Nintendo rolling in money as Wii nears 25 million units

Chris Greenhough reports:

''Nintendo hasn't just been sitting prettily on its laurels these past twelve months. Nope, the Kyoto firm has kept itself occupied by generating giant wads of filthy lucre, in readiness for when it takes over the world with Satoru Iwata as our new supreme overlord, and Shiggy his ruthless, iron-fisted deputy. Or something.

The company has released details of its full year results for the period ended March 31st, 2008, and guess what? Nintendo is rich. Profits shot up by 47.7 percent, while sales rose by 73 percent (to ¥1.67 trillion, or $16.1bn).''

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wiizy3859d ago

haters can hate.. innovation wins , i expect wiifit to have lifetime sells alot higher then gt4.

ItisI3859d ago

Just how many people will come on here and show hatred towards Nintendo and its fans. I for one think Nintendo has done an awesome job both with the Wii and the DS. And they are enjoying the benefits from it.

JadeTyrant3859d ago

it seems the big N has reclaimed its stomping steps

fox023859d ago (Edited 3859d ago )

the Wii is a great console, despite the fact that it doesn't have online,can't play CDs, DVDs, doesn't have HD... or enough games for "hard-core" gamers; Despite those it's a very good console.

kwicksandz3859d ago

The wii does have online and it plays games. thats whats a games console is sposed to do ya know.

Fux4Bux3859d ago

When you've figured out how to get people to pay $250 for a repackaged gamecube you're going to be rolling in cash. Such a rip-off joke of a console.

BeNice3859d ago

Secondly I have posted this about 3 times i think on n4g. th wii is n't a repackages gamecube. Big difference between the two not as much as the ps2 vs ps3, because the ps3 is trying very hard to be an entertainment system rather than simply a gamin system. I owned only a ps2 last gen btw. Personally i would buy the ps3 but the only game that attratcs my attention is mgs4 and i am not willing to throw away that much money for one game. The wii on ht eother hand has an interesting and a fairly well blanced library obviously excluding the crappy shovelware. It has mini games , shooters, rpgs, action adventure games, sports games, racers, fighting games and an exercise game as well. BTW LOOK UP THE SPEC DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE GAMECUBE AND THE WII AND UNDERSTAND WHAT THEY MEAN.

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