Can PS4 and Xbox One save console gaming?

GIB - "We speak with industry veterans about the console sales slump in recent years, if innovation has been a problem, and what next-gen will do for business"

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Mikelarry1739d ago

According to jason rubin tablets are going to take over in the next 2 years. i really hope console games are around for a very long while as fun as it is to play candy crush on the loo nothing beats sitting at a large hdtv playing on a DEDICATED games console

s8anicslayer1739d ago

I can honestly say that I strongly disagree with Rubin on that, I can see tablet gaming getting stronger but it will not takeover the market unless the console makers don't keep evolving into stronger platforms that can be on par with PC at a fraction of the cost of tablets and PC.

decrypt1739d ago

Well the biggest problem with console gaming today is all the restrictions:

Need to pay to go online

Pay more per game (10-20usd more) Hell some
countries will take advantage of new consoles and charge an even high premium(no such thing on PC since PC has no gens)

No BC (imagine losses incurred on all games bought last gen, need to buy the old box every time it fails just so you can play your old games).

No mod support in favor of DLCS (people need to check out games like Portal or Skyrim after mods).

Complete reliance on the console maker, if they decide to take away options like DLNA MP3 there is nothing you can do about it.

The list goes on.

I personally bought over 170 games in the last year on Steam, its amazing i dont have to lose a single one of them whenever i do decide to upgrade.

Irishguy951739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

Sitting at a large HDTV on gaming PC beats the games console. Specially when you get to use a Mouse and Keypad. The only thing is missing out on Consoles exclusives. But thats alright, the PC has it's own exclusives, even some genres are basically exclusive to PC now like the RTS. And PC is the shooter king, the more i've played Shooters on a M/K the more I realized a gamepad sucks for them.

Also if anyone wants to counter this claim, don't even try and bring Cost into it, PC gaming is cheaper than PC gaming in the long run(Console and PC gaming are always in the long run btw). It's just making an initial high cost investment that pays itself back over the gen and ends up cheaper than a Console> Especially with the mandatory online paywalls now

Edit -
Translation for Grizzli's comment
"Stfu, I don't want hear how PC gaming is better, I don't want to know because i'm blind and not going to listen, this site is for my chosen console and not anyone else, PC gamers aren't welcome, anyone who disagrees should STFU"

I only wish more people would spend 20 minutes on google to find out how cheap and how easy a gaming PC is to build.

Building a PC difficulty level: http://www.informededucatio...

GrizzliS19871739d ago

just stfu already. holy hell youre annoying.

noone cares about your lame pc

kneon1739d ago

I find mouse+keyboard to be pretty lame for most games except for things like RTS and some simulations. And I stared PC gaming when a 286 was the hot CPU so I'm used to it.

Movement just sucks with a keyboard, you want analog control over movement, not what is essentially an ergonomically poor dpad.

And while a mouse is more accurate than most analog sticks, but I don't want my FPS to be a point and click game, it should be more challenging than that.

Irishguy951739d ago (Edited 1739d ago ) in..everyone playing has the same slow analog stick? Or everyone playing has the same 1-1 Mouse to aim? You are not fighting the controls with a mouse. And Keypad can get uncomfortable after a few hours so you have to take a break. However the mouse alone simply makes the games have superior controls. One hand is completely dedicated to aiming and shooting. By far the most important part of shooters.

And I agree, Mouse and keyboard is only better for First person games, stategy games(RTS/Strategy), shooters(third/first person), and RPGs. For racing games you should use a Steering wheel, after GT5 I could never play another racer without a steering wheel, the gameplay degrades so much without one. Just like shooters and a mouse.

thehitman1739d ago

@ kneon

I agree 1000%. Mouse and keyboard combo way overrated anyone with a controller can probably match mouse and keyboard. Analog and key layout totally beat keyboard for everything but RTS and mmo gaming. Mouse can be more precise but if your good with an analog you can match mouse where the difference is almost irrelevant. I have my console for sports, shooters, rpgs and my PC for RTS, MMOs. TBH I wish all RTS and MMOs came to consoles and I could just use my mouse and keyboard there when needed so I didnt have to spend tons on my rig.

AD7051739d ago


You do realize that on PC you can use a controller right?

I really don;t understand why people use the controller as an excuse to not game on the PC when you can play games on the PC with any controller you want. I use my 360 controller to play pc games all the time. Personally I would only use a controller for play hack n slash and platformers and fighters and M/K for anything else but that's just me.

Whether you prefer controller over M/K is irrelevant because PC can use both control schemes enriching the experience and giving me more control on how I want to play my games.

kneon1739d ago


Yes the game is still challenging since everyone has the same level of control. I just prefer the difficulty in aiming to be more realistic. it's the same reason I prefer FPS with gun sway and recoil.


Yes I'm aware that you can use controllers, I have many. When I started PC gaming everyone used controllers, there were no mice.

SpinalRemains1381739d ago

Mouse & keyboard?

lol what is this, 1985?

Go away. You cannot sell us on PC gaming because we don't want to.

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Flipflopp1739d ago

I don't see tablet gaming being that much of a threat. Nothing beats a good 5.1 home surround sound, and big screen Tv.

seanpitt231739d ago

There's just something about consoles gaming I love. I think it will be here for along time in the future.

andrewsqual1739d ago

PS4 saved console gaming on 20th February 2013 when Yoshida said the console can be played offline and will play used games.

rainslacker1739d ago

Yeah, they said that two years ago. And the two years before that. They keep claiming they're getting more powerful and surpassing the power of consoles, yet to date, the software support just isn't there.

For AAA gaming to thrive on tablets, it would likely have to go the route of stricter controls on software, and have much better anti-piracy features.

Unfortunately, for the time being, the pricing structure of tablet games, and the business models used to profit off them, just isn't viable for a high value production game.

We'll likely see a hybrid home console/tablet before we see tablets take over completely.

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dansdooz1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

i dont understand, surely the sales that gta 5 gained more than prove that console gaming is still extremely popular!

the worst1739d ago (Edited 1739d ago )

save it from what???
PC gaming that's a joke
mobile gaming a bigger joke

hollabox1739d ago

Steam numbers are only getting bigger because some games require steam activation which is basically DRM. I have over 3 dozen games in my Steam library and about 80 percent of them required I activate my product in steam before I can play. Origin is the same way, I don't care for either platform but if I want the best graphics for my games and not argue about oh my games play at 1080P, yours play at 900P and 720P.

TheLostCause1739d ago

Console gaming doesn't need saving as there is nothing wrong, sales probably slumped recently because last gen lasted around 8 years and nearly everybody that wanted one already had one.

Aleithian1739d ago

Yup. You nailed it. But surprise surprise - game journalists know nothing about economics.

stavrami1739d ago

no i believe it can't the problem that will always be is, that there is no problem , which ls insolvable

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