PS3, Xbox 360 and 3DS deals listed in Target Black Friday ad

XMNR: Target beat the leakers by releasing its Black Friday ad Monday and revealing deals for the PS3, Xbox 360 and Nintendo 3DS. Meanwhile, games like Battlefield 4 and Batman: Arkham Origins for all systems are being discounted by as much as $25 while Assassin's Creed IV gets a $20 gift card.

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1709d ago Replies(2)
Demoa1709d ago

good time to finally buy a 3ds

Starbucks_Fan1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Besides the 3DS, this horrible. I'm probably going to Meijer this year.

They will have NFS Rivals and BF4 for $30 each

SlapHappyJesus1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

Definitely grabbing the PS3 deal, unless I come across a better one.
It's the same as the one they are offering at Gamestop, so I am hoping another retailer ends up feeling competitive.

Captain Qwark 91709d ago

wwe 2k14, batman, 3 month gold, splinter cell, and BF4. this is why i waited on all those games

Agent_00_Revan1708d ago

Batman for $35! Call this when the game launched. AC3 got the same deal last year, and Batman launched right around the same time this year. Glad I waited.