10-Year-Old Faces Felony After Cops Say He Spent $800—on Minecraft?

Kotaku - "I have no idea how the hell this is even possible but a 10-year-old kid in Nebraska is facing felony-with-an-F charges for using his grandmother's credit card to spend $800 on video games. Authorities and local media say the game is Minecraft. The hell?"

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LtSkittles1714d ago

Could be he joined a server on the PC version which operated on 'donations.'

HammadTheBeast1714d ago

Well, at least he doesn't play League....

The $10, $15 and $35 skins really add up, not to mention the champions themselves...

LAWSON721713d ago

Recently started playing this and after looking at the cost of everything I may not play it again. It was fun but I am cheap and hate buying overpriced things

TheLostCause1714d ago

Charging 10 year old kids now with credit card fraud? America is definitely a police state nowadays..

3-4-51714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

yes.....kid still knew what he was doin though....I would have been aware of those actions at age 5-6...let alone 10..

Kid needs supervision.

gamernova1714d ago

You do not serve as a baseline representation of the entire child US population. I agree with the police state. Lets not forget how the US used a drone on US soil to properly capture a man and give him a fair trial lol jk They lit his hideout on fire and made sure he would never see a fair trial. :P

SilentNegotiator1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

Oh calm down. He isn't in jail, they're not stretching his neck, he's just been referred to the county's attorney on suspicion. He will probably get a slap on the wrist.

Hell, we didn't even get an interview with the grandmother. She just filed a police report when she noticed her credit card had unexpected charges.

Kleptic1714d ago (Edited 1714d ago )

of which were most likely reoccurring charges that she didn't notice right away...

in 2012...grandson says: 'Gram, will you buy me a video game?'

grandma 'sure'

kid fills out the credit form...not realizing he is in some subscription based thing...

almost 2 years later...grandma 'zomg wtf? whats this charge? it adds up to EIGHT HUNDRED DOLLARS!!!!!!!'

my guess is the whole stupid thing would've been avoided if more care was taken when actually purchasing something on the internet............

bryanm1714d ago

This could simply be a mistake from the reporters, I wouldn't be surprised to hear them confuse Minecraft with the no doubt existing rip offs that include hidden charges.

KillrateOmega1714d ago

Hopefully he won't get anything serious for this. The fear and panic that he's probably feeling right now are punishment enough and should ensure that such a thing won't be happening again.

The-mindblowerfucker1714d ago

damn.., I could've bought 100 of thousands of POPCORNS with 800$!!

Holly father of man breasts

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