PS Plus: Ibb & Obb, Resogun & Contrast Free for Members

Kristine Steimer // Sr. Community Specialist writes: "PlayStation 4 is only a work week away! Once a shiny new PS4 is acquired, PS Plus members will be able to download both Contrast and Resogun for free. Resogun is an intense new shoot-em-up from Housemarque, the talented folks behind Super Stardust, Outland and Dead Nation. If you’re someone that likes to get to the top of a leaderboard, Resogun should be right up your alley. In a completely different vein, Contrast is a beautiful puzzle-platformer where you control a little girl’s imaginary friend that can shift from the 3D world into the 2D realm of shadows. Of course, you’ll need something to do while you’re trying to keep your mind off the fact that the PS4 is ever-closer, so why not partner up with a buddy and tackle ibb & obb, an adorable gravity-centric puzzle game?"

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xHeavYx1495d ago

I was hoping to get Soul Sacrifice tomorrow. Stop making me wait Sony!

s8anicslayer1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

Im so excited for the PS4 content, but I wonder why my original comment was deleted.

abzdine1495d ago

lots of games day one with PS4! i cant ask for more

FamilyGuy1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

"Housemarque, the talented folks behind Super Stardust, Outland and Dead Nation."
Whatever they make is instant gold to me and they've pretty much announced a Dead Nation 2 already.
Can't wait to play Resogun, I wonder how much they got to have it free on PS+ at launch?
Being one of the first free ps4 games comes with a lot of notoriety, if people weren't paying attention to their games before they definitely will be now.

devwan1495d ago

Free to PS+ gives them their audience (practically every ps4 user - millions!) but later on (as soon as first month) there's extra content that you can choose to pay for such as game modes, levels, ships, other unannounced but apparently very interesting stuff.

Blastoise1495d ago

Soul Sacrifice kicks ass

blackblades1495d ago

Dang you stupid we all know the retail vita games comes out on the last week of the month.

Skate-AK1494d ago

You can bet Soul Sacrifice won't come until the 26th.

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yellowgerbil1495d ago

Resogun, Contrast, AC4, Blacklight, Warframe.
Got a lot of fun stuff to try out in 4 days :D
plus with that 10$ store credit might find a cheap game to enjoy. Anyone know the prices of the digital games available day 1?

TheDarpaChief1495d ago

You poor bastards don't know what's in store for you when it comes to warframe. Having played it myself the wait is sooooo brutal. Say hello to something better than me3's multiplayer

IronChefWong1495d ago

Awesome, I thought ME3's multiplayer was amazing!

chasegarcia1495d ago (Edited 1495d ago )

I was going to buy contrast.not anymore.

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