PlayStation Store Preview – November 12, 2013: PS4 Launch Line-Up

"In addition to our jam-packed launch week of PS4 coverage featuring FAQs, reviews, and more, we’re introducing the first-ever PS4-only section of the PlayStation Store Preview. Use this new addition to see exactly what is coming this week when the PS4 launches on Friday, November 15th. We’ve also updated our Coming Soon section to include future PS4 content—check it out to see what’s coming next week on the PS4 and beyond into the launch window." - PSLS

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Wedge191773d ago

The first week of the rest of the new generation. Exciting!

Utalkin2me1773d ago

And look what PS+ subscribers are receiving...=)

1773d ago
ftwrthtx1773d ago

So many games to play and not enough hours in the day.

amnalehu1773d ago

I will be letting my XB LIve sub expire. It;s like Christmas in November if you have PS+!

Oaklnd1773d ago

Yikes, so close to ending ps3 updates, at least for some, ps4 here we come!