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Submitted by Abriael 821d ago | news

inFamous: Second Son Playable at PlayStation 4 Review Event; Greg Miller: "As Fun as it Looks"

inFamous: Second Son has always been showcased hands-off at industry events before, but apparently that changed at the PlayStation 4 Review Event going on today. IGN's Greg Miller tweeted about it, and his impressions seem to be definitely positive. (inFamous: Second Son, PS4)

sigfredod  +   821d ago
Hype meter just blow up!
stavrami  +   821d ago
you know this ;-)
FamilyGuy  +   821d ago
This game is the most fun looking next gen game announced so far (in my opinion of course).
There was a guy playing while fox news was covering PS4 at their office and it just looks insane.
On top of that it's gorgeous!
Glad to hear it's living up to my expectations
Day 1 :D
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stavrami  +   821d ago
yea one of my most anticipated games second to witchier 3 .
cleft5  +   821d ago
I recently finished the Infamous Bloody Mary dlc so I could have a Halloween type game for that day. The game was really fun and the new powers worked very well. It was great how the flying power naturally fit with Cole's other powers. I am definitely hyped for this game.
shivvy24  +   821d ago
GUYS new ingame footage , graphics are amazing
Xsilver  +   821d ago
Infamous Second Son is my Most anticipated NExt gen game hands down.
Irishguy95  +   821d ago
Titanfall, Infamous, Witcher 3 ~

I will have sex with first 3 months of next year
cleft5  +   821d ago
Infamous, Witcher 3, and Dragon Age 3 will be amazing for me.

Titanfall looks really fun, but I am just not good enough at online competitive fps games to really enjoy that game. Hopefully they announce some sort of horde, zombies, or aliens mode. Also the whole no single player thing is a bit of a sour point for me because I am not good at online fps games. Still the game looks fun as hell.
Sevir  +   821d ago
The Witcher 3 and Infamous:SS are the biggest titles of early 2014. I can't wait
rayzorn  +   820d ago
looking forward to infamous, and the order1886 the most for games coming out in the next few months.

biggest games for the year for me that I have seen are infamous, the order, destiny, watchdog, planet side 2, and evil within.
a lot of others I want also. but those are the ones I cant wait for

was pissed when watchdogs got delayed I wanted that day one. but I got madden, battlefield and ac4 to play day one so I cant complain. and still debating on picking up killzone. prob get knack for xmas from my nephew.
Blaze929  +   821d ago
if this was a launch title, this game alone would have easily blown away maybe every launch title to ever come out with a system launch.

The sole reason for getting a PS4 right now. Can't wait to play this.
shivvy24  +   821d ago
yeah true, killzone is a big launch title but damn imagine infamous
Drekken  +   821d ago
KZ and Resogun look good enough for launch. Driveclub and Infamous at the beginning of the year really round it off nice... I am glad too, I need holiday money to spend on family gifts.
Magicite  +   821d ago
Im sure Sony knows that ISS will be great game, so they wanted to release it a bit later, where there larger PS4 install base.
FamilyGuy  +   821d ago
Games listed at the event really add a nice perspective on why I'm so excited about getting a PS4 in a few days

Hype meter definitely blown.
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Convas  +   821d ago
Yes! New trailer on thursday night?

New trailer on thursday night.
Abriael  +   821d ago
I'll bet half my monthly on it.
black0o  +   821d ago
why not 100% :D
Mohlest   821d ago | Spam
STARS  +   821d ago
My most anticipated PS4 game, can't wait to see how Sucker Punch brings inFamous into the next generation. Should be a lot of fun.
Dark11  +   821d ago
"The neon dash makes you run like The Flash"

FamilyGuy  +   821d ago
*Jaw Drops*
*Cumbersomely reaches in pocket*
*Throws out money*
melemelnyc  +   821d ago
I'm tearing up. Tissue please
Mikelarry  +   821d ago
i have never been on the hype train with any of the infamous games. tried 1 didn't like it at all. i was going to get two but something came up and didnt bother with that either. i have been hearing great things about this and watched every video of this hopefully they release a demo to help me make up my mind of buying this.
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FamilyGuy  +   821d ago
I was sold on infamous 1 when I first got to ride the rails and float around the city in that demo. Got Infamous 2 through PS+ though.
3 is a no-brainer

What didn't you like about 1?
Mikelarry  +   821d ago
it was free with psplus so i thought id give it ago as everyone i knew was raving about how it was so much better than prototype. the camera angles when shooting the electricity or how the bad guys are so far away from you but somehow the bullets still hits you. i did enjoy gliding on the rails tho
FamilyGuy  +   821d ago
Oh okay, yeah it was annoying to get shot from half a mile away. They let you shoot back just as far though. Probably like that so you couldn't just speed past everything without being challenged. Would've made the game less lively.
fardan85  +   821d ago
I was like you, I never felt interested in infamous games. I got 2 through PS+, 1 from a friend but I didn't feel like playing them. Then comes I:SS, I was like "holy S**T, this looks awesome". So I decided to give infamous a full chance, it didn't disappoint. I had lots of funs. Now, I:SS is my most anticipated game for next gen.
Bear in my mind. I'm not a fan of open world games.
NewShadow101  +   821d ago

Infamous 2 blew the first one out of the water, i recommend playing atleast the second one before you hop into the 3rd. loads of fun, you feel like a badass.
Mikelarry  +   821d ago
@ newshadow

cool i will try it out as it should be dirt cheap with psplus if not free.
Goku781  +   821d ago
1 was repetitive, but for me was worth it just for the opening, and the mind blowing ending to lead into the second game. Part 2 you were so ridiculously powerful. I'm so glad it took 2 games for closure of that story arc, and now in 3 we have a new character.
phoenix_dusk  +   821d ago
Well it looks even better than the next-gen games launching even KZ SF and NOW it as fun as it looks? Logic acrobatics done and HYPED!
boeso  +   821d ago
Folks, when do the PS4 reviews go live?
MasterCornholio  +   821d ago
When will then be now?


Nexus 7 2013
boeso  +   821d ago
Soon ain't gonna cut it Mr.Lutece.
azshorty2003  +   821d ago
Nice Spaceballs reference.
boeso  +   821d ago
Its happening…
TristanPR77  +   821d ago
Don't expect great PS4 reviews in the US. Most gaming websites will give better reviews to the xbone even when it's obvious the PS4 is superior.
pyramidshead  +   821d ago
The neon power looks awesome. Hoping there's a couple more powers to discover too.
OsirisBlack  +   821d ago
They said Smoke and Electricity were just the Tip of the "ICE"berg. Cough Cough ... man I should get a glass of "WATER".
pyramidshead  +   821d ago
Sounds like you got "SAND" in your throat...

...sand power? lol
THC CELL  +   821d ago
My hype blew up can't wait, btw Greg Miller hate him he such a cu**. Ign should replace him with someone as cools as Seth Rogan
Lboogieskells  +   821d ago
Neon flash dash

I am so ready for this next gen open world.

Let's go SuckerPunch!
DanielGearSolid  +   821d ago
Love infamous, but I still dont trust IGN after those Xbox ONE advertiseme.. I mean previews!
kewlkat007  +   821d ago
First game I get on ps4.
TalonJH  +   821d ago
I like Scott Lowe of IGNs tweet better.

Scott Lowe ‏@ScottLowe 1h
Infamous: Second Son is the first awe-inspiringly "next-gen" game I've played. It's gorgeous.
cell989  +   821d ago
this game is way underrated compared to other titles
isarai  +   821d ago
The inFamous series is an anomaly to me, it's rare these days that i get the feeling that i did when i was a kid, that feeling where i go to sleep eager to wake up and keep playing as if i were waiting for christmas morning. infamous has done this to me not on one but two occasions with their games, this one looks to be the same in that regard, looks like SO much fun and i cannot wait to pick it up and play it on my beautiful 1080p 40"
Chrisgamerguy  +   821d ago
So ps4 has this but x1 has titanfall damn
isarai  +   821d ago
yes because an online arena style FPS is totally comparable to an open world third person action game.the least you can do is stay in the same genre like Planetside 2, Blacklight Retribution, etc
AgitatedOcelot  +   821d ago
Game looks great. Wish they had a protagonist I could like though instead of what looks like another douchebag with a big stupid grin on his face all the time.
theshredded  +   821d ago
game will be god-like to experience
n4gamingm  +   821d ago
this game is for sure gonna be good, wish i can afford both consoles sob sob

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