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GIZORAMA - The key to squad-based strategy games is personality. If you look at a list of luminaries: Jagged Alliance, X-Com, Cannon Fodder, General C.H.A.O.S., and I’d even toss Worms in there – you’ll note they all have a distinct flavor or feel. There’s something about them beyond the gameplay that grabs a player. General G.H.A.O.S. won you over with personable animation and a unique control scheme. X-Com got you with customization, and an attachment that grows between you and your troops. Worms won you over by combining explosive hyper-violence with adorable creatures in funny hats and witty quips.

When you found one you liked, you liked it forever. I still play Worms and X-Com. Thus, Arma Tactics finds itself in a curious place. A tactics game based on a hyper-realistic open-world military shooter. Doesn’t seem there’s much room for personality there, does it? That said, perhaps Arma Tactics could find an identity through brutally realistic scenarios, including firing arcs, cover lines, and a variety of tactical choices that make it play like a military version of Frozen Synapse.

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