridiculous time to load has always been a issue limited to Playstation, and I'm still shocks that they have kept them in long list form, rather than adopting tile format.
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CERN  +   623d ago
It's a demo kit and it's offline, just like the ones you get in game stores. You can't use any of the apps or change the settings. It's mainly there to demo games.
iiorestesii  +   623d ago
Another fanboy whose had his heart broken by console launch 2013. It will be ok. Let go of your hate. We know your hurting. Were here for you. It will be ok.
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BattleTorn  +   623d ago

So that was "extensive" enough for you?
Prime157  +   623d ago
Oh, it's list form vs tile form that takes them awhile to load, huh?

combatcash  +   623d ago
Honestly it would be nice if they showed how fast the system loads into apps and the ps store.

I don't want it to be as slow as the ps3.

I haven't seen any videos of this, the kios I tried at target didn't have any extra features and it actually took a bit to load from one game to another not a big deal since games always take a while to load.

I just really want Netflix to load up quickly
nutcase13  +   623d ago
Urghhhhhhhh! Us Europeans have to wait another more 17 days :(
boneso82  +   622d ago
I feel your pain, I'm with you! These next 2 weeks are going to be awesome and frustrating at the same time. And to top it all off I've lost a bubble :( and I don't know why...
Gamer1982  +   622d ago
What annoys me the most is its still got XMB backend. They will not get rid of XMB... After all the complaints about it.. Its a horrible system.
Lukas_Japonicus  +   623d ago
Seems faster here than it was on the other video i saw.
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Abriael  +   623d ago
Either a newer version, or maybe the system is less burdened. This one only had hohokum loaded, even if I doubt it'd influence it so much.
Eonjay  +   623d ago
Correct @Abriael. If you examine this video to the last one, it will become blatently clear that it was the internet connection that causes the delays.

For example the message at the bottom of the screen is telling the user to "Connect to the network for more information" thats why you don't see a dashboard come up under Hohokum on the bar.

In the video from yesterday, the PS4 had an active (albeit slow) connection. So every time he he had a title selected, it was going online to retrieve information.
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fenome  +   623d ago

Exactly what I was thinking when I watched the other video. The internet connection in those convention halls is usually terrible and spotty.
BitbyDeath  +   623d ago
Not sure why you got disagrees Eonjay, but yes the internet connection was the cause for it going slow in the last vid.

Likely just a slow internet connection as we have previously seen it working faster with internet connected.
Obscure_Observer  +   623d ago
@ Lukas_Japinicus

It was indeed. But Battle Torn has a point.

There´s nothing there to stress the PS4. No internet conection, user profiles, videos, music and games (loading Knack info was one of the major factors to slow down the UI in that presentation video)

Sony will improve the overall performance after launch, but with this video, we can´t be certain that improvements has been made on PS4 UI when compared to what we have seen before.
PSN-JeRzYzFyNeSt  +   623d ago
looks quicker
lonz358  +   623d ago
It only took that indie game around 12 seconds from start up to playing...that's fast!
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Prime157  +   623d ago
Oh yeah! That menu screen that AAA games don't have is a burden!
tulholdren  +   623d ago
WOW I like what I'm seeing simple and not to much extra junk. I want to play my games so I like things to be simple and sweet.
Lwhit6  +   623d ago
Exactly. Yes, the Xbones UI did look more colorful and fun, but there's something about the simplistic beauty of the PS4'S UI that I love so much better. I want to play my games. Not Skype or watch TV.
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Mustang300C2012  +   623d ago
Why do you all make it sound like you have to go through hoops to play a game on Xbox One. The first thing you see is to play your game. Not sure what difference it makes what you choose to do beyond simply starting your game.
rainslacker  +   623d ago
Can't you auto-boot to games on both the PS3 and 360? I'd imagine you could to the PS4 and X1 as well.

For some people that's all they care about.
ZBlacktt  +   623d ago
Will see it Friday!
Septic  +   623d ago
Bah you guys are so frickin lucky. I can't wait till Friday and we aren't even getting the console here then!
ZBlacktt  +   623d ago
The good thing is, now the gamers can come back and post first hand thoughts and reviews.
Kane22  +   623d ago
also ive notice that the system software isn't up to date on that ps4. so there's a lot of features missing.
TIER1xWOLFPACKx  +   623d ago
Please explain how you know it's system software isn't up to date. Did you work on the operating system of it NO
Kane22  +   623d ago
@ 1:01 you can see the system software number which isn't 1.5. also you didn't need to talk to me like an idiot.
Harmy666  +   623d ago
Wow, you're an asshole
AndrewLB  +   623d ago
Wow. You just got smoked like a toothpick joint.
Madderz  +   623d ago
You want an icepack for that BURRRRRRRN ;P
PirateKing  +   623d ago
What your seeing now is only the system out of the box, once the day 1 patch comes it will look a bit different.
Godhimself_In_3d  +   623d ago
Dam the more videos i watch the slower time goes. Midnight launch seems so far a way.
Abriael  +   623d ago
Pre-PS4 Anxiety? Here's the solution:

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Godhimself_In_3d  +   623d ago
MasterCornholio  +   623d ago
Looks very smooth. And I'm pretty sure its a lot faster than the XMB which has horrible lag every once in a while.

Nexus 7 2013
wicked  +   623d ago
Doesn't look very next gen, looks a bit bland.
Deividas  +   623d ago
At least its different from the ps3.
Take a look at the xbox 360 dashboard and then the Xbox one...they re-arranged the tiles...woot?
SpinalRemains138  +   623d ago
That's because for all intents, the new Xbox is the old Xbox. New tv features and blu ray added. That's it.
HolyDuck  +   623d ago
The Xbox had several different dashboards in it's life time.

The PS3 had... one.

The PS4 has all the exact same icons as the PS3 did 8 years ago. (Give or take a few extra for party chat)

So please tell me how different it is.
VENOMACR1227  +   623d ago

I think you mean the PS4 is like the PS3, just with new hardware and a modified controller. Tell me, whats new or innovative about the PS4 (besides hardware)? Not hating, I just see more new things from the X1. PS4 is an outstanding system don't get me wrong, I just think the PS4 is more like the PS3, than the X1 is to the 360.
JeffGUNZ  +   622d ago
Have you seen how indepth the UI is for the xbox one? Give me a break, pure fanboy spew there. Watch the demo, it's incredible, especially with the Kinect integration.

Check it out and tell me that this isn't significantly more improved over the options and dashboard the 360 has. Also, the tile format is made to connect all windows devices into a Windows 8 theme. The tiles are your favorites now, not just ads.

u got owned  +   623d ago
This is my only beef with PS4 the UI looks like you are looking at a Developer/Coding hub.
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Abriael  +   623d ago
A good UI needs to be functional.
u got owned  +   623d ago
@ Abriael

yeah but it doesn't has to look so bland to be functional that is why UI design exists to create visually engaging and functional experiences.
rainslacker  +   623d ago
I've heard bland used often to describe the Metro UI that MS uses for Windows 8. Ironically that is the same interface they are using on the X1, but they added snap I guess.

You may mock the design, but practically every single piece of consumer home entertainment that has an onscreen menu uses this setup. Why? Because it's simple and functional, and people care more about the content than the UI.
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AndrewLB  +   623d ago
Rainslacker- The complaints about windows 8 were based on the fact that the OS is much better suited for a Console, tablet, or Smartphone than it is for a desktop PC. I hated Windows 8 so much on my desktop, it only lasted a few hours before I formatted and installed Win 7 ultimate. But by the looks of things, it is well suited for a console.
DrJones  +   622d ago
They don't want to use too much RAM on the OS. That's why the UI is simpler on the Ps4.
rainslacker  +   622d ago

I know what the complaints were for Win8, I had some of them myself.

What I was talking about was the appearance though, not the functionality, or some of the policies MS put in place with it. For tablets, or phones, the OS layout isn't bad and works pretty well actually, but as was said, it is rather bland. Square tiles with little pictures in them. Sometimes they have live tiles to spice things up, but overall, the UI looks very contemporary. That's fine if you like contemporary styles, however icons have a more organic feel to them, and since people are used to icons, they, as well as I, found the metro UI to be rather bland in it's presentation.
cell989  +   623d ago
lets wait for the dynamic themes to give it a little more personalization
KUV1977  +   623d ago
I'm a big PS-Fan and I am only getting the PS4 but I agree that the UI is not ideal. Much better and faster than the PS3-XMB but not ideal.
I actually like the X-Box One Dashboard a lot, but I am also liking Win 8 and Win 8 Phones, so I am probably a bit weird this way. The One's interface is also not ideal but looks way more streamlined and a bit better thought through.
strickers  +   623d ago
Xbox UI always look like they are designed for children to me. Leapfrog UI. I'd rather have something simple, fast and clean. 360 blades got praise and looked like Lego made it. XMB did get too sluggish in the long run though.
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Harmy666  +   623d ago
So if the PS3's UI isn't ideal, and the PS4's, or Xbox One's UI isn't ideal.. What is?
rainslacker  +   623d ago
I like Windows Phone OS actually, so you're not alone. However, it falls into the category as function over form, which is the way it's supposed to be.

X1's interface is simpler, with more multi-tasking on one screen built in. It's fine functionally, but Metro has never really lit my world on fire. Neither has XMB, or whatever Sony is calling this now, but it is definitely functional.

Honestly, to me, I see tiles in both. Just different ways to access them. I think the more defining factors are going to be between how well snap works and looks, and how well Sony integrated social features, and how they can be accessed easily.

Otherwise, they'll both play games, so I don't care either way. It could boot directly to the game and not even have a UI for all I care.
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KUV1977  +   623d ago
Well nothing is ever really 'ideal' is it? There is room for improvement. But I wouldn't find much to improve on the Box, whereas the PS4 has quite a few areas. Actually the only thing I would want changed right now on X-Box is that you can not influence the layout of your favorites. You can pin stuff but you can't say where it's supposed to be (at least I read that somewhere). Other then that I think it's very good the way it is.

SONYs UI just doesn't look as clean. If I see the tiles next to each other and most are uni-color with an icon, then inbetween is one completely filled with an image... or the way screen space is used overall... then the way the stuff is opened underneath an icon not really 'respecting' the layout above... I can't quite put my finger on it but somehow it appears to be less organized and thought through. Maybe while using it, it even turns out to be better. All we know so far are a few videos...

As far as Windows Phone is concerned I don't think it is just the functionality over form aspect. I really like the form too. The way it is extremely minimalistic is great. Also the design-guidelines are pretty strict and can be found in most apps as well. It gives a pretty rounded experience.
rainslacker  +   622d ago
I agree, metro is rather minimalistic. That's why it works so well on phones and tablets, and even touch screen computers. It seems like it works well on the X1 as well. My only gripe with metro is that it's counter-productive to people who use their computers for real multi-tasking and productivity where several programs are open at once. The desktop just works better, and allows more open access to the things you need quicker. However, the X1 isn't a PC so it's fine where it is.

I do know that if you don't organize Metro constantly, and tend to install a lot of things, it gets cluttered real fast, and tends to be hard to find things. This is my major problem with it's layout. Installing something like Visual Studio can easily put 50 icons onto the metro UI, half of which are better hidden away in a sub menu of the start menu.

One thing I will point out though is that there are random non-tileish tiles in the windows phone OS, and Metro as well. The live Tiles often don't mesh with the overall feel of the UI, although it is possible to change them, or move them around to your liking.
PirateKing  +   623d ago
This is STILL not the final UI, the same exhibition UI that keeps getting shown.
Godmars290  +   623d ago
For a second thought they had brought back the PS1 start-up music.
rainslacker  +   623d ago
So did I! lol

I think if Sony wanted to go all nostalgic, they should offer different start ups to the system, as well as the game boot screens.:) The PS1 sound was epic for it's time when booming through a nice sound system.
Pascalini  +   623d ago
Wow xb1 crushes ps4 in the ui department
Lukas_Japonicus  +   623d ago
Really?! UI comparisons? Is that REALLY what you are doing here? My god, some people are so desperate. As long as you can get to your choice of application or game with ease and speed.....who cares?


I love the PS3 UI, so simple and uncluttered. The "blades" UI for the 360 was awesome, then they got worse and worse with every update in my opinion.
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Godmars290  +   623d ago
You forget how the PS3's UI was beaten like a dead horse fresh from the glue factory for having the same UI for its life where the 360's changed almost annually. Being praised each time.
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timotim  +   623d ago
I'm sorry you feel that way but UIs (User Interface) are a big deal in the world of tech. IMO, PS4s UI is a current Gen UI in both layout and functionality. Its uses a sub folder system where you keep getting more and more buried in the menus. The home screen is actually nice looking but the huge side scrolling category list is counterproductive and only looks to confuse the user instead of giving them confidence. It looks intimidating to the none tech head and could be simplified more. But the real kicker is the sub menus that just bombards the user with a screen full of stuff that again will be intimidating to none gamers. Some of the other menues are down right terrible, like the settings page. It looks very PC debug like.

A good UI is suppose to invite the user in...welcome them. X1's UI does a great job of this, this UI is best by those who know it. X1's voice and gesture navigation through Kinect is also next Gen. Saying the name of the app and having the console instantly take you there means a user doesn't have to know there way around the button presses, yet they can still get to any thing they want. This is just a few of my thoughts. UIs aren't just about looks, they are about ease of use, conveying to overall vibe you want them to feel while using it, making things simple enough that your grandmother could do it.
KNWS  +   623d ago
You get downvoted typical Sony fans hate hearing the truth. The Sony UI isn't impressive at all.
skoorydook  +   623d ago
Mate I got downvoted for saying Kinect wasn't for me, stop acting like MS fanboys have some sort of moral high ground
iceman06  +   623d ago
No...you got a DISAGREE because people simply disagreed with your OPINION.
strickers  +   623d ago
Look up. UI design expert. Windows 8, the universally despised Windows UI , is the basis for this. I think XB UI is ugly tiles and not classy at all. Can I make that a fact by saying so? Windows UI is not popular know with reviewers of UI, who do I believe? Must be unbiased KNWS :-).
I also better start believing that waving my arm to search content is better than a D pad or touch pad ;-).
SITH  +   623d ago
It is amazingly bland.
MysticStrummer  +   623d ago
Thank Zod the PS4 UI looks nothing like XB1's.
phantomexe  +   623d ago
This may sound silly but they did say are trophys tranfer over right? The vita and ps3 trophys are togther so it make sense for them to show up on the ps4.
skoorydook  +   623d ago
As long as a UI is quick,smooth and simple to use I honestly couldn't care less if it was a plain black screen with white writing.
captain_slow82  +   623d ago
looks nice and snappy :D

and got all excited with the ps1 intro music :D
theshredded  +   623d ago
slick and sleek,classy Sony!
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THC CELL  +   623d ago
Trophy screen shows PS4/PS3/Vita data, but now each trophy shows how rare it is (how many people managed to unlock them)
mcstorm  +   623d ago
Loving the PSX music at the beginning. It looks a lot like the ps3 ui but cleaner and faster which is always a good thing. I still prefer the Xbox one ui but a massive improvement by Sony on there new ui and look forward to trying it out.
keabrown79  +   623d ago
Yep, getting both consoles and super stoked. However, my only issue with PS4 is that the UI seems very meh from what I have seen thus far..... but with it being a bit more powerful i'm sure i'll get over it.
FANTA1180  +   623d ago
the ui looks like complete trash , its like they didnt even care about being more innovative, its not like it does much anyways but i didnt think it would look so bland.
isa_scout  +   623d ago
Try harder troll. Sony decided to make the UI less flashy and dedicate more memory to the games. Now we know why the Xbox One is having a tough time doing 1080p and the PS4 isn't.
If your only arguement against the PS4 is the XOne has a fancier UI then I would rethink your purchase.
For the record I actually don't like the looks of this UI either, but to say that Sony doesn't care about being innovative is just plain stupid of you. Especially given Sonys track record over the years of delivering innovative and groundbreaking software.
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THC CELL  +   623d ago
Better than clutter on Xbox I'm afraid much better
FANTA1180  +   623d ago
still looks like trash.

and theyre not being innovative , they made a product called "move " that tanked , they tried to include the psn cam with every box and they cut that whole idea out just to undercut the cost of the unit in comparison to the xbox , so yea sony hasnt been very innovative.

the ps4 is a game machine with sub par games, a bunch of indie titles already out on ps3 and two exclusive games. doesnt look like a good launch for sony, all they did was ride the bad publicity truck on microsoft, which was smart otherwise a very bland console release with a very bland ui ... a two minute video explaines basically everything the ui does , while a 20 min video explains "some" features the xbox one comes with. i wonder which one is more unique and innovative.

doesnt take a rocket scientist.
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LANCERBOIGTI  +   623d ago
NewVegasTroop  +   623d ago
looks cool but there is something missing, where are the media icons? like picture music and videos, is the PS4 seriously not having multimedia playback like the PS3? if so, this is a big downgrade :(
Slysi  +   623d ago
I'm getting both consoles at launch,but I got to say here that xbox wipes the floor with sony on this one. And yes I'm an angry uk customer, looking forward to both but why sony couldn't you be fair like ms, same launch day for everyone instead I have to hear about the US on there ps4s for the next bloody two weeks.thx
Deathdeliverer  +   623d ago
I like the less cluttered look of the PS4 more than to screen full of tiles like the XB1. Truth be told though, how much time does any spend on the dashboard of any system? Except the Wii U. I can spend a lot of time on it because funny comments pop up and some people can draw exceedingly well. Anyway on Xbox or PS4 I can't see myself on either dashboard longer than 2 min. As long as they are fast and to the point, I could care less. The music for the PS4 Dashboard is serene though.... might spend a few more minutes. ...
timotim  +   623d ago
I can tell you that I spend tons of time outside of games in my 360 dashboard. And many others do too. I use my consoles to their full capability and whiles I play lots of games, its not all I do.
JeffGUNZ  +   622d ago
cluttered? It puts your favorite apps on your main screen. Kinect will open the app, start the game, start TV, make a skype call, start your music, start your movie, all in a voice asking it to do so. The cluttered excuse is poor, do you not have a smartphone? What do you have on your main screen of your smartphone, nothing? Give me a break. Xbox One's UI is leagues above Sonys. It might not be a big deal to you, but others it is.
Deathdeliverer  +   622d ago
What does Kinect opening apps have to do with how cluttered it is? Even if those tiles were not on the main screens of the dashboard kinect will still open them so again I ask what does you bringing up kinect have to do with clutter. As far as my smartphone goes, I have commonly used apps in folders. Games folder, networking folder, utility folder. Done. You can actually see my phones background. Your saying that me calling the Dashboard cluttered (which it is) is an excuse is ridiculous. An excuse for what? Never did I say anything about the performance of the UI's. I just said which was more appealing visually to me. Such a childish troll. Wars start because of people like you. Brought up stuff I never said and now you look dumb because I don't share your opinion.
o-Sunny-o  +   623d ago
It's all about choice I loved XMB better then the AD fest 360 menu. I loved 360s original menu pages with different pictures. I really don't care just give me PS4! ^~^
GrandpaSnake  +   623d ago
they really should have showed a custom theme ui, the x1 is stuck with the same blocks and background, the xmb on playstation 3 was customizable with custom themes that would change everything! from the icon symbols to the background and sound. I believe that the next gen custom themes will be even better!
Harmy666  +   623d ago
Xbox 360, had custom backgrounds, and so will he Xbox One... try harder next time please!
GrandpaSnake  +   623d ago
i never got a chance to customize my xbox before it prod on me, so xbox360 had dynamic custom themes?
JeffGUNZ  +   622d ago
Yes it did, for instance, when I got Gears 2 and Gears 3, it came with themes and would change everything, it was actually pretty cool. The X-1 is also has customization to it.
xActionBasturdx  +   623d ago
Hope they still let you create custom themes...that blue is a bit obnoxious to me.
skoorydook  +   623d ago

My response was to prove a point that disagree's get thrown around simply for a comment not being on ones side of the fence
#29 (Edited 623d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
awesomeisjayell  +   623d ago
Looks like PS3 OS well guys enjoy your PS 3.5 lol
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