Pictures from Sony's PS4 review event in New York City

It's just a few days before Sony launches their next-gen console. So they've rented out a few floors of New York City's The Standard hotel to showcase some of the PS4's upcoming games. Three of us from Kotaku are currently wandering the hotel, preparing to play some games and ask some questions.P

In the meantime, we've brought you a few glimpses of how Sony has set the place up to show off their shiny new hardware. P

And, hey, if you happen to be in NYC and walking down the High Line, you might even be able to peep through some windows to check out the PS4 for yourself. Just make sure you're not staring into someone's house by accident.

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GarrusVakarian1713d ago (Edited 1713d ago )

Yo dawg i heard you like gaming and sleeping, so we bought you a playstation pillow so you can game while you sleep.


That was my intention XD.

xHeavYx1713d ago

I want one of these
Along with one of these
Is that too much to ask for?

Blaze9291713d ago

lmfao why did I instantly picture and hear Xzibit's voice reading that. From like Pimp My Ride...

abzdine1713d ago

cerny show

looking forward to the launch event

Game-ur1712d ago

Is it true reviews are held under gunpoint?

badz1491712d ago


gunpoint? pfft...that is so last gen! this is next gen! laserpoint!

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vitullo311713d ago

haha i want one so bad now

rainslacker1712d ago

These need to go onto the Sony store ASAP. Would be perfect for any game room.:)

FamilyGuy1712d ago

Hell yeah, me too. I would love to have PS pillows

sigfredod1713d ago

Damn, kotaku lucky SOBs, lol

phoenix_dusk1713d ago

And Cerny is in the building. Preparing the jacuzzi for everyone as the bathtub is too small. Agree if you're on board. ;)

OlgerO1713d ago

Cant wait for the articles, previews, gameplay and reviews to hit the internet.

ZBlacktt1712d ago

Damn, get the games tomorrow and the console this week. So come Friday we'll all be gaming in Next gen!

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The story is too old to be commented.