Everquest Next Landmark Gets a Beautiful New Trailer and a Boatload of New Videos and Screenshots

Everquest Next Landmark will let players build whatever they want and shape several worlds to their wildest wishes, while we wait for our true return to Norrath with Everquest Next.

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Abriael1777d ago

Me either, it's been a long time coming...

cleft51777d ago

I really hope Everquest Next hits the PS4.

ATiElite1774d ago (Edited 1774d ago )

Oh my, I'm gonna have such a fun time Destroying those elaborate buildings by burning them to the Ground!

ha ha hah ha

I can't wait to play Everquest Next! Will be such a great game.

Everquest Next Landmark will let you build structures that according to the Devs, many will be used and populated with NPC's and brought over to the actual Everquest Game.

I'm 100% sure a PS4 version will be made.

Looks like Sony Online Entertainment will have a pattern.

.Release the PC version
.then go to work on PS4 version
.once PS4 version is almost done, release patch for PC version
.See how PC version patch went, fix any new issues, then release PS4 version

Good times ahead!

iMohlest1777d ago

Game looks beautiful, definitely playing this on PC.

phantomexe1777d ago

Is there any word on if this is comeing to ps4 down the road?

Abriael1777d ago

They said it might, but they want to focus on PC first.

DeadlyFire1777d ago

They have pretty much said yes, but PC comes first so likely it could happen like Planetside 2 about 6-12 months past its PC launch, but we must wait to see official word.

webeblazing1776d ago

no this is just a game beta that use the build tools to make stuff which would be a chore on consoles, unless your talking about EQ Next. landmark is like minecraft testing their tools for EQN, but maybe the will never know.

qcjoe1777d ago

I wonder if this will come to PS4 being that its Sony?

tulholdren1777d ago

Oh Ya can't wait for more EVERCRACK TIME!! Got my veins open and ready Sony Stick ME!!!!

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