PALGN: Everybody's Golf: World Tour Review - It took a World Tour before it arrived

PALGN writes: "It's no secret that games are often released much later in PAL territories than other parts of the world, nor is it uncommon for them to be released under another name. Such has often been the case with Sony's casual golf title that is prefixed with Hot Shots in the US and Everybody's in Europe and Australia. Originally released early last year, Mina no Golf 5 was the highest PS3 selling game in Japan for 2007. Not too quick on the uptake, it has taken a year for Sony to not only get what is now known as Everybody's Golf: World Tour to PAL territories but to the US as well.

As the Japanese title eludes, this PS3 title is the fifth in a long running series that has stretched back to the Playstation, and whose development origins have close resemblance to Mario Golf way back on the Nintendo 64. A lot of golf games have disappeared from the gaming horizon since the days where Everybody's Golf and Mario Golf were competing, with EA's Tiger Woods PGA Tour being the only real option around. Where as Tiger has long forsaken power bars and meters, Everybody's Golf: World Tour sticks with the traditional setup, but has provided a new option as well."

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