Sony leasing warehouses, GameStop working with UPS to avoid PS4 shortages

XMNR: November is the time when retailer's websites and supply chains are most tested as shoppers flock to make holiday purchases. This holiday represents an especially large challenge as there are two new video game consoles launching just a week apart. A report Monday details a little at what Playstation 4 maker Sony and retailer GameStop are doing to deal with shortages.

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sigfredod1491d ago

It's coming, my thumbs are ready

Blaze9291491d ago

I was doing holiday work as a truck unloader in the warehouse, saw hella PS4s come in. Got my excited....but then my boss pissed me off and I quit. Not about to pass out and die for $9.50 an hour >_>

AbortMission1491d ago

I thought your comment was spam Lol that "$X.00 an hour"

Monolith1491d ago

I use to be a sorter and unloader at ups for 4 years. Got the hell out of that place. You think smoking is bad. Try breathing in box dust 5 days a week.

C-H-E-F1491d ago

If you don't work in South Carolina then you should've took a "severance package", but if you do work in SC then uhhh walking off the job is good "without taking the severance package" because uhhh I want my ps4 i'll be da***d if my bestbuy was a ps4 short when it was my time at the register lOl. sorry about your job hopefully you still have ps4 money :D.

Sci0n1491d ago

What did your boss do to piss you off, boast about the power of teh clouds?

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memots1491d ago

i tried the controller on PC. My thumbs are even more excited now ! :)

C-H-E-F1491d ago

Have you touched a PS3 controller since? If so, how did you feel when you picked up the ps3 controller. lOl.....yup, I felt the same way too :( hahaha

2cents1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

If there was ever a perfect day to steal a delivery truck, the PS4 launch day would be the day to do it!

Disclamer: I do not condone theft lol.


lol, practice makes perfect ;)
one bubble to you!

memots1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

yet you play gta? ;)

Oh oh .. I am out of bubble again. Lost one cause i used a banned word the dreaded F work..
I typed it out of excitement hehe.

Someone hit me up for bubble.

GirlOnFire1491d ago

GameStop better not run out on me! Or I'll be one unhappy camper! ^~^'

Snookies121491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

Quiet the sniper is a camper? Lol, sorry couldn't resist.

Yeah though, I've heard of people getting shorted on consoles they'd pre-ordered. That would suck really badly. Good to know GameStop is doing something to prevent things like that from happening.

GirlOnFire1491d ago (Edited 1491d ago )

I'll be sure to bring my sniper. ^~^
I'm be sure to get mine! Good luck everyone be safe on day 1 midnight launch!
I preorder 3 PS4s on Amazon ^~^'

SpitFireAce851491d ago

Me to i pre-ordered back on June 11th i was #3
in line at my Gamestop...But just in case i also
ordered from Amazon as well on June 10th.

memots1491d ago

Pre-order Day1 Edition. They have to have it otherwise something bad is going to happen at that ebgame store.

PsylentKiller1491d ago

The GameStop near me said that all their PS4's are reserved for preorders. They may have one PS4 to sell after preorders are filled.

memots1491d ago

I wish you luck my friend !! To greatness :P

iceman061491d ago

Although I should already have one, I talked to GameStop near me and they don't have any. They only have 1 for the in store employees to "fight" over...and the manager (in a dick move) is taking that one to give to a family member. They only took "essential" people to the event where they were supposed to get free systems. So, that leaves about 7 workers trying to get consoles. Kinda sucks for them that they will be handing these things out and some won't even get them.

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ANIALATOR1361491d ago

play the f*** out of it America you lucky devils

GirlOnFire1491d ago

I do feel bad getting one before you.. One day we will all have it in our possession. PS4 will complete us. ^~^

gusgusjr1491d ago


you ok there buddy, lol. I'm super excited and only 3 days away but you take the cake.
When is your release?

ANIALATOR1361491d ago

29th of nov so about 18 days to go

CocoWolfie1491d ago

is it bad i want chaos? ._. like i hope so many people get it, that threads blow up, news stations just talk about it for days, then people love it, thats what i want :p

The Meerkat1491d ago

You just know that some low life scum will end up stabbing a young kid for his PS4. It happens every time there is a major launch.

Gaming nerds like us have to stick together in groups on launch nights.

Dohv1491d ago

I pray that Bestbuy has my PS4 on Friday. I have to get it after school. Hopefully they put mine aside.

Dissidia1491d ago

I've been reading that best buy holds pre orders from 5-8 days after release, you should be good to get it after school, enjoy

strigoi8141491d ago

if you pre order yours then you are good. but if not that will suck

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