How next-gen is next-gen console security?

It's been two years since Sony first experienced major security breaches to its PlayStation Network in 2011, one of the largest data security breaches in our industry's history.

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theRell1777d ago

I'm sure Velma and Fred will figure this out. More than likely, it was Red Herring.

"Sony never confessed as to what happened the first time with regards to PSN being compromised," Sophos Inc. senior security advisor Chester Wisniewski said in a statement to Polygon. "The security of PlayStation Network will likely remain a mystery."

mandf1777d ago

Negative viral campaign article number 2 from Polygon today. This website Polygon is crap. Watch all this week, this what Polygon is going to do.

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heliumhead20301777d ago

This does not pertain to Xbox live

THC CELL1777d ago

Took 4 yeArs to hack ps3 under a week 360

H0RSE1777d ago

I think that had a little to to do with people actually wanting to hack the 360...

Bundi1776d ago

Took sony a week to realise psn was hacked. And 3 to sort things out. Millions in fines to pay. Numbers. I love them too.

Akuma2K1777d ago

Like sony is really gonna let that happen again, people need to back away from the bridge before jumping off.

H0RSE1777d ago

It's not really up to Sony. If hackers want to hack it, it really just comes down to how bad they want it.