Ryse Developer Flythrough: The Haunted Swamps

Crytek shows you the spooky forest home of the barbarians.

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4Sh0w1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

Ryse looking amazing as usual, X1 has a great launch lineup. Nov 22nd is going to be a awesome day.

aCasualGamer1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

True, Ryse looks amazing. One of the few nextgen titles that actually looks nextgen along with NBA2k14.

But i'm a bit worried about the gameplay. It looks too much like quick time events after quick time events with the character animations not blending in too well in crowded fights.

But the visuals are top notch, absolutely aweinspiring.

You gotta admit though, some part of me agrees with Fiestabrians comment. The fire does look ugly, completely takes you away from the immersion to see PS2/Xbox level of fire, doesn't look as nextgen as the entire game does.

JokesOnYou1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

nah the whole game looks amazing, nothing was "ugly" about the fire and it sure as hell didn't pull me out of the experience and the gameplay will be fine, a lot of previews really like the game and a few don't, not unlike most hack n slash type of games. More importantly the gameplay vids SHOW OFF FUN COMBAT but once again if anybody like Fiestabrian is looking to nitpick and fabricate something like "The fire looks terrible" out of a whole trailer that shows off what is really a visual stunning next gen game, I'm sure also people like him who want to hate the gameplay, I'm sure they will.

True_Samurai1779d ago (Edited 1779d ago )

I thought it looked nice... Just noticed this guy is really nitpicking about fire lmfao

christocolus1779d ago

really? that all you saw in the video?the fire? .....smh

Funantic11779d ago

That's all he could find. If it were on the PS4 he'd act like it was the burning bush Moses spoke to.

Saviour1779d ago

lol so u was just watching damn fire in all of this amazing trailer?

InTheLab1779d ago

Amazing might be stretching it.....did look good though.

Bigpappy1779d ago

Stop being so jealous, you got Battle field at 900p, KZ and Nack at 1080p.

I will bring you better footage of the dark Forest fire, when I am the first to ever return and I have ran fresh out of barbarians to slaughter.

Trekster_Gamer1779d ago

Fiesta.. Looking through troll colored glasses...

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Godmars2901779d ago

Don't care if I was a barbarian or not, I'd be worried about that burning man falling in the wrong direction: meaning on me.

gusgusjr1779d ago

Damn, need to stop coming into these articles. this is killing me

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