Sony Tackling Blockbuster UK PS4 Preorder Scandal Directly, Will Contact Those Affected

Today Sony Computer Entertainment UK announced that they’re taking the problematic situation with Blockbuster UK PS4 preorder situation in hand directly.

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Mikelarry1494d ago

now talk about going the extra mile #4thegamers indeed

GarrusVakarian1494d ago

See, its reasons like this which make me prefer Sony as a company over MS.....they care about making profit but they also genuinely seem to care about their customers too.

Campy da Camper1494d ago

4 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!! I CANT TAKE IT!!!!


Eonjay1494d ago (Edited 1494d ago )

I thought Blockbuster died a long time ago.

Edit: Can someone clarify: Did Blockbusters collect preorder payments and then cancel orders without refunds? I think I heard about this; I would have raided that bitch.


yep, thats what they did. have a friend who lost half deposit on a xbone.

Phoenix761494d ago

My friend lost a £20 pre-order for an X1 with BB in Thamesmead, London

DRambo1494d ago

Any company taking deposits must keep those separate from its own funds, so they can be repaid in the event of insolvency. This is a breach of duty by the management. I would advise anyone who has lost out to write to the Administrators for clarification as to whether this had been reported to the DTI Directors' Disqualification Unit, although you might need to push the point, as the standard response will be that the report to the DDU is confidential.

DRambo1494d ago

I hadn't realised they had gone bust again in October. Write to Administrators to ask if the deposits have been kept separate and safe.

rainslacker1493d ago

Dunno about the UK, but here in the US, pre-order, or layaway money, has to go into an escrow account until the item is picked up. While they have the money in escrow, they can collect interest on it, which is quite a bit for companies that do a lot of pre-orders.

Anyhow, in escrow, the money isn't technically the companies. It is a 3rd party company that holds it until all parties have achieved their end of the sale. This way if the company goes under, or bankrupt, the customer can get the money back.

sigfredod1494d ago

Good to hear, thanks Sony

PR_FROM_OHIO1494d ago

Damn how can anyone dislike SONY??

yellowgerbil1494d ago

I know right. Kaz needs to be giving his execs some HUGE christmas bonuses for being so topnotch this year

thehitman1494d ago

I think they actually gave up most of their bonuses lol for the company maybe next year though they will reap the benefits.

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The story is too old to be commented.