Square Enix wants to revolutionize cloud gaming with Project Flare

Venture Beat: Call it “cloud gaming 2.0.” It certainly isn’t what OnLive and Gaikai tried to do by streaming games from the Internet to a person’s compatible machine. Rather, Square Enix calls Project Flare a new way to create cloud games, replacing consoles with virtual supercomputers. As such, it is much more of a technological breakthrough than other cloud-gaming systems, said Jacob Navok, director of business development at Square Enix.

Project Flare promises to disrupt more because it can create new experiences, and it is exponentially scalable, meaning it makes better use of server hardware.

We sat down last week with Yoichi Wada, chairman of Square Enix; Navok; and Tetsuji Iwasaki, development director of new technologies. They explained their intentions and how they will work with others to fully build out Project Flare.

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xSHADOWx1777d ago

Hmmmmm, will have to see some pretty in-depth proof/comparisons/tech demos etc. to make a judgement on this,. Still think Gakai will revolutionize a fair bit, come on, TLOU on PSV...!?

We'll see, :)