New screens for Silent Hill : Homecoming

Konami unveil news screens for Silent Hill : Homecoming. The game is sheduled for september.

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BilI Gates3861d ago

Is this the PS2 version?

Sangheili853861d ago

I would hope so. It looks horrible. Like really bad.

Vino3861d ago

Team Silent hill isn't working on this game, I heard Foundation 9 and the collective are developing it, so I raise 2 two questions is team silent hill making a new Ip or working on the next silent hill game.

jkhan3861d ago

Well they are working on Silent Hill alright, but may be there is a Wii version or the PS2 version. I hope these are from that version:(

jkhan3861d ago

Ok, now that was really bad. I usually don't care about graphics. But come on that is too much. The game looks worse in these screenshots then it looked in the gameplay trailer. I hope it looks good in motion.:(

TrevorPhillips3861d ago

yea same i was wondering i thought it was the ps3 and 360 version i would of said that looks crap to be next gen graphics then i found out it was ps2 version

RealTimeWeaponChange3861d ago

wtf is SH: Homecoming? a PS2 port? looks like sh1t. This better not be SH5.

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