PS Vita discounted another $40 at Radio Shack

XMNR: Those hoping to try out the remote play feature with the Playstation 4 and PS Vita may want to check out Radio Shack this week. The electronics store marked the PS Vita down to a Black Friday like price Monday.

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Angels37851780d ago

People I strongly encourage you to pick one up....I was hesitant at first...but I haven't looked back. Literally the best handheld console experience I've ever had. Console quality graphics anx great games and ps4 remote play. Its a steal!

meatnormous1780d ago

I enjoy mine as well. Picked up the cod bundle for 200 and what a terrible game.i liked killzone for it.

UltimateMaster1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )

Wow! Radio Shack still exist?

starchild1780d ago

This is a really great deal. I've been planning to buy a Vita for a while now. Looks like a great time to buy.

3-4-51780d ago

want to get..still have 20 3ds & psp games to play/beat. %50 what it was 4-5 months ago

psDrake1780d ago

There is literally no reason not to pick up a Vita especially PS4 is coming out this week...

Vita's own library alone will keep you busy for months and get the OLED version while you can because the screen is great.

1780d ago
Jahbu1780d ago

does come with a memory card...I'm so close to buying one.

C-H-E-F1780d ago (Edited 1780d ago )


You're better off getting this one (click on the 3g vita) they're the same price as the wifi (159.99) and then buy a bigger memory card. I know my walking dead bundle Vita came with a 4gb and that was barely enough for gravity rush or uncharted lOl. better off using that 40$ for a 16gb :D

Jahbu1780d ago

Thanks man! But I Just got a MEGA DEAL on ebay. I got a 3G Vita with a 8gig card and five games for $160 with free shipping. In perfect condition too. Man I can't wait till it gets here!

C-H-E-F1780d ago

WOW, that is phenomenal!!! Well, happy gaming to you. I guarantee you'll enjoy the Vita. I know I da** sure do lOl, the majority of these nuts on here that says ANYTHING negative never owned a Vita or played one and you'll see why it's so obvious that they haven't when you play games like Soul Sacrifice, Uncharted Golden Abyss, Gravity Rush, Real Boxing, Batman (blackgate), Killzone Mercs, Dokuro etc. etc. i'll PM my PSN. Congrats!!

Jahbu1780d ago

LOL Thanks man! I have a nice big backlog to play now. I will be getting all the games you mentioned along with Persona 4! Happy gaming friend!

mdluffy1780d ago

Killzone & Persona 4 Golden are 2 BIG reasons to buy the vita.

C-H-E-F1780d ago

Soul Sacrifice and Uncharted GA and Gravity Rush and and and... are other BIG reasons as well :D lol.

For those who pick up the Vita welcome to the Playstation Life :D

Hanso1780d ago

indies too like
Hotline Miami
so fun to play those on the go.

also Dragons Crown portable is amazing

love my vita!

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The story is too old to be commented.