The Eighth Generation of Consoles: Top Five Things I'm Looking Forward To

There is a daily battle at sites like This battle is waged between those who believe Sony is our Lord and Savior and those who believe Microsoft is a misunderstood genius. Does this yammering get old to a reader looking for articulate, meaningful commentary about video games in the mainstream? Yes, it does. Yet no matter what side you’re on, the majority seems to agree that the eighth generation, started by the mighty Wii U, will be THE GREATEST, MOST IMPORTANT THING IN OUR LIVES for quite some time. Surely the worldwide euphoria will placate our desire to bicker, to correct, to clarify, thus forging a new alliance between gamers as sophisticated thinkers who like to keep in touch with their inner child.

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JackieCruise691686d ago

I'm looking forward to games.
That's all.
X pls Nintendo.

Fanboyssuck271686d ago

Another Wii u hatin artical, just another day at n4g. Yaaaawn.

ttb19841686d ago

You didn't read it. From the article: "The Wii U keeping pace with the PS4 and Xbox One."