With Blockbuster out is GameStop Next?

What will it take before GameStop is no more? Article brought to you by Kill Streak Media written by Kirk Deis.

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Summons751774d ago

The world can only hope for this...

CGI-Quality1774d ago

In other words, you WANT the world's biggest gaming retailer to die out? Oh my...

OT: Anyway, I don't think they're going anywhere anytime soon, and as long as there are used games to be had, they'll remain healthy.

Summons751774d ago

They are horrid for service, lie, steal, and are corrupted to the core... I worked for them and I was written up multiple times for giving customers good service, showed them games they would never look at twice and got high praise from them on it.....I refused to promote COD and GTA and they got mad at me. The only reason they couldn't fire me is because my numbers of game informer subscriptions and game reserves broke store records.

I eventually quit because I couldn't stand the abuse the region and area manager gave me. So I know all the games they play and how they screw customers over. There are a handful of better stores with better promotions and offers in a week than gamestop does in a year.

So yes I would like to see the tyrants die so others can flourish. They are slowly dying as it is, losing more stores than their opening and more people are starting to realize they aren't as good as they thought.

Enigma_20991774d ago

I personally want them to get rid of the idiots in charge. The biggest reason the retailers are pricks is because their bosses TELL them to be!

jukins1774d ago

not sure why people want gamestop to die. im sure its mostly due to their used items practices. But no one is forcing you to trade stuff in to gamestop. there's tons of different avenues consumers can go through to resell. besides if gamestop is gone it only opens the door for another corrupt retailer to step in and take over.

Agent_00_Revan1774d ago

Blockbuster went out because they became obsolete by easier, cheaper, and more convenient services.

There is still a demand for physical games. Yes the gaming world is moving towards digital. But looking at hard drive requirements for this upcoming generation, it may not be possible just yet.

And as long as people see great value in being able to resell their games, GS well stick around.

1774d ago

believe it or not some gamestops are actually ran by managers who are hardcore gamers and perform very well because they know what their customers are looking for and sell them what they want/need. every corporate job has horror stories but you cant base over 6000 stores on the experience you had at a handful. Gamestop managers are some of the hardest working people ive ever met hands down and most of them do it because they love games and the gaming culture.

LAWSON721774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Some of you should be ashamed for wanting a business with thousands of employees to go out of business. It is not their fault you people cant do research before buying a game or people being stupid and selling their games for low prices. The employees are salesman that need to make a money for their company or they may get fired do to low performance. Are those people they saved from a bad game going to feed their children or pay their bills? I think not.

If you are a gamer maybe it is best for you to not work for a place like GS, especially if you have a love for games and tons of knowledge along with opinions. I know when I see salesman at stores they rarely have an interest in what they are selling. You should see employees at places like Verizon they dont know shit and just throw droids, some cheap Verizon knockoff and iphones in your face. Yet when I ask them what battery is in this device or what is the processor they look at me like WTF. (kind of being an asshole because I know the answer already and am basically challenging their knowledge) I could not work at a store like this because everyone would be walking out with the best products rather than ones they are paid the most to sell, which is not best for the store or myself

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