The Last of Us Story DLC will Be Premiered This Thursday at PlayStation 4 All Access Launch Event

Looks like not all the content of the PlayStation 4 All Access Launch event that will be broadcasted live on Spike TV this thursday at 11 PM EST will be PlayStation 4 related. Host Geoff Keighley just announced that you’ll see something about The Last of Us as well.

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sigfredod1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Bring it on! the PS4 Launch Event is getting better and better every day

xHeavYx1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

TLOU is the reason why I'm not selling my PS3. Can't wait to play the SP DLC.

Half Life 3 confirmed?????

abzdine1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

i'm buying this DLC eyes closed!
is it me or it seems a little "strange" they talk about a PS3 game during PS4 launch event?

wait.... does it mean....? NOOooooo.....

@xHeavYx: everything is possible right now bro!

Drekken1708d ago

I have to finish TLoU, but Diablo 3 is keeping me distracted especially after they announced characters can transfer over.

Conzul1708d ago (Edited 1708d ago )

Once TLOU DLC stoppes dropping, that's when I'm letting the old girl go.

I'm gonna miss her. She was a sweet girl

rainslacker1707d ago (Edited 1707d ago )


Maybe a free PS4 edition on PS+ with upgraded visuals on launch day? :)

Or maybe...just maybe....the PS4 really is backwardly compatible so we can play the DLC on the PS4.....oh well, I can dream can't I?

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Eonjay1708d ago

Interesting that they would be announcing something about The Last of US at a PS4 LAUNCH EVENT... HMMMMMM

SuperBlur1708d ago

either they have something planned to do with the ps4 or its just a way of sony to come out and say "We aren't dropping support for ps3 anytime soon, here a dlc for TLOU and more to come ! >.<"

OlgerO1708d ago

WOw I cant wait to see this. I am very exited about the launh event.

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FogLight1708d ago

Oh man, the news, and launch for PS4 that is getting nearer everyday are making me hungry for new game and DLC announcements.

Sony, bring it on! :D

georgenancy1708d ago

i usually arrange my game cases from worst to best,and guess what the last of us is at the very top,followed by gta 5 then uncharted 2

MightyNoX1708d ago

So soon?! My body is not ready..

abzdine1708d ago

it's hard for weak hearts like mine...and yours apparently :D
do you imagine in 3 days the beast will be out!

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The story is too old to be commented.