Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls on PS4 supports Remote Play

Lead level designer Matthew Berger confirms game will be playable on PlayStation Vita.

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JimmyLmao1350d ago

of course it does. they are required to.

jujubee881350d ago

They better be required to! Asscreed devs just said PS4 can use remote-play at no cost to compute resources.

That means Sony and the developers need to take it upon themselves to add remote-play to every game! (so long as camera isn't supported)

AlexanderNevermind1350d ago

So glad I waited for the PS4 version. Can't wait till its release!!!

mandf1350d ago

It's built into hardware. Developes don't have to do anything. Only games with move or camera games won't be compatible. Google since it was spoken on at E3. The sites fishing for hits lack reading comprehension.

OrangePowerz1350d ago

Remote play is done on a system level the devs don`t need to do anything special for it to work and it doesn`t require extra resources because they have an additional chip on board that handles that kind of stuff and also background downloads and so on.

jujubee881350d ago

To everyone saying 'it just works'. I know. I've been knowing that.

The thing is, D3 devs and a few others have been saying they might be able to opt out of using remote-play before going into certification.

That's why I say, KEEP THESE GUYS ON THEIR TOES! Like I say, they are being really NDA and cloak and dagger about what the rules are....but it looks like some content makers can just switch off remote-play.

Again, don't let them set the precendent. Remember what I'm saying or else it will bite all fans of this feature in the ass when in the future more and more companies disable remote play just becase 'eeehhh resolution doesn't look good' or 'waaaah, our team doesn't like vita'.

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GribbleGrunger1350d ago

I'm going to explain this one last time: They are NOT required to, IT JUST WORKS. Jesus ...

pyramidshead1350d ago

Diablo on the vita, hype riiiiiiiiiiiising. Now I need a vita lol ¬_¬.

sigfredod1350d ago

Another rumor debunked, Sony explain it already a lot, but still appearing for every single game

TimeSkipLuffy1350d ago

I don't think Sony can force big publishers to implement it. If a big publisher don't want to there will be an excuse to why it can't be done.

But I really hope a lot of game studios will do that!!! :3 It's such a great feature and deserve to be implemented whenever it seems possible.

mandf1350d ago

It's built into the ps4 hardware. Developers don't have to do anything. It's only blocked for move or camera games period.

MasterCornholio1350d ago

It took Ubisoft 3 days to implement it.

What's the problem?

Nexus 7 2013

firelogic1350d ago

all they have to do is re-map the controls. like ubisoft said, took 2.5 days. easy as pie.

OlgerO1350d ago

Lets stop these nonsense articles its clear that every game is supported like sony promised

exsturminator011350d ago

To be fair, this is one case where the developer specifically said they WEREN'T doing remote play. The article links to it, but Berger basically said three days ago they weren't doing it, at least not any time soon. This is a complete about face from the looks of it on Blizzard's part.

mandf1350d ago

No that amatuer site fabricated that info. Just like half of the gaming sites on the web. It's built into the ps4 hardware. Developers don't have to do anything.

exsturminator011350d ago

@mandf not arguing the point, I just wanted to confirm your comment: Gamespot fabricated the original interview that stated Blizzard would not be supporting Remote Play?

" would be a little bit more of stretch. It's kind of percolating in the back of our mind, but we don't really have any plans right now."
- Matthew Berger via Gamespot,

I don't debate btw that Remote Play is built in, I was just previously under the impression Blizzard would not be doing anything to map the controls or optimize the UI to fit the Vita anytime soon. If that's not the case now, fantastic, I can play D3 on my Vita. =)

Protagonist1350d ago


Some of us on N4G knows it, but I dont mind the articles, because I see them as beneficial for the PS Vita.

Kayant1350d ago

Looooool ofc it does they won't be on PS4 if not.

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