UK: Wii Fit sells 90 copies per minute

According to UK retailer Woolworths, Wii Fit has been selling 90 copies for each minute that passes by. A good number of people also waited outside the store in the morning to be one of the first to purchase the game. Although not every store has sold out of copies, it is expected that many stores will run out of stock as soon as today, Wii Fit launched in Europe just a few hours ago, and has already been released in Japan. American gamers can get their hands on a copy on May 19th.

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PS360WII3889d ago

Dang that's a lot of Wii Fit units selling

Capt CHAOS3889d ago

Are you a sad person?

crunchie1013889d ago

Oh, god, what is the world coming to?


BrotherNick3889d ago

Seems like you don't understand...It's an easier way to make working out fun, and it does all the weight tracking and goal setting for you.

crazy250003889d ago

The developers themselves said that people wont lose the interviews, they are basically making another wii game, similar to wii sports

crunchie1013889d ago

I just get the feeling that the people buying this are misguided - if you seriously want to get fit, you need to change your lifestyle, attitude, eating habits - It's like the Special K 'drop a jeans size' thing - in the smallprint there's 'as part of a balanced diet along with regular exercise'.

Myamoto even said that Wii Fit won't get you fit on it's own - it's just a middle man really, to spur you onto doing more exercise, and I don't think that the majority of the peopl buying this realise that.

liquidsnake3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

Well if you won't lose weight, these people are even more pathetic then I first thought. I mean it can't be that much of a fun factor on a workout "simulator" that doesn't even work.

BrotherNick3889d ago (Edited 3889d ago )

You guys honestly don't know much about losing weight...most of it is being aware about how much you weigh...most people don't put that into thought. Being aware that something is wrong is the first step to solve a problem...and wii fit was meant to do that...people are losing weight, they're doing pushups and yoga and all that stuff...moving around doesn't make you lose weight? You're all idiots really for thinking otherwise. I think wii fit will make working out more enjoyable because it puts it in the form of a game.

Kholinar3888d ago

I found it interesting that absolutely no one commented on this article: in spite of it being up to about 140. It's mixed about certain part of wiifit, but definitely found some parts of it give a good workout. (Particularly the aerobics portion)

Several people are right that people should just get out and run, but let's face it running/walking can be boring/crowded/dangerous depending on where you live. In the end, the thing that's best about a run or a walk is that it's raising your heart rate for 10-20 minutes. That's really all that's needed for decent health benefits. Wiifit will do this. Nintendo's not going to say it does, because lawsuits are ridiculous in this day and age. It's cheap compared to a gym membership, and less than a JuCo lifetime fitness class plus the gas you use.

It's sad that people are so concerned with other people's spending habits. Get a life.

BrotherNick3888d ago

Thank you Kholinar for showing me that article. Bubbles.

Silellak3888d ago

"I found it interesting that absolutely no one commented on this article"

Why would people pay attention to it? It's positive news about now only the Wii, but God forbid, Wii Fit itself. That sort of thing is poison here. N4G only has room for 40,000 GTA4 articles.

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Adamalicious3888d ago

I was thinking more like "that's depressing".

fenderputty3888d ago

or the people buying that game?

Both would work. lol

mintaro3889d ago

son of a bi*** thats impressive

Danja3889d ago

WOW if only Nintendo could somehow persuade there user base to start buying 3rd party

but still thats alot off Wii-Fit being sold...

BrotherNick3888d ago (Edited 3888d ago )

Maybe they should make something that the Users want. They don't know how to market to this new audience. It's like selling meat to a vegetarian.

Danja3888d ago

what more Party games....there are a few great games that no-one bought..

but Mario/Sonic sell tons of copies..
Carnival Mini games sells alot

No More Heroes , Okami , Zack and Wiki ,plus a few others sells like crap.

I guess they want more party mini-games since thats all that sells from 3rd parties..

BrotherNick3888d ago

Other party games aren't selling as much now...the market is flooded, they'll need a new market...the fitness market is huge...I can imagine billy banks on the wii lolz.

Voiceofreason3888d ago

Yeah I guess thats why almost half of Nintendo's games that sold over 1 million are 3rd party... Quality games have no problem selling on Wii when offered. Of course if you think Petz2 is going to sale well on PS3 then you can have that game along with the other 85 crap games dev's have shoved out on Wii that isnt selling and wouldnt sale on PS3 either.

Voiceofreason3888d ago

WTH are you smoking? Okami just came out last week and got a 3rd of its lifetimes sales on PS2 in its first week on Wii.. NMH is the 3rd best selling game on Wii offered by Ubisoft. For a Suda title it sold very well. Killer 7 didnt even get what NMH did and the install base for PS2 was much bigger than Wii's is. Time to get informed if you really want to have a clue what you are talking about..

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