The Mistake Made With Xbox Originals

How did Microsoft spoof the idea of Xbox Originals? For one, they left out extra content, second of all, they left out achievements. But wait, there is more.

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PS360WII3857d ago

Aww come on Xbox Originals is like the Wiis Virtual Console. They are meant to be just what they were. If you want HD, online, and achievement features go into XBLA. That easy.

FreeMonk3857d ago

but Wii games don't offer Achievements like the X360.

It's something so simple that get people and achievement whores to buy the game from the Marketplace.

You can buy Halo 1 and many of the Xbox Original titles second hand from a second hand store for half the price of what MS are selling them at on the marketplace.

If MS added achievements and some little extra's here or there, most people would buy the MS Marketplace version over a second hand copy.

I'm guessing MS just haven't got the man power to add achievements to the games as they struggle to get a lot of the MS original titles to work on the X360, plus add the fact that they may not be able to add achievements to third party titles as it would need additional programming, which MS can't do for legal reason.

All achievements are added by the developer, not MS.

It's all a shame though!

Silver3603856d ago

they would have to rebuild the game from the ground up. They have stated this many times. For the low sales that originals would get it is not worth remaking the game.

Boink3857d ago

I would replay some of these games if there was online and achievements to go with it.

Finch3857d ago

If they where online to begin with they are still online! Unless you tring to say they add online to games that didnt have online to begin with than sorry. You really didnt state that! As for the achivments i fully agree. It sure would be nice to add new life into it.

BeaArthur3857d ago

Make it three; they should definitely add some achievements to these games. I would probably replay Ninja Gaiden if it had some achievements to go along with it; or even splinter cell. A definite missed opportunity.

Boink3857d ago

but you're right, I mean adding online to games that didn't have it, but should have.

halo combat evolved comes to mind:)

Tony240ZT3857d ago

I'm still confused, Play games because you enjoy them, not for points

BeaArthur3857d ago

Tony240ZT...clearly you have never played a game with achievement points. They are by no means the reason I play games, but they are a great bonus feature that can add a lot of replay value. They can also inspire you to truly challenge yourself.

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InYourMom3857d ago

These games are not meant to be remakes. They are just what they call them XBOX ORIGINALS. Originals as in just what you had with the original game.

There was never any promises that these games would have any of the extra stuff. They give 360 owners backwards compatibility on hundreds of games, xbox originals and then the arcade for games with HD, achievements, etc.

Seems like someone just looking to complain again.

heyheyhey3857d ago

complaining about complainers are we?

tut tut

ry-guy3857d ago

Were discussed at length on one of the 360 podcasts when the Originals were first announced.

It turned out that in order to incorporate achievements you'd have to decompile the code and go through and adjust a number of lines for an achievements to work, then recompile it. After words it would also have to be re-certified by Microsoft to make sure it was relatively bug and glitch free. A process that wasn't worth it apparently...

kewlkat0073857d ago

riiiiiiiiight, I rather they work on Xbox 360 please.....

ry-guy3856d ago

That's the point. It isn't worth it waste the time, energy, and money on older games just to add 'achievements' and such.

I mean no one is forcing you to purchase Xbox Originals versus going out and buying a used copy. Or you could not even both with them all together and play new games.

BoneMagnus3857d ago

I've been wanting to play Indigo Prohecy, but it is going to be tight - fitting it on my HD - with my DLC and game saves. If I was like some of you who have videos and music stored on it, there would be no way.

I would be easier and cheaper to find a used copy at Gamestop...

Grown Folks Talk3857d ago

Halo,NG: Black, & maybe Psychonauts are probably the only ones that cost more than the 1200 points you're charged. Chaos Theory is like $3-4 now. Indigo close to the same.

Charlie26883856d ago

In mi experience NGB was the one the hardest to find in "good" condition at a good price, even used ones retail for around $60-$80 and on Ebay the auction starts at 15-19 bucks and by the time it ends its some where back in the $60s or $80s -_-

I also find the Digital version to be hard on the HDD, being a little bit more than 6GBs on your average 20GB is not very nice specially if you have a lot of DLC or demos :(

my personal solution was getting Sigma...and a PS3 XD I am poor -_-

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