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Our First Time Playing Infamous: Second Son - IGN

Two IGN editors have played the PS4's most anticipated title. Here's how it feels. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

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thekhurg  +   411d ago | Well said
Game looks like so much fun. Good to see people hyped after getting to play it.
FullmetalRoyale  +   411d ago
First off all great avatar. What a great first record.

Secondly yes, I am so glad that Second Son is exceeding the expectations that I had of it after seeing how far they improved from game one to game two. Fantastic!
It may not be a launch title, but Jeebus is February soon or what?!

EDIT: I think I'm going to run through "Evil" first. The reason why is that when I did my second play through of inFamous 2 *spoilers* I felt sooooo guilty during/after a certain fight with a certain character that I liked. I remember saying out loud, in full-on role-playing mode, "Don't make me kill you Zeke". Not in a threatening way, but I genuinely wanted him to back off.

***end spoilers*** So what I want to do is be evil first, then end it on the "Good" ending, so that it will be sort of a palate cleanser.
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itBourne  +   411d ago
I hope the morale system is more grey this time. Not blatantly obvious good/evil on top of a bright red or blue color lol. Love both infamous games, a ton, but that is the only thing that sort of pulled me out of an otherwise fantastic experience.
Conzul  +   411d ago
Careful which ending you play first: SP monitors the trophy data and uses it as a player poll now.

Personally, I thought the Evil ending of 2 was much better written, but I always play through morality games on the "good" side first (or what *I* think of as good - I'm kinda psycho)
mikeslemonade  +   410d ago
After playing a few bits of Infamous 1 and 2 I knew it wasn't really for me. However this game looks way more polished, realistic, and mature.

The X1 has no answer for this game. And the xbox zealots must be sitting back and only wishing that it can come to X1 and while rethinking about the purchase of the X1.

If Infamous was a launch game than it would have converted way more people to PS4
abzdine  +   410d ago
another hit from a hit factory (Sucker Punch).
must buy
GiggMan  +   411d ago
I agree. Also Infamous series always have the best demos. I'm getting a PS4 day one and one of my most anticipated downloads is the Second Son demo lol.
creatchee  +   411d ago
Yeah for sure - I'm getting a PS4 when this launches. Hope there is a bundle!
Lwhit6  +   411d ago
Can't wait to have you on board come next year!
You going to pick up the division too? I'm sooo stoked for that. Honestly never been excited for a game more than I am The Divison.
creatchee  +   410d ago
Oh yes. The Division looks prime!
JackISbacK  +   411d ago
this is my most awaited game on my ps4 and i know will be 1000x better than kz sf .
Plasticgearsolid  +   410d ago
why even say that they're so different?
Prime157  +   410d ago

Only trolls can somehow compare cross-genre games. Somewhere, someone else will say the opposite, "KZ:SF will be 1000x better than Infamous." That's fine. To each their own.
MightyNoX  +   410d ago
Can't wait for this game! Bring back Zeke! Cole, I'm okay with him bowing out this time but I wanna see Zeke again!
come_bom  +   410d ago
Infamous: Second Son looks great. I'm getting the PS4 when Infamous releases :)
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Syntax-Error  +   410d ago
Looks amazing, but also looks like PS3 can pull this off as well. When deciding between which NG system I want to get first it all comes down to games. I want this, but I also want TITAN FALL and that's where the war between decisions comes in.
thekhurg  +   410d ago
The PS3 could not pull this off...
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Campy da Camper  +   410d ago
The ps3 could not pull this game off. 1080p with destructible enviorments and high res textures and fire animations? No way.
Saviour  +   410d ago
wish i have money to uy ps4 alongside xbox. this game looks so much fun, well hope by end of 2k14 i can enjoy this game too :)
sigfredod  +   411d ago
Real next-gen open world right here

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Lukas_Japonicus  +   411d ago
Oh man, the Neon power sounds so cool. Day 1.
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JackISbacK  +   411d ago
yeah it is a graet game but using touchpad does not looks that good.
Prime157  +   410d ago
I understand what you're saying, however I do think the touchpad will add a great element to the console games.

My first example is that in KZ they use it to control the OWL by swiping left, right, up and down.

My second example is that some games are using it to zoom in and out of the minimap much like you do on your phone.

I think it's up to the developer; yes, some will have stupid implementations and others will have great implementations. I think having it is generally a good thing, though.
mushroomwig  +   411d ago
Scott Lowe is like a mini me version of Greg Miller, it's pretty disturbing.
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FullmetalRoyale  +   411d ago
LOL I thought that too!
Game-ur  +   411d ago
They even have a girl that looks like Greg Miller, it could be a requirement
d0nT wOrrY  +   411d ago
lmao haha
DEEBO  +   411d ago
lucky MF's
Sizzon  +   411d ago
I can't wait for inFamous: Second Son!

currently playing inFamous 2 as good Cole :)
ErazorDJ  +   411d ago
i love infamous
BABY-JEDI  +   411d ago
The visuals look fantastic. The gameplay seems even better. Can't wait. So many good games on the horizon
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karl  +   411d ago
i wish they would release an uncompressed clip like guerrilla games did for kilzone

im sure infamouse looks twice as good too
Pintheshadows  +   411d ago
I cannot wait.
theshredded  +   411d ago
God this is going to coincide with Killzone as one of Playstation's memorable blockbuster franchises.
ZBlacktt  +   411d ago
I foresee Plat trophy #3 in the series coming!
Lukas_Japonicus  +   411d ago
ZBlacktt  +   411d ago
It really is a great game! I'm just waiting to see how I feel not being Cole this time around.
Visiblemarc  +   411d ago
This is why Sony is known for it's exclusives. This looks superb.
OsirisBlack  +   411d ago
I cannot wait to get this game.
Sci0n  +   411d ago
Nothing on anyone other console will touch this, and we still haven't had a reveal from naughty dog or Sony Santa Monica. I love being a sony fan and living in the San Fran area. I get to peak in from time to time to see what Sony is up to. Greatness truly awaits!
HaveAsandwich  +   411d ago
helldivers ftw! wait, that's not what we're doing??
matrixman92  +   411d ago
Got the plat in 1 and 2 and 100% in FoB. Can't wait to get this game and the plat to continue the trend
jocomat9  +   411d ago
Me too lol
SmielmaN  +   411d ago
I also felt compelled to platinum 1 & 2, but I never played FoB. Don't know why I didn't. But I get hooked with these infamous games.
Campy da Camper  +   410d ago
You are doing a huge disservice to yourself if you like infamous and you have not played fob. It is awesome.

This will be my third plat, too. Only series I have platted every game (100% in festival)
GuruStarr78  +   411d ago
I'm hyped.... still wish they'd make a Vita game, though..
TristanPR77  +   411d ago
Didn't expected any less. Infamous has been a great franchise. Day one buy!
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KillrateOmega  +   411d ago
The game that I am most excited about. I love superheroes.

So awesome to see it getting a great review :)
JackISbacK  +   411d ago
hey buddy its not review but game is great.
KillrateOmega  +   410d ago
The actual word 'review' is not expressly stated, but they did play part of the game and talked about their experience.

It's a review. Not an official one, but still a review.
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Madderz  +   410d ago
Preview is probably a more fitting term.

A Review would be an official assessment of the final product for criticism or appraisal or both.
KillrateOmega  +   410d ago
Hm. Yeah, you're probably right.
DivineAssault  +   411d ago
once these games are running on our TVs, it will look so much effin better! i cant wait to power on my baby on friday!!!! KZ day 1, knack day 1... This & most other sony exclusives day effin 1!
Madderz  +   410d ago
Feel you there, just bought a new TV waiting for KZSF to melt my eyes.
mochachino  +   411d ago

November 15th!
masa2009  +   411d ago
Still have my doubts that it will be that much better than the first two. Those had very, very iterative mission design, even by open world standard.
NewShadow101  +   411d ago

sony exclusives=Greatness
i was hoping that they would show the neon powers but who am i kidding, not knowing makes us want to play it even more!

The Order 1886
Deep Down
Drive Club
Sony santa monica
Naughty Dog

and the Multiplats that will shine on the PS4

Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes
Battlefield 4
The Division

Greatness Awaits
DivineAssault  +   409d ago
dont forget daylight by atlus.. PS4 exclusive
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Redempteur  +   411d ago
Can't freaking wait ...
serratos27  +   410d ago
Looks great I can't imagine having too many complaints about this game. February will get here in no time ;)
cyclindk  +   410d ago
If he had a nickel for every time he said like... he'd have thousands of useless nickels.
Madderz  +   410d ago
I found the first one quite repetitive, so i never bothered with the second. However, i love open world games and have to say this looks fantastic graphically and game play wise!

Definitely gonna try and get into the 3rd one.
Sony360  +   410d ago
Thought you all said IGN has bias against Playstation titles.
Sci0n  +   410d ago
They use to be last gen but this gen they can't resist the greatness.
Sony360  +   410d ago
Until they don't give a perfect score to a Ps4 exclusive, and then they'll be back to "IGNorant derp"
RyanShutup  +   410d ago
Dudes... dudes... I need this game.

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