Iwata dismisses resignation reports as purely speculation

Nintendo Insider writes:

There’s much that Nintendo and the company’s fans can be thankful of Satoru Iwata for. So, when he had purportedly implied earlier in the year that he would resign if they were unable to meet their financial results this year, you could imagine the dismay that resounded throughout the globe.

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LOL_WUT1772d ago

So now he's back tracking? Man I can't stand this guy. He's the same individual who thought it would be a good idea to release the WiiU early and for what? Bad ports, weak hardware, no real use of the second screen, delayed games and big hitting ips releasing till 2014. Instead of making momentum for their new console Nintendo has managed to loose all the momentum for the WiiU while their fanbase plays the waiting game. Good luck achieving that 9 million forecast. ;)

fattyuk1772d ago

I read the first line of your comment and thought you was talking about major nelson!

Concertoine1772d ago

I thought he was talking about himself ;)
I think iwata should reach a point of consistency with sales and either ready a successor or radically change his approach.

-Foxtrot1772d ago

Come on it's not an Microsoft article...lets not spin it around

I really just want to see Iwata be replaced with someone who knows what he's doing and can get Nintendo up to speed with the continuing evolving market

You get too far behind and you'll never catch up, I mean for god sake get a stable online done like Xbox Live or the PSN

RPG_Lover1772d ago

Funny as much as I dont really care for iwata, I care for your constant trolling less

ritsuka6661772d ago

Leave this guy alone they are not worth your time peps...

bobacdigital1772d ago

I think Iwata has good ideas.. but his execution is just God awful.... I love Nintendo and all but I think a collective of people on these forums could have made the Wii U a success with just a few of our ideas.

DarthZoolu1772d ago

@LOL_WUT Dude you are so dead on most of the time. I think you are like I was. I was a major Nintendo fanboy in the N64 years and my delusional Gamecude fanboy years. Nintendo was really the father of gaming but when Playstation and Xbox came out It was hard to talk my Nintendo trash anymore, because the fact was that the direction of gamings future in which I thought Nintendo would destroy me with bigger and better Zelda, Mario, Metroid, and Pokemon games was cut short by the Amazing things I stared to see on other consoles. I thought Nintendo was gonna come back with games to destory the competition, But Nintendo never pushed these IPs into the future. I would argue that Super Mario World, Zelda OOT, Metroid Prime and Pokemon red and blue are better than any of the later installments of those games. Then Nintendo show me the would Never Strike back because they said they aren't competing with Microsoft and Sony. And for anybody that says "but Wii sold a ton" I say who cares about sales! We are gamers so lets talk about games not sales! A better measure for great games is play hours. I would bet my life that even with Wii selling more, that 360 or PS3 have triple the play time for all concoles sold. If the average Wii owner played their console for 200 hours I bet the average 360 owner played 1200 hours. (Just a guess but I would take that to the bank)

Kalebninja1772d ago

if they had waited for this year to release it would have been alot better for them

RTheRebel1772d ago

You as retarded as NxtGen720.

Fanboyssuck271772d ago

Lol I thought he was talkin about himself aswell, his described himself in his first sentence. Lol

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WilliamH1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

He's a likeable person but he's no Hiroshi Yamauchi thats for sure. He's too soft and nice, you need to be tough when in charge of a company like Nintendo.

Up until the Wii Nintendo consoles were always cutting edge but ever since this joke took over the company is a shadow of its former self. Sure the Wii and DS may have been sales juggernauts but their success came at the expense of the hardcore player who are now either Sony or MS.

Dehnus1772d ago

I wouldn't call it a joke. As the Gamecube, as much as I loved the system, was a failure as well. Nintendo diversifies and tries different things, yet another similar console to the other two isn't needed. Zelda looks fantastic on Wii U as will the Zelda game that will be made specifically for it. I mean look at Skyward Swords, how bloody fantastic that game looked! And that was a Wii title.

Super Mario 3D Land is also showing of some great looks. Just because it is in to compare spec sheets with each other, doesn't mean Nintendo has to join in with that "p1ss1ng contest". They will not gain anything from it, as they can get very good graphics out of system with 1/3th of the power and costs.

That in the end makes sure Nintendo will again make a profit this generation. While MS probably won't .

lilbroRx1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

How can a system that turned a profit be a failure?

Chrono1772d ago

Iwata is going to destroy Nintendo with his weak strategies.

RPG_Lover1772d ago

Is that why they have the number 1 selling system and the most selling software out right now?

Chrono1772d ago

And the number 1 worst selling system too. LMAO.

AWBrawler1772d ago

worst selling is the Vita. i hade no idea Nintendo made the Vita. stop talking if you don't know what you're talking about.

Dehnus1772d ago

Buy a PS4 already and compare spec sheets. I like the Wii U as it is. Cheap affordable, compact and very decent graphics.

The NES Also couldn't hold a candle to the Amiga, but that didn't make it less fun.

JackieCruise691772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I can see why some people dislike Iwata and want him out of the company.. but why does nobody ever think of the good things he's done for Nintendo? Cutting his paycheck so they could drop the 3DS price? 3DS is ruling the gaming market because of that sacrifice giving it a good push.. Recently refusing to lay workers off from the company because some snobby investors said to?

I mean, yeah, he could do a way better job with the company, maybe someone else could run it a lot better than him, but the hate towards him is just ridiculous. I suppose disliking him for his weak leadership lately is alright, but he's not all THAT bad.

Misaka_x_Touma1772d ago

because all they care about is what Nintendo dont do. But when they do something everyone wants it gets ignored like the Indie support for Wii U.

Dehnus1772d ago

They think in limited ways:
1. Spec sheets are the only important thing.
2. Fun comes in limited quantities and when used it is gone forever!
3. Being Tough and killing things is cool! including laying of workers! Only I am important, and thus a company is not allowed to make a profit on the Hardware itself, or I'll say they nickel and dime me!

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