The Ten Best Final Fantasy Characters

Of all of the Final Fantasy characters, a handful stand out above the rest. Be it for their great writing, dynamic personalities, or just sheer badassery – these Final Fantasy characters are the best of the best.

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-Foxtrot1710d ago

No Squall....really

One of the best character development in the franchise

From a lonely selfish Jerk from disk 1 to a brave heroic leader surrounded by new friends by disk 4

Snookies121710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

People like to hate on Squall for no reason. I thought he was great.

Though I think Shadow will forever be my favorite FF character. At least, in terms of the "good" guys. I just remember flipping out when I first played the game, seeing the dog run out and destroy enemies lol.

-Foxtrot1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Yeah's another nit pick for FF8 by people who at the time were p***** off that FF8 was NOT a direct sequel to know the new fans who didn't realise all FF games are different stories. Then this spread to people and over time these opinions on FF8 spread to other people who hadn't played it yet and pretty soon most people were hating on it for no reason.

So they decide to nit pick FF8 to death with whatever they can come up with

Squall being an emo - It's called character development, play the whole game and you will see thats not the same guy in the end we started with. The game was about Squalls journey and how it changed him for the better

Junction System - People in one breath say it's too the next they talk about how easy it is to max out all stats with magic WITH the junction system. Please make up your mind

Drawing magic - How it was really hard to get magic in the game because you had to draw it in battle when really you never had to. There was pink magic points in the game, you could refine items into magic and you also had the Island of Heaven and Hell.

Story with plotholes - Come on it's FF, what story does not have plotholes and complicated plotlines. Need a complicated story which is awful look at FF13.

Anyway get my point.

GrandpaSnake1710d ago

FF8 was perfect to me, playing it now it just so much better than ff7 at this point and time. I was one of those guys who always hyped up ff7 and played it until my thumbs got sore! we all now that takes ages with rpg's lol i bought ff8 for the vita and i told myself i was just going to play it through once and here i am on my second playthrough trying to get everything! The story is much more mature to me and the characters evolve in a awesome way. The dialogue is awesome and kept me hooked the entire time.

Summons751710d ago

yeah Cloud over Squall is a poor choice. Cloud has zero personality and zero character development of his own...hated that emo prick. Squall was great, tons of character development.

-Foxtrot1710d ago

Funny how in lists like this you always get two or three characters from the same FF...and it's always FF7.


It's like because of how popular FF7 is you HAVE to include them in top " " lists even if you think differently. I can't speak for this person, this might be his opinion who knows but I doubt all of them really think like that.

KingKelloggTheWH1710d ago

Cloud was a great character, denying he had personality is completely absurd and really if you played the game he wasn't really emo.Saying that bs just makes it look like you havent played it and are just blindly hating it.

Summons751710d ago

@ KingKellogg

I have played the game multiple times and it's always the same, great start, great gameplay, great music but the game falls apart after disc 1. Cloud is an emo prick and is really undesirable to play as. I find it funny that FF7 defenders claim he isn't emo but EVERYTHING he is in after he is emo, not just the movie sequel...Kingdom Hearts (which was released years before Advent Children and when ff7 fanboys claim his 'emo personality started') Cloud was emo and miserable, fighting him was easily the best thing ever to put him in his place. Maybe you just can't make out his miserable personality through text but for me it really hurt the game.

KingKelloggTheWH1710d ago

* just played FF8 for the first time

And holy crap Squall is an amazing character, the amount of growth he had alone was fantastic.

-Foxtrot1710d ago

I like how in each disc he has a different kind of tone to him. His character in each disc slowly changes and the best part is that the way each disc ends it sets up that change so he smoothly moves into it.

MajorAly1710d ago

No Squall, Basch fon Ronsenburg, Vincent Valentine or even Auron?! :o

I really preferred Squall over Cloud and he had a personality that succeeded Cloud's...

Vincent Valentine is another underrated character even though he got his own game but still fails to see the limelight.

yellowgerbil1710d ago

Wakka because he is voiced by Bender

Snookies121710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

It took me three playthroughs of FFX before I realized that..... Lol! That revelation when I was watching the ending credits roll again, and saw John DiMaggio in there.

Relientk771710d ago

Vivi and Zidane, because FFIX is my favorite

also Squall definitely should also be on this list

NegativeCreep4271710d ago

Which head did you think with when you made that decision?

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