Xbox Marketing Leaders leaving right before Xbox One Launch?

After what has been a rough year so far for Microsoft with regards to marketing their next-gen console, Xbox One, it appears as though some marketing leaders at Microsoft have left right before the launch of Xbox One, some of whom have been with Microsoft for 10-12 years.

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xHeavYx1710d ago

Leaving? Or being asked to leave? Honestly, after all these marketing disasters, I'm surprised they weren't fired before

fluffydelusions1710d ago

TBH, I can't even be mad at the marketing of this thing. I blame those who designed it. Should have been more powerful and kinect should not be required. Also all the ridiculous policies at the initial reveal

-Foxtrot1710d ago

I feel like they knew what people wanted but there own greed got the better of them...and in the end will be the reason of their own downfall.

How anyone can still support them is beyond me. I've just had someone today defending them, not raging or anything, quite calmly because he thought because Sony has that way of turning your PS4 on with your mobile so your game downloads when your not there it means it has DRM aswell.....I mean I litterally could not be arsed to argue towards him. I mean he's a big Halo fan so I'm not surprised but even then I just couldn't believe how out of touch he was.

People can have their opinions...that's fine the thing is what Microsoft tried to do (and are still doing) comes down to right and wrong at the end of the day. In my opinion this is what should be taken into account when discussing this, not fanboy bullcrap. I mean we have it on here, you speak common sense and you get called a Sony fanboy...why? Because they are doing the opposite of MS and are doing the majority of the things right.

I don't think people understand the terrible outcomes of supporting a company like them and how it could effect gamers in general. Imagine if no one complained over the DRM in the first place, they would of tried to change the industry for their own greedy corporate needs. I know Sony is a business aswell which needs to make money as well but they haven't stoop that low, even when they've been having financial problems...they never became sell outs did they.

AgitatedOcelot1710d ago

This is the thing that bothers me most about it. I'm pro PS4 but honestly, I wish it WAS true that the Xbox was equal to the PS4. It's a benefit to gamers if both consoles are equal. I don't want to see games limited for the PS4 and PC because of the Xbox being weaker.

Sadly though, It's not equal to the PS4. Fortunately it looks like this may not affect PS4 multiplats, since devs haven't been shy about just turning down the Xbox version, and the talk about developing for the lowest common denominator at least looks to be false.

Microsoft has the WORST marketing. Apple made fools of them for years, and continues to stick it to them on the surface. They can't market anything they make right.

abzdine1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

i think the moron penello should get fired for his lame useless anc constant BS talking

@FightingLemur: why do people always talk about this damn competition? see PSone and PS2, we got some of the most memorable games ever made on these two consoles and they had NO competition!
Sony still made Dark Cloud and Chronicles, we got Grandia, Breath of Fire and much more without competition.

without xbox Sony will do just fine.

LOGICWINS1710d ago

Either way this is GREAT. MS realized they had a marketing issue, and they are making a change..just like Sony dropped Marcus and weird baby commercials.

-Foxtrot1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

Shame it took them until now though if true to realise this...bit late wouldn't you say.

mixelon1710d ago

Part of me misses the weird baby commercial Sony. It was certainly unpredictable. The PS2 ads directed by David Lynch were awesomely WTF.

Kevin Butler was pretty fun too.. I generally think Sony have always been good at ads, just nit always good at getting messages out with the ads. The weirder ones were super memorable - we're still talking about them now!

But yeah, insane.

Drekken1710d ago

I would argue their problems extend well beyond marketing.

rainslacker1709d ago

According to the person mentioned in this article she left MS about 3 years ago. Not to put 2 and 1 together, but isn't that the time that MS started focusing almost completely on the casual crowd?

Before that, the 360 marketing was great.

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Ashlen1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

I would say very little of the bad press was actually due to their marketing team. Most of the mistakes were from Microsoft insiders like Major Nelson, Penello and Mattrick ect.

Though their advertising has in my opinion been pretty horrible. Showing football stuff over gaming stuff with out really showing the benefit. And the new his vs hers ad which in my opinion is the worst ad for any 8'th gen console. All I took away from that ad is that someone can easily use Kinect to interrupt what your doing with the tv.

iamnsuperman1710d ago

"I would say very little of the bad press was actually due to their marketing team. Most of the mistakes were from Microsoft insiders like Major Nelson, Penello and Mattrick ect"

I completely agree. Sure the marketing team could have been better (I don't fault them though as they did have a tough job to do with someone's vision of the One being the everything box) the people who have caused the most PR damage are these guys. Penello for one has constantly made missteps with saying one thing then saying the complete opposite, bringing up past wrongs out of the blue which is all related to him being to heavily involved in the forums

NarcolepZZZZZZ1710d ago

The ad wasn't about people using kinect to interrupt you, it was just a lighthearted ad focused toward getting women to buy the Xbox.
We already know there is a confirmation question for any game-breaking command like Xbox off or Xbox show my stuff. It was just showing how fast the ui is and doing a little role reversal at the same time. All of this is completely obvious.

Ashlen1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )


I get what the message of the commercial was "Women play games too" I get it.

But if you take away the gender issue what's left is one person is using the TV to watch sports another person walks in and uses Kinect to change to a game with out asking permission.

LOGICWINS1710d ago

@Foxtrot - Well, the success of these consoles will be determined in the next 7 -10 years. So yes, even though these consoles aren't even out yet, its "too late" to change marketing tactics

Did you catch the sarcasm?

thehitman1710d ago

Like I said before when they came up with Xbox One I wouldve fired them on the spot. These guys been a disaster from the start. From marketing to PR to just overall insight from the management position as well. MS came in fumbling and stumbling and they only have themselves to blame.

iamnsuperman1710d ago (Edited 1710d ago )

True but I feel there was a disconect with top brass and their PR team. Clearly someone at the top just gave them a concept that had no clear message/tried to be everything without mastering a key area (lacking in direction) and told the PR team to just deal with it. Some key public figures should roll due to miss messaging (penello is one) but I think the team didn't do so bad with a product that didn't exactly know what it really was (a lot of products fail for this exact reason)

thehitman1709d ago (Edited 1709d ago )

@ superman T
Their top brass is their PR team. They just had a bad policy and didnt know how to handle the situation. The problem is that none of them knew what to do after their concept got shut down so hard from even before they officially unveiled the xb1 they just been stumbling and fumbling ever since. Then Sony releasing significantly better hardware doesnt help. No amount of PR can save that. The facts will never change around it unless they just said oki lets delay it and do better, which would never happen. MS put all their hopes in a $150 dollar camera. I think its a colossus gamble and a horrible one at that and its showing. If I was a CEO/President of the xb1 division I could have ran it better from my couch then what they done. The Xbox brand has lots of potential and I think they squandered it all within 5 months.

Godmars2901709d ago

But was it really the marketing people behind the mistake, or the executives stepping over everything?

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805Junior8051710d ago

I would have left too. This launch has been a nightmare for everyone in the Xbox team. Not just the marketers.

GmIsOnPt3601710d ago

their marketing is awful, this is a good thing

pyramidshead1709d ago

Amen. Some of their advert slogans have been dire. But they're based around the consoles name, which is also dire.
This is definitely for the best for the XB team.

Kayant1710d ago

Dat neogaf source -->

Interesting maybe this could be a good thing? Hopefully it's the case.

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