You Don't Need The Next-Gen - Our Reasons to Skip Launch Day

Clickonline writes: "But for those who came late to the current generation party, or others with no fanatical need for Ryse or Knack, it’s worth taking a step back for a while, giving these new systems time to find their feet and waiting for that killer app which makes the purchase timely and worthwhile. Right now might be the perfect time to take a look back at the generation that was, to revisit the genuinely innovative titles which heralded the first truly high definition age of home gaming."

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strigoi8141656d ago

i dont need your opinion...lolz

ZBlacktt1656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

The hardest part about all this is continuing on a console you've been playing on for those 8,7 years. Knowing a whole new experience is out there now. With a 10 times more powerful console ( PS3 to PS4 ). A all new designed controller in the Dual Shock 4. Instead of looking at buying both consoles like the story states. Just pick the one you like the most for now. Then come back to the other one when you can. The titles that are coming out at launch are longevity titles. Meaning real long single player ( AC4 100+hrs ) which also has online and DLC already. Then very long supported online modes ( COD and BF4 ). Then the combination of both with Killzone SF , etc. So gamers will be busy through the holidays for sure.

So naturally it's hard for gamers to stay sitting on a soon to be last Gen. When the consoles are now coming up todate. Now they can put that new big HD TV to better use. People need and want a fresh new experience and the newer technology will bring that. With a already bright looking spring/summer and fall 2014 line up of games to come ( Watch Dogs, Infamous, Destiny, etc. ). We are only getting started. No reason to wait!

VENOMACR12271656d ago (Edited 1656d ago )

Yea I don't understand these arguments. Like when the N64 came out, people should stick with the Super NES? The jump in graphics and what these systems can do is amazing. Look at the 360 compared to the X1. Sure performance is significantly upgraded, but now you get a blu-ray player, ability to snap items, watch tv, kinect is improved, controller improved, Live improved, and the list goes on. It's been a long time since new systems have come out so why skip em on launch day? If your waiting for it to be cheaper fine, but I def think both systems warrant a day 1 purchase. Even though I think the X1 is more of a brand new system compared to the PS4, where the PS4 is like a PS3 but more powerful, better looking, and a new controller. I don't see any reason why not to buy either on launch day.

GuruStarr781656d ago

I've got a ps4 preordered. The gamer in me wants it, badly. But the rational part of my head says to sell it, make a couple bucks, and wait for the really great games to drop (even though Killzone looks mighty enticing, and the ability to play it on my Vita sounds good too)... I'll decide come Friday, since I still have a decent backlog of last gen games and Vita games to complete and platinum..

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