PlayStation 4 voice commands limited to a few basics, not supported by all third-party apps

Angie Santiago reports from SpawnFirst: "Unlike the competition, the voice commands on the PS4 aren’t geared towards making controller-based navigation obsolete. The voice commands are kept to a simple set such as starting up a game or turning the console off. There is no voice command to wake the console up from standby mode, or to pause a video playing on Netflix as is available on the Xbox One. However, that doesn’t seem to be too much of a loss."

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JoGam1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Won't be using voice controls anyway. I perfer the controller. Will be using it for video chat.

KrisButtar1778d ago

PS4 has video chat?

I had my go at using my voice in video games with GTA Online. Doing the 1st store was cool, but after that I didn't use it. The feature is a nice idea but afterwards I thought it was a waste of resources.

mushroomwig1778d ago

Most likely it does, the PS3 supported video so there's no reason at all the PS4 wouldn't.

KUV19771778d ago

PS3 also supported DLNA and MP3... so there is that...

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lonz3581778d ago


2nd update will have those patched in.

XisThatKid1778d ago

PS4 video and txt chat and parties confirmed.

BitbyDeath1778d ago

Video chat was shown at the Feb 20 event. Hope we can disable certain voice controls such as turning it off.

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Persistantthug1778d ago

Maybe it's just me,
but I'd rather have an inferior "voice command" experience than an inferior gaming experience.

Maybe that's just me though.

nukeitall1778d ago

My guess is Sony's implementation and functionality is going to be even worse than the first Kinect.

If you are referring to Xbox One, I don't think it is inferior, but rather not as graphical. On the flip side, the Xbox One does everything PS4 does, but likely better in trade.

ShwankyShpanky1778d ago

You know all those resources that allow the PS4 to be "more graphical" can be applied to other areas of a game, right?


And one would think that for a VIDEO game console to be inherently "less graphical" would be a definite point of inferiority.

Saviour1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

well if u had tried rivals at any xbox event thn situation may be different. Not all games can be motion sensed, but when done right with right genre its damn more fun thn some of hard core games.

JackISbacK1778d ago

it will be realy irritating to buy ps camera ,so its a shit ,it is good that ps4 is not having it mandatory ,but dont you people think there is lack of inoovation ,because look at xb1 it is super fast and kinect can be use for gaming i big ways if devs want,even it can recognise the movements of our fingers ,i think wether for xb is having low grpahics but it can bring realy revolutionary canges to gaming at least at motion gaming and ps camera cant be used for gaming so for that i'am not going t buy it i will chat on my xb1 and will play games on my both devices.

Prime1571778d ago

I like the idea of voice commands. They have a certain usefulness. There are cons to them that some of us get (like when the GF is asleep ^.^).

However, I don't like that MS is pushing the kinect on us for voice commands. Voice commands only need a mic (like PS4 allows). I shouldn't HAVE to have the camera if I don't want it for them.

That may be my opinion, but I do feel they're PUSHING the kinect on me for really only one thing I want, the voice commands. Honestly? I'm not sure how much I want them, it's just their marketing is getting me to think I want them.

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MorePowerOfGreen1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Copied just enough to trick average consumers claiming PS4 does the same thing with consumers that spent less than 5 minutes on XB1 or reading about XB1.

Smoke and mirrors... Hell just look at the lense and mic configuration and the design(shape) of the PS4 camera.


last generation it was PS Move trying to mimic Wiimote now it's PS EYE and kinect 0.5?

GarrusVakarian1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

One thing you need to know........Eyetoy for PS2.

Also, "smoke and mirros"? WTF?! Sony has always marketed the PS4 as a GAMES CONSOLE for gamers, and that's exactly what it is. It doesn't need TV or a host of other pointless features to market itself. You want more of a focus towards non gaming entertainment? GREAT! Good for you, go with the X1. But the ONLY thing i care about are games.

Loki861778d ago Show
GarrusVakarian1778d ago


I apologize, usually i say "in my opinion". Must have forgot.

Ill take your advice and never ever post here again......*rolls eyes*

GTgamer1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Is that why your buying the X1 for built in fitness :/ so you need technology to work out pS you don't have to go to a gym i see you got those first world problems.

FanboyKilla1778d ago Show
Loki861778d ago

Being that you get 200-300 programs for free for a year that work with Kinect that can track it for you yeah, it will save me over 250 dollars a year in gym membership fees. Pretty big draw to alot of people. Also, my wife, friends, and family will be way better connected on this console.

GarrusVakarian1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )


I buy a games console to play GAMES. I have a PC for movies, tv shows, music and anything else. "We are American we want more".......good for you, im not American though.

"and i bet no girls".....some people. Facepalm.

Midgus1778d ago

@fanboy killa

why should a console be used for everything just because it dumbs everything down for you "americans" sorry dude, sky box and tv = t.v, music my pc or cd players, gaming games console simple really. X1 aint got crap on the Ps4 when it comes to gaming. either way enjoy your "media centre"

starchild1778d ago

We all have opinions, Lukas_Japonicus.

What makes a fanboy a fanboy is that he seems to think that everyone must share his values, opinions, needs, and preferences.

Normal sane people have opinions about things, but they realize that other people have equally valid opinions shaped by their own unique needs and preferences.

GarrusVakarian1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )


I know that......i say "in my opinion" 99% of the time, forgot to on this occasion.

JackISbacK1778d ago

no its not about game at leat xb1 owners will be playing same game like you and will also have amazing graphics with all of these things as bonus which all dont work like shit as was the kinect1.0
,every thing xb owners is getting great and work far amazing than kinect1.0 ,so ats badd in that they will also play same gamses like us and we will play their own exclusives and ps owners will play their own exclusives and all will be great becuase competition is high and bith wants to be at top so they will bring amazing graphics at least both are gaming consoles but we people want changes in existing technolgy we some more features ,we want our lives to be great and take fun of each part of our life ,its about inovation man games will be on both and i dont think for such amazing games plus amazing features 100$ will be such big for our pocket and i've decided now that i will get both consoles .

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CGI-Quality1778d ago

I still think you have one bubble too many, but since that's all you get, we don't have to hear your nonsense too much.

OT: I don't mind, as I will use such a feature very rarely. Video chat is mostly what I'll care for, which the PS4 will have.

Bud19141778d ago

You will not have in game video chat as only the XboxOne has that. And all of you that say you only want the games well it seems Sony heard you loud and clear by giving you only KZ and Knack at launch.
And as far as having a PC to do all of the functions the XB1 does why haven't you used that same PC to play those F2P games Sony is offering? You have a PC right? Why wait months on the PS4 when you have enjoyed these games on your PC?
To send your Kinect argument back at you, if I wanted to play Indies and F2P I will use my PC and not waist $400 on a PS4.

Rainstorm811778d ago

Hey bud PS4 has in game video chat .....check your facts buddy

He's streaming game and video simultaneously

Blackdeath_6631778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

just looking at your profile you have taken fanboyisim to a new extreme

starchild1778d ago

You know, you're right about him being a fanboy. He absolutely is. But people like him are relatively rare in the Xbox and Nintendo camps, while the Sony camp is filled with people like that.

Sony attracts fanboys like flies to shit. There are hundreds of Sony fanboys on N4G and other gaming sites every bit as bad as the guy you are attacking for fanboyism. It's just that all those Sony fanboys are a part of the official Sony cult and therefor get a free pass.

JackISbacK1778d ago

hey boddy just calm down wait for reviews its not far away ,we will which console is best but dont give the shit when something get wrong with sony .FANBOY!!!!!!!!

Kayant1778d ago

Okay so MS invented software-based voice control & camera peripherals even though Eyetoy as pointed above came first.

Good to know MS invented everything /s

Nicxel1778d ago

Don't confuse invention with innovation. I'm pretty sure Sony didn't invent the camera. Though they were (I assume) the first to bring the camera (eye toy) to consoles, thus innovation.

MS is no different. The Kinect is just as much of a innovation as the Eye Toy...just in a much bigger way tech-wise.

scott1821778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Sony was the first company to use a camera for a console. The camera has the abilities, it's just needs new firmware updates, nothing they can't do. I like it for the move games anyways, they are the best motion games on any console imo.

sorru1778d ago

must be kinda young but umm I will leave this here for you take your time....
and it had a printer to go with it so I guess nintendo wins?

scott1821778d ago

lol, yes I do know what you are speaking of, I guess I should have been more specific. I'm not talking about a digital camera used to take pictures of ones self then print them. I am talking about cameras used for interaction with games... I love Nintendo, it would be fine by me if they "won" but that was not what I was talking about.

mixelon1778d ago

Stereo cameras will just make Move (and the weird glowing ds4) more precise.. Stereo cameras aren't some Microsoft invention. They inherently have to be long/wide or it wouldnt physically work.

Wait and see how well it does before judging it - just dance is using the camera (no remotes) like with kinect it seems. If it copes with that who knows how good it is (at its core functionality)?

Voice commands are tertiary functionality at best. Its nice theres some support, but nobody is buying the camera for voice commands.

Boody-Bandit1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Ironically enough Kinect is the driving force behind what steered me away from the X1. I want a gaming console that will offer me the best games with the best performance possible. Unlike MS, Sony didn't gimp their console to support their camera which was out before Kinect was even thought about on the PS2.

Also let us not forget that both Nintendo and Sony walked away from the company that built the technology for Kinect. Also both Sony and Nintendo know motion controls have already seen their hay day. That's why it's an after thought on the PS4 and Wii U and not driving the console. MS will learn soon enough the mistakes they made by not actually following Sony and Nintendo's lead instead of chasing after yet another bad idea while being late to the party.

That's all it appears MS knows how to do. Chase after what's hot but by the time they jump in it's already cooling off or is better implemented by more cost effective products.

I'm sorry I'm being rude. I interrupted you. You were saying?

Death1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

It's irrelevant that Sony had a camera out before Microsoft. Kinect isn't a simple camera like the PSEye. It is the software that drives the technology, not the technology driving the software. Sony never really supported Move or the Eye, they simply have it available if somone wants to develop for it.

Motion controls? "Xbox On" isn't really a motion control. Pointing to an area on the screen and telling the NPC's to move to that area is more of a motion control but with added voice control too. Believe it or not, it's faster and more immersive to point and tell the NPC to move rather than use the controller to move an arrow and use a drop down box.

It's all about options though isn't it? On the Xbox One you can still use the controller for this, but you also have the option of voice and motion commands. I thought choice was a good thing?

p.s. chasing after what it hot? Kinect on the Xbox One has met nothing but bs since it was announced. How is this chasing what is hot? Chasing what is hot today would be the fear of innovation to keep things from evolving. Look at all the reactions, PS4 is for gaming only? Yeah, there is a safe bet. People don't even acknowledge what the PS4 can do since they are afraid it will alter it's image from being hot to being what it actually is.

GTgamer1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

so now the Pseye is a simple :/ have you had hands on with it or have you seen what people can do with it smh we live in era were features can be added so nothing is ever simple and it should be noted that the eyetoy was first since everyone acts like the kinect is the first camera ever made for a console :/

LoTuZ1778d ago

You sir need to know your history before making such comments. You come off very uninformed.

Phoenix761778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

@ More

While your statement may be true, you forgot about 2 rather important aspects.

1. The PS4 Camera is not being forced upon people by being pre-packaged along side the console. As opposed to M$, whom also feel the need too charge you more for what is obviously a lesser system in terms of hardware.

2. Isn't basic voice chat and video calling all that your really going to be doing with the Kinect anyway? Sure, it will be fun for the first few days/weeks flailing your arms about like a demented madman and playing 'heartbeat doctor'. But like all novel things, you'll soon get tired of it and go back to feel right. Real controllers, with real buttons.

Death1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

The PS4 camera isn't being "forced" therefore it will never be supported. Look at the history of any accessory including the first PS camera. What did it actually do?

If flailing your arms is what you think Kinect does, you really need to educate yourself. You closed your mind to the technology for what reason? Read the Dead Rising 3 interview that just posted. You can point to a location on screen and tell NPC's to go there. What about commands to attack? You really can't think of anything Kinect can do to make gaming more immersove other than "flail your arms"?

Really, disagrees?

LordMaim1778d ago

Really? Because other than a half baked DRM system, and a focus on television instead of games, at their reveal in May, Microsoft aped every announcement that Sony made in February. Right down to the power of the cloud. Hell, they even patched in video recording when they found out how integrated it was into the PS4's design. Of course, it isn't as good since it was an afterthought rather than a hardware supported feature. Microsoft tries to catch up to it's competition as well, but the difference is that Sony does it better than the original.

Funantic11778d ago

The PS eye looks too small to do anything special. It's the size of a snicker bar.

GTgamer1778d ago

So with your logic the iphone shouldnt do anything but make phone calls you guys have been smoking that good good.

kneon1778d ago

The new camera is 7.5 inches long, I know I have it right in front of me. Kinect 2 is apparently 9.8 inches long.

pyramidshead1778d ago

The PS4 is smaller than the XB1 and is superior hardware.
There goes your analogy :P

iiwii1778d ago

You mean like your games running in 720p native and then upscaling it to "1080" to trick consumers into thinking they are getting the same thing?

Deadpoolio1778d ago

Hey Genius...The Eyetoy came before the Kinect...Oh and BTW Nintendo mimicked The Wand developed in 2001 patented in 2004. Last I checked 2004 is before 2006...Should probably get you facts straight first

XisThatKid1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

you do know that the z camera that became project natal to kinect was supposed to be a PS2 camera then PS3. Sony dropped the studio contract and years later MS bought them up.

The original eyetoy used wand gestures with bright colored balls too. as for the shape how else would you fit in 2 perspective lenses for a 3d view or image large enough fr gaming this thing is as small as a candy bar wth are you talking about?

ShwankyShpanky1778d ago

"Hell just look at the lense and mic configuration and the design(shape) of the PS4 camera."

Look at it. LOOK at it. LOOK AT IT!!!


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NikonSteve1778d ago ShowReplies(1)
Belking1778d ago

I knew they were gonna half ass it. This why you never see them demo anything related. Very limited as I predicted.

hello121778d ago

Sony have got away with lot of stuff because of their fans been so vocal. Sony has released nothing about their console, yet Sony fans just accept it. Sony fans still have not got from Sony an adequate video showing of their UI in real time!

Astonishing how Sony have got away with, truly! If i was buying an PS4 I be slighly annoyed. I still might buy a PS4 after Christmas, but i want to see their console been used by users first!

Microsoft, have released enough videos and info that convinces me they've made a next gen console for gamers and people who love social entertainment.

Death1778d ago

The bitch is Sony fans demand Microsoft release these videos as proof while ignoring they have had very little PS4 info to go on. Microsoft has to jump thru hoops, Sony gets a pass every time. I actually read on here someone is cool with paidonline for the PS4 because Sony was honest about where the money will go. Sony said it was to make online gaming more "robust" and it is all good. Nevermind all the improvements that Live has actually made over the years, that was all a lie.

LordMaim1778d ago (Edited 1778d ago )

Sony had released everything about their console. They've been incredibly transparent about their system, their services and their specs. We knew what hardware was in a PS4 on day 1, back on February 20th. Microsoft didn't even announce their specs; they leaked from an architecture conference. They have had terrible message discipline, and have been spreading conflicting and misleading information all throughout the launch. If you've been on the internet in the past months, there's footage of games playing on PS4s all over the place. In fact, Microsoft even passes some of it off as Xbox One footage "accidentally".

You've also seen that the Xbox One has had multiple articles about sub-standard resolution, poor frame rate, pop-ins, texture problems, ESRAM bottlenecks, Kinect issues, and DRM concerns. There's no way you could have missed them all, and if you've seen them and still believe that the system is a next-gen console for gamers, then good luck to you sir. You're obviously not the target market.

Raven7221778d ago

You mean they're not putting that much energy into a feature that gets very limited third party support and is little more than a novelty for interfacing with a console? Say it ain't so. Even if it became a big deal do you think they won't patch it in?

Death1778d ago

You can patch it in, but you can't patch in developer support. Devs need to focus on attach rates to get to the biggest audience possible. The Last of Us was a huge release this year that has seen sales just over 3 million. That was with a potential userbase of 80 million. This is a very good sales number. Now lets say 20 million people own a PSEye. Do you think even with a succesful game like the Last of Us , the developer would shoot for a market that was 75% smaller than the user base? It simply does not happen. Developers can't afford to target anything less than 100% of the userbase.

Kinect was a huge commercial success as an accessory. Support was very limited and third parties hardly noticed it.

Sevir1778d ago

Death, Who cares, you're speaking for everyone when EVERYONE WON'T use the thing... Kinect being packed it is STILL an OPTION, THAT'S WHY MS made it so that the console can now function if the sensor is unplugged and why games on the system has support in which you can toggle it on and Off!...

They and you Xbox fans are once again making a big deal about a peripheral that's an interesting Novelty thats only really driven up the cost of a have baked game console... It's apparent.

Obviously Those who want to use the Kinect on the Xbox one will use it, but they but please don't act like everyone will use it because MS sold you on a novelty that serves only as an interesting distraction from what the console should have been, a machine Razer sharp and laser focused on the gamer.

This is why more people are getting PS4s because gamers want to play games, that extra stuff not related to games aren't important!

jimbobbeers1778d ago

This is why the Xbox One and PS4 should not be compared. Both companies are after different consumers.

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