Why COD: Ghosts is better than Battlefield 4 in terms of singleplayer campaign

This opinion piece is based only on the singleplayer campaigns of both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Battlefield 4.

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xHeavYx1774d ago

Lol, two miserable single player campaigns against eachother

globeofgamers1774d ago

Well, you are right sir! :) Instead of progressing, they have heavily regressed.

Blackdeath_6631774d ago

i'm going to have to agree.

rainslacker1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

I wish BF4 had a better SP campaign. The game itself looks pretty fun, but I am not a huge fan of MP games.

This is actually one of those games I'd pick up a SP digital version for $10-15 if they offered it separately.

TheEnigma3131774d ago

Both of the single player campaigns are probably lack luster anyways.

famoussasjohn1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

BF4's single player was very meh, it was about on par with the BF3's. I did like the multiple choice ending, though it didn't really effect anything. For PC it's kinda annoying to play it to get unlocks for MP since I played it on Xbox already, so it's just a grind.

Ghosts single player was a bit better and had some cool missions and left the window open up for a continuation of the story.

I'm one of the very few that enjoy single player stories on shooters even if they're about the average 5-6 hour run time lol.

skoorydook1774d ago

Its like being told your getting a kick in the happy sack but they will wear trainers instead of boots, won't hurt quite as much but still far from pleasant

cyclindk1774d ago

I think BOTH of these franchises would do well to abandon the TRADITIONAL idea of a "campaign," in favor of something more free-form and open.

Open world campaign with a high degree of coop functionality and even full multiplayer integration (though not a requirement). Think GTAV and Splinter Cell Black list.

Build persistent base, squads customizable to your preferences, beyond the "story" have an endless mission/side mission element. Randomly generated tasks threats, offensive and defensive missions. AI attacks your position or attempts to infiltrate, you do the same, earn resources, points, tech/supplies, whatever.

Would work great for both games.

Like that old Mathew Broderick movie, Wargames, different levels control, tactical, strategic, on the ground, be great.

Ares84HU1774d ago

Those are pretty great ideas. Wish that game developers had something similar.

cyclindk1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

They are totally stuck and I don't think they reale it.

The best attempt, apart from Borderlands, was by Medal of Honor: Airborne, at least they were TRYING to break the mold there, but the game didn't do as well for a number of reasons, the LEAST of which was the unique "spawning" mechanic via the parachuting (more so it was the general "tired" WWII model that people were moving away from and a few other aspects that were stale).

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