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crimsonfox1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Hopefully "next week" Literally means next week this week. Hopefully next week they don't hit us with a next week message like they did 3 weeks ago promising the stimulus pakage next week when it took 2 weeks.

Although if it wasn't for GTA V I would probably die without a PS4.Gotta buy Chritmas gifts no extra money.Waiting for tax money to get it.Don't let me down R* really enjoying the game.

plaZeHD1772d ago

That's a lot of week in one comment.

Arturo841772d ago

In a similar situation. Here's hoping sales for the consoles don't live up to expectations so when I do purchase them there are some bundles or deals that are actually worth it

Arturo841772d ago

Someone actually downvoted my thought of waiting for deals...

grashopper1772d ago

Finger slipped and I disagreed. Sorry bout that. Hate that I can't change to agree without getting "you have already voted"

TheEnigma3131772d ago

I want this game so bad, but this is the reason I'm waiting on the complete edition with all the dlc.

Arturo841772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Whenever a complete edition for gtav comesout I wouldn't be suprised. Its for next gen since they have to start off gta some point for next gen since gta online and the sp campaign are headed towards being sold as two seperate things and having the same issues they had with this release they would try to have everything set for gta6 online content with their plan of having gta online include more areas and regions than just los santos

Zancruz1772d ago

Next week? Lol... In 3 more days it won't matter.

TriangleOffense1772d ago

Except to the massive amount of people who aren't willing to beta test systems just to be next gen

Zancruz1772d ago

Beta Test?! Lol, Yeah whatever I still have all my launch Playstation systems and Sony's quality is above average... So it's safe for anyone to take the leap.

Besides the real Beta Test is current gen GTA Online... How's those glitch fixes going again? They're not. How's the heist missions? Still not added yet, That's a real shame. But I'll give it too GTA5/Online it really helped past the time till the 15th! #3MoreDays

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