inFamous: Second Son Playable at PlayStation 4 Review Event; Greg Miller: "As Fun as it Looks"

inFamous: Second Son has always been showcased hands-off at industry events before, but apparently that changed at the PlayStation 4 Review Event going on today. IGN's Greg Miller tweeted about it, and his impressions seem to be definitely positive.

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sigfredod1591d ago

Hype meter just blow up!

FamilyGuy1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

This game is the most fun looking next gen game announced so far (in my opinion of course).
There was a guy playing while fox news was covering PS4 at their office and it just looks insane.
On top of that it's gorgeous!
Glad to hear it's living up to my expectations
Day 1 :D

stavrami1591d ago

yea one of my most anticipated games second to witchier 3 .

cleft51591d ago

I recently finished the Infamous Bloody Mary dlc so I could have a Halloween type game for that day. The game was really fun and the new powers worked very well. It was great how the flying power naturally fit with Cole's other powers. I am definitely hyped for this game.

shivvy241591d ago

GUYS new ingame footage , graphics are amazing

Xsilver1591d ago

Infamous Second Son is my Most anticipated NExt gen game hands down.

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Irishguy951591d ago

Titanfall, Infamous, Witcher 3 ~

I will have sex with first 3 months of next year

cleft51591d ago

Infamous, Witcher 3, and Dragon Age 3 will be amazing for me.

Titanfall looks really fun, but I am just not good enough at online competitive fps games to really enjoy that game. Hopefully they announce some sort of horde, zombies, or aliens mode. Also the whole no single player thing is a bit of a sour point for me because I am not good at online fps games. Still the game looks fun as hell.

Sevir1591d ago

The Witcher 3 and Infamous:SS are the biggest titles of early 2014. I can't wait

rayzorn1590d ago

looking forward to infamous, and the order1886 the most for games coming out in the next few months.

biggest games for the year for me that I have seen are infamous, the order, destiny, watchdog, planet side 2, and evil within.
a lot of others I want also. but those are the ones I cant wait for

was pissed when watchdogs got delayed I wanted that day one. but I got madden, battlefield and ac4 to play day one so I cant complain. and still debating on picking up killzone. prob get knack for xmas from my nephew.

Blaze9291591d ago

if this was a launch title, this game alone would have easily blown away maybe every launch title to ever come out with a system launch.

The sole reason for getting a PS4 right now. Can't wait to play this.

shivvy241591d ago

yeah true, killzone is a big launch title but damn imagine infamous

Drekken1591d ago

KZ and Resogun look good enough for launch. Driveclub and Infamous at the beginning of the year really round it off nice... I am glad too, I need holiday money to spend on family gifts.

Magicite1591d ago

Im sure Sony knows that ISS will be great game, so they wanted to release it a bit later, where there larger PS4 install base.

FamilyGuy1591d ago (Edited 1591d ago )

Games listed at the event really add a nice perspective on why I'm so excited about getting a PS4 in a few days

Hype meter definitely blown.

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Convas1591d ago

Yes! New trailer on thursday night?

New trailer on thursday night.

Abriael1591d ago

I'll bet half my monthly on it.

1591d ago
STARS1591d ago

My most anticipated PS4 game, can't wait to see how Sucker Punch brings inFamous into the next generation. Should be a lot of fun.

Dark111591d ago
"The neon dash makes you run like The Flash"


FamilyGuy1591d ago

*Jaw Drops*
*Cumbersomely reaches in pocket*
*Throws out money*

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