Xbox One and PS4: Why The Best Choice Might Be Neither

It’s November, and that means that next -gen consoles are finally on their way. Both consoles have their strengths and weaknesses, and both consoles are going to appeal to different kinds of gamers. In that spirit, I’m running a mini-series on whether you should by the Xbox One, the PS4, or neither.

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yellowgerbil1777d ago

have no interest in reading the article as it is bait for page views and nothing more.
The obvious best choice would be both, but since I'm poor I am going with the sure thing and getting a PS4 and AC4 to tide me over till the real good games (infamous) start coming

Neonridr1777d ago

Author merely suggests that while it's always fun to have the new toy on the market, perhaps it might be better waiting due to a lack of real "killer" software available for either system at launch (since the majority of the AAA games also exist on current gen too). The author also mentions that sometimes it's good to wait because there can be numerous bugs or glitches early in the console's infancy. Not to mention better bundles available or price drops if you were to wait 6 months to a year.

Personally I am leaning towards Sony this time around (had a Wii & 360 last gen), but I will be waiting until late spring before I make my purchase. Outside of KZ there isn't too much that interests me at the moment (Aside from games I can play either on my PC or my Wii U). However, once the 2nd wave of Sony game start to release, I really think we are going to get a better indication of what this system can really do (not that KZ & BF4 don't show a lot of potential).

I think that is when I will be making the plunge.

yellowgerbil1777d ago

Don't see the bug thing being an issue when I am buying a warranty. As for killer games. Why miss out on the mediocre now? I'll enjoy my AC even though it is just a crossgen launch game. May not be super advanced but I'm betting it'll still be fun.
Personally I'm of the oppinion, buy it if you can afford it now, and rack up a bunch of free PS+ games while you wait for sony to come out with the good stuff (infamous, then later ND MM and SM games)

Neonridr1777d ago

@yellowgerbil - yep, there are many good reasons to jump on the bandwagon early. Personally I will have enough to keep me occupied with my Wii U, so I don't have the need for another console :P

Not to mention that I didn't preorder it, so I am not going to wait overnight in the freezing cold or pay double the amount on ebay to get it.

Obviously there are many people who really want it, and all the power to them. I wasn't implying that the AAA 3rd party games won't be just as good if not better on the PS4 and XB1, they will be no doubt. But to me it doesn't justify the new console purchase yet.

Like I said, when the 2nd wave of titles come post launch, that is when I will most likely jump on board.

The bug thing I don't agree with either, but sometimes things need a little ironing out via patches and firmware updates to get it to the sweet spot. Not to mention in extreme cases (the 360) a hardware redesign due to a flaw (RROD).

I am of the opinion that if you want to buy it, then buy it. If you want to wait, then wait. ;)

xPhearR3dx1776d ago

Anytime a new console launches the first people to snag them are the people who loving having the latest tech and don't mind not having a huge selection of games to choose from. I am one of those people. So for me, it doesn't bother me that the killer software doesn't hit until next year. I have a gaming PC to keep me busy when I get bored of the games I have on PS4.

Waiting a few months for a next-gen console is a perfectly reasonable thing to do. Besides having the ability to say "I own a PS4/X1" and knowing you have the latest tech, you're not going to be playing any killer apps like The Last of Us or GTA V before anyone else. I'm okay with that, some people just aren't though and that's fine.

JustPlay41776d ago

Each have there problems but one just has far less and can play games with no problems

Ps4's Problems - Music

X1's Problems - All most Everything

Spore_7771776d ago

Articles like this are reason people skip reading the article and comment instead -_-

g-nome1776d ago

ps4 is paid for , too late to turn back now. It better be good.

Mikelarry1776d ago

"it better be good" one person singing praises could be a shill or bias but when everyone who has had hands on is singing praises of the console you can expect it to be better than good

starscream4201776d ago

Other than Sony exclusives my ps3 didn't see much action....but when I pick up the ps4 I'm going to give Killzone a chance.......I think Sony is trying really hard to regain the crown they lost after ps2 era and ya know what? If they can get close to the level of exclusive games ps2 enjoyed I'm in. In the meantime my attention will go to the One on the 22nd. I think both systems will have great games but I want to play Forza! This month kicks tail!

FPSRUSSIA1776d ago (Edited 1776d ago )

you should give killzone a chance and if you havent played the other ones i recommend you do Killzone 2 is the best one that came out. not counting shadow fall of course.

Mikelarry1776d ago

i will recommend killzone two as well really enjoyed the multiplayer

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