BioWare “doesn’t regret” moving to Frostbite 3 from Unreal Engine

As is already well known, games in development over at the BioWare offices are being developed on DICE’s official Frostbite 3 engine. General Manager Aaryn Flynn is feeling pretty good about moving to Frostbite from Unreal Engine.

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Bigpappy1708d ago

Even if they did, they wouldn't say it at this point.

ATiElite1708d ago

Frostbite 3 > Unreal Engine


Saviour1708d ago

its not just about the looks, its ease of development which matters, so Unreal Engine>>>Frost Bite.


Kleptic1707d ago

^and how do you know that?

How many developers are currently working on multiple rendering platforms, claiming what you said? UE3 was easy, but wasn't ground breaking since 2006...

and just like UE3...the next gen Unreal Engine shatters your eyes with tech demo's, but there are no released products showing any of least with FB3; all the 'tech demos' so far were using a fully functioning playable game...

either way...i've seen next to nothing on how easy the next unreal engine is...more importantly, why would any consumer care how easy it is? UE3's ease of development resulted in a handful of respectable titles (the first three gears games, and the ME franchise)...and a whole lot of hot trash...ease of development is not something that our side of the fence should be concerned about...that ease just results in an over abundance of complete mediocrity...

GrimWykydtron1708d ago

ever played FB3 game ? like try playing BF4 on PC, technical problems everywhere and they are ones that made it in first place >.<

FB3 is no doubt powerfull but what's power when u can't control it ? UE is just as powerfull but it's so much easier to control.

Skate-AK1708d ago

I wouldn't blame it on FB3. I would blame it on developing on 5 different platforms.

Kleptic1707d ago

even more so; the technical problems BF4 currently faces are more related to network related issues than anything else, which is not something completely governed by FB3 as a middleware platform...

just 3 minutes of single player BF4 on ultra and literally anyone would be a believer in FB3's visual prowess...

Dice's ability at making a above average single player fps campaign? not so much...

MrSwankSinatra1708d ago

they shouldn't regret it. unreal engine is not as great as everyone makes out to be. there are way better capable engines out there.

P0werVR1708d ago

yes sir, very true. UE might be good for certain games, but doubt it's good for relevant games like RPGs.

Irishguy951708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

UE is not a particularly flashy engine. However there must be SOME reason so many devs use it. It has had VERY relevent games on it in all genres. Bioshock, Mass effect, Gears

It depends on the dev. It's clearly a good engine, just that, Frostbite is better

Bioshock infinite
Batman Arkham series
Mass effect series
Borderlands series
Gears series
Hawken(amazing graphically)
Lost odysee(great RPG)
Mortal Kombat 2011
Red orchastra 2(Great PC game)
Rainbow 6 vegas series
Transformars cybertron series
XCOM(Amazing S-Rpg)
Sonys own Dust 514

Daylight looks pretty awesome on UE4.

Again, UE3 was a good engine, look at all those games of various genre. Frostbite is just a better engine though

Fishy Fingers1708d ago

It's scales fantastically and Epic are second to none at supporting 3rd parties. They're the best middleware engine supplier out there.

UE has created some of the best looking exclusive and mulitplat games of this gen. Expect UE4 to continue the trend next gen.

Kleptic1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )

Its interesting that you refer to UE3's ability to 'scale fantastically'...if anything, to me at least, its one engine that was impressive at first...but completely failed to 'keep up' with other development tech...

as a rendering platform; UE3 has struggled for the entire 2nd half of this current gen...meaning, it literally started this gen with Gears of War, but...imo at least...kind of failed to keep that same shock value over the last couple of years...

This is more in terms of technical details...UE3 is notorious for great abilities with texture detail...but, particle effects, and in grown extremely dated, and have received little to no updates over its lifespan...static lighting in even gears 3, confirmed 2 dimensional 'crossed' particle effects, etc...

its scaling abilities are great with specific art direction...but it lacks, and has lacked, some fundamental rendering technology that other, newer, engines have been using lately...even on the same hardware...

ExitToExisT1708d ago

It's quite interesting that there are almost no AAA games being developed on UE4 and everyone was using UE3 at the beginning of last gen:)

pwnsause_returns1708d ago

That's probably because most of the major developers are using in house engines now

hoju691708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Absolutely true. Every publisher wants their own proprietary engines now due to the cost of third party engines going way up. Its cheaper to spend the money to build one engine to use on all your games then to pay a license fee for every game you publish that uses someone else's engine.

GrimWykydtron1708d ago

nope, just google and u will see that most games run on one of 3 engines UE,Frostbite and CryEngine - those 3 cover 80% of games... making ur own game engine is one of the most expensive things to do in gaming industry, not to mention its on diffrent level then simply making games, not anyone can do it..

hoju691708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

In the long run, it is cheaper for a PUBLISHER (notice I didn't say developer) to build a proprietary engine of their own to use on their own games. EA is doing it with Frostbite, Square Enix did it with White Engine (or Crystal Tools), Rockstar with RAGE engine, etc. Doing this is cheaper than licensing in the long term if the publisher has the R&D time and money to invest. More publishers are doing this now and that is why you don't hear about as many studios using Unreal or CryEngine anymore. Mostly it will only be independent studios (not to be confused with indie studios) that will license third party engines in the future.

SlapHappyJesus1708d ago

Just deliver a fine product with it.

colonel1791708d ago

Hopefully Mass Effect 4 will look much better. I hate the look of UE games, there are much better engines. With that said, UE 4 is an improvement, but still not enough.

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