The Top Ten Games of the Generation

Mike from allyoucangeek shares his personal list of his favorite games from this console generation.

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trywizardo1707d ago

AC2 and GTA IV and V is the best things ever happened to this gen ...

Ares84HU1707d ago

Who put this crap list together??? Has some good games but far from the top ten games of this gen.

LEOPARD10301707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Mass effect
The Last of Us
Gears of War
Battlefield 3
Halo reach
Red dead redemption

ivnheim1707d ago

WTF...? Are this lists writen by a 12 year old or by someone that knows nothing about videogames?

Riderz13371707d ago

I know this is all the writers opinion, but this is one shitty top 10 games list.

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