Project Spark Dev Admits “We’re Scared” About What Users May Create

Project Spark's core development team is giving users tons of ways to create. And they have no idea what they'll end up doing with that freedom.

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GusBricker1709d ago

AKA they saw all of the levels with dicks in Little Big Planet.


rela82me1709d ago

This is monitored by MS, we all know how well they are at monitoring shit. I have a feeling this game will be fun, but may get neglected outside of its launch.

Mystogan1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

You sir, you deserve a big fat disagree.

1708d ago
Eldyraen1709d ago

It will be worse. Custom animations are going to be abused by immature tools on top of everything else.

The tradeoff though will be we will also see some truly unique and downright incredible experiences out of it. They likely will be in the minority however. Its also cool you can share stuff and not just entire levels (shown in one of the demo vids for animations).

3-4-51709d ago

MOtion capture is the best thing.

Charcters then becomer unique like the individual...

we all get to be Andy Serkis

Mystogan1708d ago

With great power comes great responsibility. Obviously making dick levels is the most responsible thing to do.

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bunt-custardly1709d ago

Bring on the penis armies! In "Rise: Son of Bone!"

hankmoody1709d ago

If ever any comment on here deserved a funny bubble, that was it.

jgrigs091709d ago

Someone will create
Call of booty: Black Cocks
Call of booty: Modern whorefair

Goku7811709d ago

I think it was gametrailers that was saying it wasn't looking to good for this game.

TheGrimReaper00111709d ago

With games like this?
Still, when people take it seriously, I think it can be pretty damn fun! I luv LBP and this looks like it tries to do the same sorta thing with the create, share, play aspect

Activemessiah1709d ago

Penis.... Penis everywhere.

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