Xbox One launch games go gold; begin shipping

It’s almost time. There are just 11 days to go before Xbox One’s worldwide launch on Nov. 22, and all the wheels at Xbox HQ are in motion.

Phil Spencer, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Studios, previously shared with IGN that games in Xbox One’s launch lineup, including “Dead Rising 3,” “Forza Motorsport 5,” “Ryse: Son of Rome” and “Zoo Tycoon” have finished development. Today, we’re excited to announce that they’ve also officially gone gold, and are currently being published, packaged and shipped to retailers at this very moment.

Check out the photographs below of Xbox One games as they’re being carefully prepared to make their journey to gamers all around the world in time for launch, and be sure to stay tuned to Xbox Wire for all the latest Xbox One news.

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Septic1742d ago

Nice. 11 days to go here in the UK.

4Sh0w1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Nice. 11 days till I Ryse, kill the dead, race past by those Drivatars with my Killer Instincts. Ok, that was a bad attempt at being funny clearly I'm no comedian.

DeathOfTheFanBoy1742d ago

4Show, don't give up your day job lol!!!

Forza 5 and KI for me, actually looking at zoo tycoon, been ages since I have played that sort of game, used to LOVE be addicted to theme park/theme hospital- look kinda similar...

If not that, then Ryse or BF4

Bundi1742d ago

No my son, the Forza is strong in you.

BigShotSmoov0071742d ago

lol, nice try. I'll give a bubble anyways.

4Sh0w1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Thanks fellas, thats the first post I've ever had voted "funny" on n4g. lol.

I do grind my teeth wondering if I should get BF4 or COD, really I dont think either are that great but I'm itching for a next gen shooter at launch.

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hellrazor1742d ago

11 days .....I can't like a little kid at Christmas -:)

GusBricker1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Only game I'm not getting is Forza. I suck at driving games. :\

CramShaft1741d ago

Someone seems to disagree that you suck at driving games.

Bigpappy1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

There is just so much I want to do with the console. I am just going to start with ryse for now, because I know it is going to keep pulling me back for more. But I am going to spend a lot of time just playing around with the new features so that they feel second nature to me. I want the console to understand me, so I will see how it responds to different levels of my voice, see what conditions might affect Kinect, do some snapping to see that goes at home, plug in anything that has HDMI out.

Then there is arcade with Killer Instinct, Kinect Sports and whatever other surprises I find. Oh yeah, one more thing. I hope I can use Internet Explorer with voice commands only. That would blow me away for sure. Speech to type would be a huge plus for someone like me too.

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