PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? Sharon Garwood asks - "Next-Gen Supremacy Battle"

PlayStation 4 or Xbox One? GamerFitNation’s news host Sharon Garwood asks gamers that very question. The new wave of next generation consoles are almost upon us. With the launch of the PlayStation 4 later this week and the Xbox One later this month, Sharon is dying to know which system has your money?

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xHeavYx1741d ago

For the spokesperson of a "fit" gaming site, she has as much energy as me on a Friday when I'm about to leave work and remember that I still need to work out

Whitey2k1741d ago

no console I pick you Sharon!!


She said "thanks you." Also she's going to be responding to comments on the site in regards to this subject.

Septic1741d ago

Just this subject alone? Awww man :(

BLACKBIBLE1741d ago (Edited 1741d ago )

@Septic, Don't worry she will be covering a wider array of subject in the coming weeks. This week's all about the PS4 & Xbox so she's talking about this. Still in the future. She will cover Fitness, Gaming, Relationship, and more. As well as her Korean Culture. She's fluent in the Korean language.

Still leave a comment and she'll try to answer about the Playstation 4 and Xbox one subject.

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PirateKing1741d ago

I gotta be honest I just looked at her the whole time.


Since she doesn't have an N4G account she wanted me to tell you guys Thanks for the support. She hopes you continue watching her work.

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