Gamedaily: We Ski Preview

Gamedaily writes: "During the recent Namco Bandai Editors' Day event in San Francisco, we got our hands on a number of upcoming games destined to be big hits for the company. Amongst them is a new skiing simulator for the Nintendo Wii called We Ski, set to release next month for $30. Although it may not be as flashy a downhill experience as EA's more flamboyant SSX games, it still feels and looks quite satisfying.

The game places your virtual skier right in the middle of the Happy Ski Resort, letting you roam the mountain any way you see fit. You can participate in a number of events, ranging from freestyle runs to racing competitions. You can even enroll in the resort's ski school, where you can nail down the basics of gameplay and learn a few new tricks along the way. Namco has done a remarkable job at making the game feel like a natural ski experience. You use the Wii remote and Nunchuk as you would real ski poles, right down to the forwarding motion to gain speed and the "tuck" maneuver to keep it going. Numerous tricks are also available to perform, many of which are named after food items. Ever wonder what it's like pulling off a "sushi" and a "French fry" on a downhill run? Wonder no more – now you can find out and master them."

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