Gamers Need To Grow Up: Not Nintendo

So many gamers these days are criticizing Nintendo for not being more mature. They try and make the argument that Nintendo hasn’t grown up with them but instead insist on making “kiddie” games.

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StraightedgeSES1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

Good read. Gamers need to stop using games as a way to define how mature they are.

Neonridr1773d ago

Agreed. People also like to use the word hardcore to define anything that Nintendo isn't. LOL, try beating the original Zelda or Zelda 2 on the NES and talk about hardcore. Those games don't f*** around.

darthv721772d ago

back in my day....
Hardcore wasnt about the type of game you played. it was about the dedication to playing games. anyone who would put in the time and effort to play through such games as megaman, mario bros, zelda, goonies....were considered hardcore.

those who played, occasionally were the casuals.

now it seems those two terms are applied to the games rather than the gamer. As if they think there arent any hardcore candy crush players or casual killzone players these days.

DarthZoolu1772d ago

That's kind of the point with "hardcore" we need a challenge, fact is Nintendo games are for casual gamers that don't need or like a challenge I beat every Nintendo game I have playes in 12 years easy. Metroid Prime on Gamecube was the last challenging or "hardcore" game from them. Also Nintendo games have no substance in their story lines. No drama no unexpected plot twists no nothing. Adult content doesn't really mean violence, gore and sex. If Barney has a naked girlfriend it wouldn't make it for adults, might not be for kids but still not for adults. Nintendo does need to make Adult or mature games I don't even see how that's up for debate. Been waiting for a game from Nintendo for me since I was 16, 27 now and still waiting.

AWBrawler1772d ago

mario is one of their mainstream games, but i dare you to tell me Kid Icarusbis casual or easy, or Magical Starsign is casual and easy, or Last Story, Xenoblade, Steel Diver, Advance Wars, Fire Emblem, or Steel Diver is for casuals and easy games. Nintendo has lots of challenging games.

N4g_null1772d ago

Even kojima plays advance wars. Wasnt mariokart kart seen as unfair to the majority of hardcore games when it released? Yes it is so hard that it seems unfair... booo hooo... yet sells 20 million go figure and you will get lapped if you have no skill. The mario rpg always have twists, the twist come in gameplay mostly, its that which makes video gaming different from movies and more important to the hardcore gamer.

Try sin and punish it you want a challenge, try actually play the new marios before you say they are too easy.

Stories in gaming are cool yet if offers no replay value which is why gaming use to command a higher price.

Lets use cod for example.. the story sucks most times. Yet the replay value comes from online play and some real genuine challenges even if people cheat or camp. It is the lan pc fps experience that halo brought. Older eevs saw this during our geek days before we started buying high end cars.

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iamnsuperman1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

True gamers shouldn't use games to define how mature they are but this isn't a good read. This is a very narrow minded naive view of what a mature game is. The Last of Us is a mature game but it doesn't follow the same trends as the author suggests. Mature games are about story structure/themes/in depth character development.... (something Nintendo has been missing for a while now and should consider investing in) not my character can do cracking therefore it is mature

DarthZoolu1772d ago

Sorry if I had read your post I would not have posted mine. You are so right! It takes different things to keep an adults complex mind entertained than what it takes to keep most kids attention.

Hicken1772d ago

Agreed. It's not about the violence and sexual content. It's about the themes explored, narratives, character growth and relationships, etc.

Just being realistic, Nintendo lacks the games that tackle those sorts of topics, by and large.

And there's nothing wrong with that. Nintendo is, more than the other two, the home of lighthearted gaming. There are some more serious, more mature titles- Fragile Dreams comes to mind- but they're few and far between.

I think that's the sort of stuff folks mean when they say they've outgrown Nintendo. Simply put: you're just not likely to find a The Last of Us or Lost Odyssey on a Nintendo console.

jubilijordan1773d ago

As long as the fans continue to support Ninteno they wont be going anywhere.

lnvisibleMan1773d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Horrible read:
From beginning to end this article is filled with irrational thought and prejudence.

'From a gamers perspective perspective maturity is gritty, bloody, dark and full of swearing and dismemberment. Subdued colors, explosions and guns make up the bulk of what today’s gamer thinks of as mature'

Clearly has a very sadistic view of adult gamers. Not every game consist solely of homicidal behaviour. If that were the sole identity of adult games many of us would have stopped gaming ages ago

Take the Last of Us an example. Its obviously a dark game with plenty of blood and violence. But it also deals with very mature themes. Survival and morality are in constant conflict with each other throughout the game, and by the end you question what it means to be human.

_QQ_1772d ago

TLOU was certainly heartwarming in a bittersweet way with great presentation but i think you have that last part wrong.the hundreds you kill along the way really aren't Human enough to induce conflicting feelings.The strong relationship is still the strongest point.

JackieCruise691773d ago

Exactly how I feel on the matter but this article just summed it up perfectly.

_QQ_1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

So true, "blasting homies with your 9" in GTA doesn't make you mature favorite movies of all time ranges from Howls moving castle, to Million dollar Baby, to Fox and the Hound to Once Upon a Time in the West to Toy Story to The Artist. i love all those movies but would that make me immature because i like animated movies? no it doesn't. would i be more mature if my list excluded those animated movies?! no i wouldn't be. same goes for games.

LOL_WUT1772d ago

Oh but when a CEO of a game company acts like a fool in a Mario hat when they're supposed to be broadcasting a Nintendo direct is not considered childish? It's this image that they give themselves that seperates Nintendo from the rest and it starts from within the company. No wonder hardcore gamers and developers alike pass up on Nintendo. They need to act like professionals not kids. ;)

chente00251772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

so are you more childish cause you have sonic as your profile pic?

AWBrawler1772d ago

riiiiight cos this pic doesn't exist huh? http://evounlimited.files.w...

thats just nitpicking and you know it. how is holding a big TOY gun any more mature than wearing a Mario hat?

truechainz1772d ago

I hope you say the same about Sony taking that childish shot (which I thought to be humorous) at Microsoft at E3...oh wait you didn't because only Nintendo does this right? Pot, meet kettle.

DarthZoolu1772d ago

Million Dollar Baby is more Mature than anything Nintendo has ever done.

_QQ_1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

i don't see where i ever came close to saying it wasn't... but i can still watch Million Dollar Baby and play Nintendo games... which is the point my comment is making.

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