Ryse: Son of Rome Hands-On Preview | Bloody, Brutal, Beautiful (Dealspwn)

Dealspwn's Matt Gardner goes hands-on with Ryse and, in true Xbone fashion, does a massive U-turn. Sort of.

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Ultra1744d ago

Can't find a better word. Even OMG is an understatement.
The foreground and background objects are all dynamically animated, not just static trees or buildings.

Should've been called xbox first!

bintarok1744d ago

Crazy how the different set of color tone/lighting in this game sets it apart from any other games in the genre. Next gen is going to be interesting.

AngelicIceDiamond1744d ago (Edited 1744d ago )

There's 2 games I wanna commend here when it comes to reveals at E3.

Let me start off by saying early in the current gen at the E3 events. When we saw the reveals for Madden, Killzone among others. Those games floored everyone only to find out that was all done by computer and not on console.

Ever since then the internet and popular gaming outlets said "Don't trust epic trailers that company's show you."

With that being said the PS3 and 360 were benchmarks for longevity hence the epic CGI stuff. We knew the PS360 were gonna be a around for a while. And not the usual 4 to 5 years.

The CGI stuff wasn't really a pipe dream of sorts at the time but it was devs long term goal in which they accomplish. Of course back then I didn't know where gaming would end up or look like. Hell I even thought "next gen gaming" at the time mean't shinier and crispier versions of PS2 games.

Now fast forward to last summer as I mentioned earlier there are 2 games that impressed me graphically.

Kill Zone: Shadow Fall and Ryse: Son Of Rome. When Sony first introduced Killzone at the Sony event back in February I was excited but at the same time preparing myself for disappointment.

And when Ryse was showcased back at E3. I said "this game looks stunning." "Sadly the final product won't look like this."

All that came in my head was the Madden and Killzone footgae back then. I was thinking ok its clear CGI or its running on high end computer.

Absolutely not the case now. Killzone's graphics are real this time and look 100x better than expected and Ryse didn't fall off as another "fake CGI trailer."

So glad next gen is doing it right and both machines are truly capable of delivering on what they show us. Something current gen struggled to do at first.

Mkai281743d ago

Look at the disagrees for saying "awesome".

IRNMUNKEY1744d ago

Seems like the longer people get to play this the more they like it.

Looking forward to picking this up.

sdozzo1744d ago

Joystiq people said it's repetitive and gets boring the more they played it.

tokugawa1744d ago

so obviously they are right, and everyone likes it is wrong then??

Bigpappy1744d ago

I can stab, slit throats and bash barbarians over their heads for hours and hours.

Torgul1744d ago

Agree, awesome for a game launch, I can t wait the second wave of games. I will buy rise day one along bf4 dr3 And forza as it s a day one bundle in France.

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The story is too old to be commented.