Does it Matter if Sony Can “Monitor and Record” Us on the PS4?

SpyBox, make way for SpyStation4. With this morning’s revelations on the updated PlayStation Usage Terms, we’ve now discovered that Microsoft is not the only console-maker monitoring next-gen communications intensively. The PlayStation terms allow Sony to “monitor and record” all PSN communications. In contrast to all of the backlash against the SpyBox earlier this year, the new PlayStation Usage Terms seem to be eliciting a more muted, moderate, and mundane response among gamers–and for good reason.

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NYC_Gamer1653d ago

American Citizens are the most watched/spied on individuals anyway

MorePowerOfGreen1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

I disagreed because most likely in your post history you have attacked this policy at some point before this news came out.

dantesparda1653d ago

We cant win eh? It seems like all our privacy is just gone nowadays.

heliumhead20301653d ago

Yup silly trolls need to realize that spying and information harvesting has berm going on for decades. These consoles won't relay any information a government hasn't yet or is unable to obtain about you.

4Sh0w1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

What are you guys hiding? These are games, electronics, software companies their purpose for monitoring these types of things are far less nefarious as you guys think. Its not like their waiting to hear us rattle off our bank info, or some secret code to the Batcave trust me 99% of us lead lives waaay to boring that big corp like micro or sony cares what you're doing besides spewing obscene language, or pics that are harmful to the reputation of their online service, at worst they want to know more about you to sell you more crap, which of course you dont have to buy.

Ive asked this before please give me a real life example of someone suffering because of micro or sonys actions related to them being secretly spied on???

Gh05t1653d ago

Not Microsoft or Sony but its not always the government you have to worry about. I dont need some pervert watching or looking or listening to me or my wife.

Gekko361653d ago


WOW... I'm SO surprised. I really can't believe that other companies could potentially do this. Except Microsoft, they are [email protected]'s afterall.

But SONY, really, this is such a blow, I mean they are so nice and people friendly. SONY is my friend...

NO you must have got it wrong, my nippon friends would never do this!!!. They are all about the gamers.

LMAO... OK I couldn't give a donkey's turd about this, never did!

Though the muted response is not a surprise on here.

As long my my new console doesn't go

"Dave, what are you doing Dave?" Though my names not Dave.. It's Andy.

Though I do have to say that the killer computer in 2001 A Space Odysee sound like a middle aged gay man

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360ICE1653d ago

Britain has the most surveillance equipment per capita.

I'm all for watching. No touching, though.

Retroman1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

The question is:... why!! are these companies interested in watching us?? what do they expect to find??? besides gamers gaming!!! .......or is there a BIGGER plot behind all this?? say like illuminati survelillance. seem to me camera's on light poles as you walk or drive not enough they NOW want to know what we're doing indoors as well.

are we living in a REAL matrix now??

its possible they doing as you said but i highly doubt it. gotta ask yourself why in first place MS design these features to spy what was their intent?? also why would Sony be caught up in this also??? if anyone follow illuminati actions and world news event this is something to really consider.
............................. ............................... ............................... ....
i normally come here at times to say stupid sh't or bash x1 but this article is more serious than we think.

iamnsuperman1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )


Well possibly to sell the data on to third party companies (which would piss me off if they did). However, the most likely reason is for their own internal benefit (streamlining services) or just protection from something that may have to happen in the future (from government pressure to the legal side of evidence used for bullying, racism, inappropriate material cases which is an important aspect to remember as it is a growing concern and problem)

Eonjay1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

And there it was, the comment section soon poured into a whose who and whats what of governments spying on their citizens. Well, let me chime in. I am American. We are number one at almost everything we attempt to do (notwithstanding healthcare, education, literacy, poverty, incarceration rates, and suppression of Evangelical nut-bags). We only pretend to be surprised when it turns out that the government reads our emails.

We spy on our friends and enemies alike. We have a hard time trusting anyone for reasons beyond the scope of SpyBox One and FlashYourBoobStation 4. Although to get the full effect of privacy invasion, the PS4 camera is sold separately. I love having choices.

ShowanW1653d ago

@CT67... the spying is to data collect for internal use.. and to protect themselves from law suits...

Imagine "John Doe" and "Joe Smhoe" get into a heated altercation on Playstation or Xbox. Just in case one of them does something dumb in the real world to get it off their chest, Microsoft and Sony do NOT want to be held responsible for any stupidity.

mcstorm1653d ago

For me I'm not that fussed as I have nothing to hid but a lot of it is market research just like Google do with all there services and it is now becoming a part of our life in technology.

That said don care at the moment what being said about it all just bring on the 22nd of November whenn I can power on my Xbox one and play Forza 5 all day and night with a bit of ki on the middle.

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Muerte24941653d ago


I'm pretty sure this is restricted to online. But this is nowhere as intrusive as Microsoft with the NSA.

GmIsOnPt3601653d ago

swap sony out and insert Microsoft and the answer is overwhelmingly NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO. Sony does it and meh who cares PS4 pwns...pretty funny actually

Captain Qwark 91653d ago

i was literally thinking the same thing lol absolutely ridiculous. personally, its not a big deal to me either way. worst tehy are going to see is w/e my dog does when im not home or me smashing some vagina on the couch. would i rather they didnt, yeah prob. does it matter if they do? not really, its their wasted time/effort

n4rc1653d ago

Its funny how that works around here huh?

C-H-E-F1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

You obviously haven't heard of Russia, Japan last time I checked our cars don't have mandatory cameras, nor does the majority of our street corners. Probably still parts of South Dakota that hasn't been discovered yet LMFAO.

Oh don't get me started with Singapore. I probably just got banned from Singapore for typing Singapore smh.

ambientFLIER1653d ago

Mandatory cameras in russian

-Foxtrot1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Yeah the machine is watching you

You'll never find them, but victim or perpetrator, if your number's up...they'll find you


Aceman181653d ago

great reference love the show.

LoTuZ1653d ago

I dont think that my voice and text being monitored by playstation matters. We are all being recorded most of the time. In public places, when calling any company they almost always record. Im not concerned with voice and text monitoring.

Eddie201011653d ago

My guess is since they have added more community feature that can be exploited by the users in many ways that they had to do this. The way It's worded seems more like protection measures for Sony not a way to make money from information.

scott1821653d ago

I don't think Sony or Microsoft should do it... Will they? Who knows.

The_Ozymandias1653d ago

If someone wanted to monitor my activity, there are a hell of a lot of better ways than the text messages and voice conversations I have on PSN. As long as there's no always-on-and-watching, can-pan-and-zoom-conspicuously -in-HD-at-will video camera in my living room, I'm happy as a clam.

jimmyateham231653d ago

really now its ok since its sony..

Muffins12231653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

Honestly i dont care if the NSA knows what porn i jack off too....some people act like little bitch about it.They have been monitoring people for years and everyone seemed fine but has soon as they tell us everyone freaks out.

SITH1653d ago

Actually I think England is also. But yes, it is serious in this country and many others with being watched.

Ps4Console1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

They all want to know what we eat drink , socialise , play games , eat out , eat in , what food we buy , what games we buy , when we buy , when were relaxing , what time we go to work , where we work even what we watch on tv .

It's all part of there make up of you government statistics control , they want too Control us all do the Government ., no worries with Sony unless the government want statistics & data but they can refuse .

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PoSTedUP1653d ago (Edited 1653d ago )

yes. i dont like it. im gonna wait to see how it turns out first b4 i buy one. its basically the same as MS's tos. id really like an explanation of what they specifically want from us (more specific reasons) and everything they are gonna do with MY personal um, Everything....

its just natural to question everything MS does because they are portrayed as the bad guys. now that sonys doing it you still gotta stop and ask why, it could really be a bad thing, or there could be a good explanation, which is what im waiting to find out.

rageus1653d ago

disagrees for actually making sense?

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Childprod1gy1653d ago

Both MS and Sony are corporations and both will do what they like & both are only here to make money, Sony cares about us as much as microsoft does, the only difference is that Sony hired people that can sweet talk and Microsoft hired talking heads that can't talk to save their lives. They have the same policies.

Gster1653d ago

I would prefer not to use the words do as they like with our communications but rather be authorized by us to do whatever it is they intend to do, which isn't all that transparent at the moment.

I would like some clarification as to why, when, what they intend to do, and where and to whom they intend to give my communications, and what exactly will any third party want or do with our communications. These are all pretty important things to be considered.

I don't mind, and am all for the use of this, if it's for our own protection, and for the general misuse and abuse of individuals on PSN, who can be rooted out, and either punished with a ban, or permanently banned if repeatedly offending. Or for other, possibly more serious criminal activity which could be detected by way of such monitoring.

But I would hate to think that our communications were ever going to be used in a way that will offend us. Sony will have to use its utmost discretion and respect for our privacy in this regard I feel.

Kayant1653d ago

At this point we need to either accept these policies and more on because we don't really have that many options console space wise. Even though I don't like these policies & practices am also ok with them now because I don't do anything that will get me in trouble with anyone & the chances of them actively recording/spying on me is slim as in the case of most people here I presume.