SkyDrive coming to Xbox One

Major Nelson: SkyDrive on Xbox One provides a seamless way to enjoy your photos and videos, or those shared with you, on the big screen. The app also takes advantage of exclusive Xbox One features: You can open photo albums from channels in the OneGuide, play music alongside your slide show with Xbox Music, and control the whole app with gestures and voice, courtesy of Kinect.

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jackanderson19851773d ago

while this is probably a good feature for some the last thing i want is pictures of my nephew popping up while i'm the middle of a murder streak in some game

heliumhead20301773d ago

Lol funny . your nephews photos hilarious

/[email protected]

4Sh0w1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

jackanderson, your comment makes no sense when you consider what he just demonstrated and how it works. This Skydrive app for X1 is freakin cool and photos do not pop up while you're gaming, besides the nice navgation and seamless upload of your pics, plus family & friends pics that you can tie to your skydrive account this also allows you to make a channel on your "One Guide". Please watch and listen for a better understanding.

aCasualGamer1773d ago


It would be harmless if it did, i mean you wouldn't associate murder with your nephew right? You're not that narrow minded.

Anyways, cool features.

Especially the taking pictures with your phone and coming home later to enjoy them on your TV without any fuzzling with files and so forth. That's amazing.

UltimateMaster1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

It's just like Sony's Play Memories or Google + Photo.

I'd rather have my pictures on an HDD than have them online. The only reason why I would put them online is to bring them from point A to point B.

Bundi1773d ago

Oh because that's how it works right? Something gets uploaded on to your account and it automatically gets flung onto your screen regardless of what you are doing on the Xbox.

Please try and remain relevant even when trolling, it kills braincells having to read such nonsense.

jackanderson19851773d ago

or you know i'd have it up if i was looking for a specific picture? you need to relax it was a harmless comment

Bundi1773d ago

Why would you be looking at skydrive then while also going on a murderous rampage?

I'll relax when the first comment I read in positive Xbox news isn't some half witted quip that makes no logical sense.

Mystogan1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

This is awesome. I can listen to my DRM free music on SkyDrive.

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MajorAly1773d ago Show
MorePowerOfGreen1773d ago (Edited 1773d ago )

XB1 is a serious piece of tech. I've never seen a game console transform into something far more advanced and useful vs a simple console toy. This thing is hollywood SiFi fantasy come to life. Never seen a device that appeals to the average joe masses and Audiophile/VideoPhile multi media guys at the same time.

SniperControl1773d ago

"Never seen a device that appeals to the average joe masses and Audiophile/VideoPhile multi media guys at the same time"

Trust me when i say "Audiophile/VideoPhile multi media guys" will not be using the X1 or the PS4 for there AV needs.

XB1_PS41773d ago

I consider myself an "Audiophile". Xbox One does nothing for me in that respect. I'm more of an Ableton Live type of guy.

DoesUs1773d ago

@Green. No...just no!

True_Samurai1773d ago

Yes! I use skydrive all the time glad to see I can access it on my x1

Bundi1773d ago

This is a great service to have. +1 Xbox One

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