More photos from Kojima Ground Zeroes interviews (renders, posters and more)

Kojima has been busy today giving interviews with different media outlets.

Here are some photos of very cool looking promotional artworks, and the interview room. You can see the menu screen of Ground Zeroes on the television.

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ANIALATOR1361738d ago

if only the game looked like the renders. Almost though

Batzi1738d ago

It looks very close to the render

Convas1738d ago

Game looks very good bro, it's not picture perfect, but it's pretty close.

MisfitsInc1738d ago

it's Metal Gear, i'm excited

isarai1738d ago

am i the only one who chuckled at the odd pic of Kojima pleasantly holding the playstation pillow staring off into nothing

Nyxus1738d ago

No, you're not the only one. :P

GrandpaSnake1738d ago

that pillow is a must have!

crimsonfox1738d ago

Imma start crying oh my god.

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