Kojima giving interview today, new Ground Zeroes info coming this Friday

At the moment, Hideo Kojima is in New York, presumably for the PlayStation 4 launch event that takes place prior to the console's release this Friday, but that's still uncertain right now. Today he is giving an interview (or perhaps multiple interviews) about Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes.

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SnakeCQC1742d ago

Anyone else still saddened by hayter not voicing snake?

MajorAly1742d ago

Everyday my friend. Everyday...

Jack Bauer is...Jack Bauer.

Hayter is...Solid Snake :(

Nyxus1742d ago

But this isn't Solid Snake.

Agent_00_Revan1742d ago


and neither was MGS3, but they didnt change the voice for that game.

Tito081742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )

Nah, sometimes we gotta learn to accept and welcome change, of course it's saddening Hayter won't be in the game, but that does not mean Keifer is a bad actor, there are lots of voice actors that played the role of Batman, nobody seemed to complain, if people can accept it for Batman, why can't they accept it for Snake, btw that is Big Boss we're talking about, who knows if Hayter at some point will retain the role of Solid Snake.

Fans are a reason there's so much wrong with this industry, Kojima recieved death threats from fans if he lets the directing role to another developer, there's nothing wrong with that since Kojima wants to work on other projects, but fans still wants more Metal Gear from him, it's understandable since I'm a huge fan of his and both MGS and ZOE, but the guy needs a break, nobody is allowing him to be more creative, that is more saddening than the voice actor change, some people are disgusting.

Akuma2K1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

I agree with you about change, sometimes we as fans and gamers love a character so much we don't want nothing changed about him including the actor who does the voice for that character. That it's so hard to let go of what we've been used to and heard all these years, it's like going against the grain to us.

I still think we may hear Hayter's voice in the game, IMO my thought is that Kojima wants Bigg Boss's voice different from Hayter's to show more of a personality, philosophy or change of ideas throughout the years from Peace Walker until now.

One thing is for sure, it's gonna be fun finding out in this next gen.

CocoWolfie1742d ago

a youtuber i follow said he felt like keifers voice acting wasnt that great from what we've heard, im not judging but as a gamer i would of bought davids a lot more if he continued his role which he was pretty damn good at :/

MajorAly1742d ago (Edited 1742d ago )


Yeah I know, even so, Hayter has been the pinnacle, the driving force behind the character bearing the codename Snake.

Richard Doyle as Big Boss would've been swell as well seeing how he was the on who voiced Big Boss in MGS4.

I don't see how Big Boss would go over a voice change again when he isn't even that old here in MGSV.

I'm still hoping that Solid Snake will make an appearance in MGSV and he will be voiced by David Hayter.

Hayter vs Sutherland on the deliverance of the iconic line...

Nyxus1742d ago

Yeah, Hayter is great, but since Big Boss has been voiced by someone else before (Richard Doyle, as you said), I don't understand why this is such a big problem. Maybe they want to differentiate him from Solid Snake a little bit. Also, other characters have changed voice actors too (for example Ocelot, who has been voiced by Patric Zimmerman, Josh Keaton and now Troy Baker).

ExDexteraDomini1742d ago

I settled with the explanation that Solid's voice was Hayter, and that Big Boss should've always been done by someone else. There's no way their vocal chords could've been the exact same.

MajorAly1742d ago

The thing is, Kojima-san should've thought about that way earlier, even before MGS3 that the vocal chords of BB and Snake will be different.

In Peace Walker (the sequel to MGS3), David Hayter returns for the Big Boss's VA.

Ground Zeroes is set sometime after Peace Walker, so it is kind of funny to think that Big Boss's vocal chords instantly changed to someone else's...

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sigfredod1742d ago

Man more info, best launch party ever!!!

megatron_781742d ago

im not. maybe if the quality of acting would of suffered but from the little that ive seen it hasn't. i guess it was just time to move on i just wana play the games at this point. i hope we get some game play vids after next few days!

izumo_lee1741d ago

Probably going to be some exclusive PlayStation content knowing the strong relationships kojima & Sony have. More trailer stuff as well knowing kojima.