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Submitted by Alocide 818d ago | article

What's Left for the PS3 and Xbox 360?

Some gamers may not be making the leap to the next gen, so what's left for the PS3 and 360? There are quite a few high profile games coming our way in the next 6 months, many of which won’t be making the leap to the PS4 or Xbox One, so there's still more fun to be had! Let's take a look. (Dark Souls 2, Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII, Microsoft, PC, PS3, PS4, Sony, South Park: The Stick of Truth, Thief (2014), Xbox 360, Xbox One)

Godmars290  +   818d ago
A lot for one, not as much for the other.
Nitrowolf2  +   818d ago
For Me: The Last of Us DLC, Dark Souls 2 (if no nextgen version is announced), Gran Turismo 6, Lords of Shadows 2, The Wolf Among Us, South Park and more.

Its still the reason why I haven't sold my PS3 and games yet for some extra cash for PS4 games. There's just way to much still going on for this console.
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Blackdeath_663  +   818d ago
Gran turismo 6 i'm getting that for sure. man its really amazing exclusives are still being pumped out at this stage
rainslacker  +   818d ago
For me it's GT6, FFX-X2 HD, Tales of Xillia 2, The Which and the Hundred Knights, Tales of Symphonia Chronicles, and tomorrow I'm picking up my copy of Duck Tales remastered(The only non exclusive in my list). :D

I do have my South Park Grand Wizard Edition pre-ordered. I really hope they don't delay it again.
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Magicite  +   818d ago
For PS3 - exclusives and multiplats
For X360 - mostly multiplats
Utalkin2me  +   818d ago
Been that way for 3 years now for 360.
Xer0_SiN  +   818d ago
this is a legit question. is ps4 bc compatiable? the answer is dependant if i move the ps3 into my kids room or not.
Godmars290  +   818d ago
No. If any BC is coming its likely going to be via Gaikai.

Though you might want to wait to see if Sony brings over the recently announced PSV TV which is sort of a Roku box which lets you play PSV games, stream and remote plays your PS4, and will also likely have access to Gaikai making it a $100 Trojan Horse.
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ThatCanadianGuy514  +   818d ago
Literally nothing for 360.
PS3 still chugging along nicely tho.

> The feel of continued support
from the beach  +   818d ago
Not too many PS3 exclusives in that article - well, none actually.
rainslacker  +   818d ago
Hmmmm...exclusives. Since the article didn't mention any.

Tales of Xillia 2
Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus
Tales of Symphonia Chronicles
The Witch and the Hundred Knights
Ragnarok Odyssey Ace
Kingdom Hearts 2.5 HD

Glad I could help provide that info for you.

I'm sorry if I forgot any, those are the exclusives I'm personally interested in, and don't care to look up any more.
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Hicken  +   817d ago
Thanks for that list, rainslacker. Like from the beach, I was about to believe that, because there weren't any in the article, the PS3 didn't have any more exclusives coming up.

Guess we forgot about good old Google... or GameStop, or Amazon....
from the beach  +   817d ago
The article didn't mention these because it was presumably trying to highlight the best titles coming to current gen, rather than scraping the barrel (GT6 aside, obviously).

Among your list are a 2012 game getting a 2014 localisation, a port of a questionable 2011 fighter, a Vita game and an HD remake. Ratchet & Clank: Into the Nexus comes out today so you can stroke that off too.

'Continued support', as noted in the comment I replied to, implies a strong first party slate - which of Sony's big studios do you think will be making major PS3 games for 2014?
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Hicken  +   817d ago
Oh, man. Look at that spin. From "no exclusives" to "those don't count."

Just like the Xbox fanboys changed their tune over the course of the generation, but you did it in the span of one day. That's pretty impressive.

Presumably, the follow up to one of the best JRPGs to be "localized" this year- and one of the best of the generation, easily- should be included as among the best games still to come this gen. Presumably, that HD remake is of one of the greatest games of last gen which, judging by the reception of similar remakes this gen, will do quite well.

Presumably, I could go through and do this for every title on rainslacker's list, then close by saying that's STILL just that ones on that list, and that there are others.

Presumbly, you'd come up with some other way to move the goalposts.

What ARE Sony's big studios doing? What are the second teams for those studios doing? What are most of their teams working on?
from the beach  +   817d ago
Actually, I never said 'no exclusives' or 'those don't count'.

I said 'none in that article' then noted important details which hugely discredit rainslacker's list, such as the fact that one of his games is ALREADY OUT. The article appears to be suggesting those games don't count though, by way of excluding them.

But yeah, spin. Only thing that's rotating is spit-roasted cHicken.
Hicken  +   817d ago
Oh, please. Your comment was pretty much solely for the purpose of implying that there were no exclusives left to release on PS3.

Then, when somebody brought up a list of said exclusives, you did what Xbox fanboys always do: come up with reasons to to say those games don't count.

There was no stipulation in the article, your comment, or the comment you're responding to that said they had to be "the best titles coming to the current gen." There was no such stipulation in rainslacker's comment, either. Simply a list of exclusives that weren't listed in the article- since NONE were mentioned, for some reason- that were of personal interest to the commenter.

At best, you discredit ONE game out of eight, and that ONE game just released, meaning it's not gonna be out everywhere(the UK, for example). Likewise with Xillia 2. If YOU, personally, don't like the games, that's fine. But to say they don't count- and that IS what you're saying, if you're trying to discredit the titles- is pretty stupid.
from the beach  +   817d ago
Again, you're accusing me of switching positions from a position I never actually took. I said there are no PS3 exclusives in that article, never did I say there aren't any at all.

I presumed the article is about the best games, notable games, whatever.. but that's obviously what it is. And it's no surprise the games rainslacker lists aren't on there. You actually implied in a previous comment that you weren't aware of them, such is their significance!

All of this is particularly ironic given that I was responding to a comment containing the brazen falsehood "literally nothing for 360".
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rainslacker  +   817d ago
I wasn't trying to attack you or call you out, was just listing the exclusives that Sony has coming out for the PS3 in the future. When I wrote this I didn't realize that R&C was coming out today, had it listed wrong in my preorder list. Found out earlier when I went to pick up DuckTales remastered and the GA told me that it was available too.:)

I should mention, this is just from my own personal pre-order list I use to keep up with things I've pre-ordered. As you may be able to tell I'm partial to JRPG's.:) I have no idea what other exclusives may be coming out off the top of my head.

Otherwise, I simply set out to inform anyone who was curious what exclusives may be coming in the future.

As for the article, I would say they were trying to be inclusive of both systems. I wouldn't say my list is scraping the bottom of the barrel. For an JRPG fan like me, the early part of next year is pretty much how I wish it was all the time.:)
from the beach  +   816d ago
That's cool man, I wouldn't even have responded how I did if it wasn't for Chicken trying to have a pop at me. You kind of got caught in the middle, lol.

Enjoy your games.
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Koyes  +   818d ago
Dark Souls 2 and GT6 :D
skoorydook  +   818d ago
The 360 will end up being the platform on which Titanfall is most played and there are more than enough Gran Turismo fans.
Phoenix76  +   818d ago
This Gen is nearly over :*( someone pass me a trumpet.


:D ok Im back lol
Mr Tretton  +   818d ago
Death awaits.
fattyuk  +   818d ago
ps plus!

the stick of truth!
tigertron  +   818d ago
I'm done with current gen as soon as the PS4 comes out.

Though the new South Park game looks very tempting...
gamingisnotacrime  +   818d ago
too much to let go

With PS3 and Vita, is tough to justify buying a PS4 as of now
Tontus  +   818d ago
Don't overlook Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2!!! It will be the God of War 2 of the 7th console generation, a classic masterpiece, I just know it's going to be amazing and I hope it's a huge success for MercurySteam.
DualWielding  +   818d ago
Kingdom Hearts 2.5
Saint Seiya Brave Soldiers
and I'm still holding hope for Persona
Alocide  +   818d ago
I was going to mention Persona, but we know so little about it right now I didn't have much to go on. Christmas might come early if that teaser site reveals anything good on the 24th though!
KillrateOmega  +   818d ago
For Me:
What's left is about a month and a half of usage before I get my PS4.

I'm getting the PS4 for Christmas, so I still have to wait...
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bromtown  +   818d ago
I think the 360 had a good innings, but it's definitely peaked. I think ~18 months of third party games is the maximum to expect, Microsoft will really push to get the One in your house because the 360 topped out about a year ago.

PS3 is on a roll and will probably have a good Christmas and a decent 2014, Sony will lower the price again and support it for at least another 3 years I think. There's still a bit of life in it yet what with GT6 and The Last of Us being so impressive even at the end of it's cycle.

If they don't release a next gen GTA V then I know I'll still be on the last generation from time to time.
ATiElite  +   818d ago
High trade in value towards PS4/XB1 while you can.

or keep them and continue playing great games at HUGE discounted prices.

Still some QUALITY releases on the horizon.
Arturo84  +   818d ago
Aside from Gran turismo and south park and maybe Dark Souls there's nothing the last of us dlc And lords of shadows won't live up to expectations and the rest will have their next gen versions around making them. Seem like cheap versions of a game
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SolidGear3  +   818d ago
Thief but I'll get it for PS4, also The Last of Us / BioShock Infinite and Beyond: Two Souls DLC
tulholdren  +   818d ago
Sony still giving me more of the exclusive games that I want on the PS3
Psychotica  +   818d ago
Getting a PS4 this Friday but I think I will trade in my 360 and PS3 for Xbox One after the holidays..
LoveSpuds  +   818d ago
I cannot wait to play The Witch and the Hundred Knights on PS3, will deffo be making that purchase on release.

Sony still have some games lined up for the PS3 for sure
brianunfried  +   818d ago
Been buying up lots of older titles for dirt cheap. Should keep me busy for a least a year, then I'll buy a PS4.
Excalibur  +   818d ago
No lie if I stacked my backlog of 360 and PS3 games up they would be past my knee so I have plenty to play.

For those not ready to jump yet practically every game coming out for Next Gen for the next year or so will be dual format, there will be plenty to play.
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rainslacker  +   818d ago
lol, no doubt. I have a backlog that would take me years to finish without buying a single new game the whole time. Not a bad situation to be in really if worse comes to worse.
RevXM  +   818d ago
Not sure what comes on ps3 after the Ps4 release regarding AAA exlusives, but GT6 and Ratchet & Clank: Nexus isn't out yet. Mostly got all the games I want on Ps3 and a lot to play.

The monumental backlog of games to play is awesome, Ps plus throws game after game in my face that I otherwise prolly wouldnt ever have got, and I always have something to play that I havent finnished yet! So I think PS + is a good help.

On the 360 however, well Titanfall is coming. Probably going to be cool for the 360 too. and Personally I have yet to Play GeOW: Judgement. Borrowed Halo 4 at the library and I got to say I enjoyed it more than both Reach and Halo 3 Campaigns. Halo 3 had it moments, but it was so god damn slow... most of the time. cant tell about the Halo 4 MP as the mp disc was gone and I dont have XBL Gold anyways, but Halo 3 mp pretty much the Halo MP I've enjoyed most.
skywarpgreer  +   818d ago
are you all high? have you tried using the playstation store? most laggiest poorest store i have ever seen in my life. i hope the ps3 rots.
Hifist1  +   818d ago
I have huge backlog so this gen is far from over. For me at least.
desertpunk86  +   817d ago
xbox 360

fable anniversary
Castlevania: Lords of Shadow 2
Yaiba: Ninja Gaiden Z
South Park: The Stick of Truth

once im done with this games ill move on to next gen.
Tales RPG addict  +   817d ago
PS3 & PS4 for the Fucking Win.
piffyd  +   817d ago
more dust?

since halo 4 and tlou there has been no reason to turn them on for me since uncharted 3 and gears 3

before that, uncharted 2.....halo reach??

gears 2?

killzone 3

a console is only really good for the one or two exclusives a year that appeal directly to me

other than that pc has them so utterly destroyed with better/more exclusives, free to play, mods, graphics, prices

I wonder if I will even buy a ps4 or xbox1 for at least another two years

why bother, almost never use the $1850 or so of current gen consoles I have sitting in my game room now

($600 launch ps3 died in 2010, replaced for $300, 3 xbox 360s, $400- $300, $250)

what a freaking waste of money, not to mention the crazy high game prices and terrible money grubbing dlc begging that starts day one with most console games

might just skip what they are trying to pass of as "next gen" all together

sub-1080 is not next gen to anyone with even a 5 year old gaming pc

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