Full Screen Mario Taken Down by Nintendo

Game Front: Following a DMCA takedown notice by Nintendo, college student Josh Goldberg’s HTML 5 remake of Super Mario Bros. has been shut down.

Named Full Screen Mario, the free remake included the game’s original 32 levels, randomly generated new levels, and a level editor. The software was also open source, allowing others to add features. As it gained popularity, the game also attracted the attention of Nintendo — and its lawyers.

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EcoSos31775d ago

I knew this would happen especially when it got popular and Nintendo selling it at the eShop.

GordonKnight1775d ago

I wish Nintnedo would release some of the Exploding Rabbit games on the eShop. Like Mario cross over and Super Mario return to dinosaur land. That would be awesome.

Snookies121775d ago

That sucks, I hate when companies do this.

zerocrossing1775d ago

Nintendo really need to rethink their policies in regards to take downs.

Sure they have every right to look out for their copyright, but the way they're going about it is alienating their customers.

MegaRay1775d ago

Dont we have enough marios yet, xP

310dodo1775d ago

Nintendo showing again how out of touch it has become.
maybe people enjoy your Mario game so much, they risk getting in trouble at work to play it.

Instead of thanking fans for loving their franchise so much, they shut it down.
Thats like the "artist" who want their songs off youtube.


Deadpoolio1775d ago

I know right....How dare Nintendo expect people to purchase their work....It should totally be up to the Mcdonalds working G.E.D having nitwits to decide when a company or band has made more than enough money off of something that they created

SnakeCQC1775d ago

They could have handled it completely differently. The guy put alot of work into it adding new levels etc and putting all on html 5. Yes legally they are in the right but could have licensed it to him cheaply. All this does is make nintendo look like a bad guy and that doesn't help nintendo considering how bad they are doing.

310dodo1775d ago (Edited 1775d ago )


good thing you used that (One Bubble) for such an intelligent response.

lol. good day


Thank You. I understand licensing, but cmon its a fan service. Nintendo looks ridiculous for doing this.

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The story is too old to be commented.