John Carmack: It Doesn't Look Like Microsoft and Sony Will Embrace AMD Mantle For PS4 And Xbox One

"At the Nvidia G-Sync launch event, John Carmack spoke about AMD's low level API, Mantle. Unless you've been living under a rock, you'd know that Mantle is an application programming interface that will reduce CPU overhead by calling up to 9 times more draw cells when compared to other APIs like Direct3D and OpenGL. On top of that, Mantle will also allow direct access to the GPU and give developers more control over the hardware."

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Eonjay1772d ago

For shame!

Also, today is AMD's APU 13 an Sony is presenting its APU officially at the event at 9:30PST

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1772d ago

What time is that UK time I'm to lazy to figure it out

Eonjay1772d ago

Monday, November 11, 2013 at 4:30:30 PM GMT
So in 30 minutes


Sorry but where to watch the keynote?

black0o1772d ago

Consoles doesn't need it .. mantle is to gve PCs some of the consoles advantage

FamilyGuy1772d ago

Yeah I'm confused why he thinks consoles would need/use mantle?

someoneagain1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Xbox One and PS4 both have a low-level API, but they're incompatible with each other. Mantle would mean a single, low-level API across both consoles and PC. It'd make cross-platform development much easier.

It also has the possibility to be a better API. Microsoft made DirectX for its own OS, but OpenGL has its advantages.

OlgerO1772d ago

What are they going to talk about ? all the specs of the PS4 and cpu clock ?

Eonjay1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Its actually at 8:30PST

Dominic Mallinson, senior vice president, Software, Sony: "Inside PlayStation 4: Building the Best Place to Play"

Edit: Looks like I was wrong... the Playstation event is on Wednesday... sorry about that folks.

Azurite1772d ago

It's consoles, they already get access directly to the hardware.

mandf1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Whover disagreed with you has no clue. For PCs the OS is the bottleneck. That's why mantle was made. Consoles are made differently and have more access to the hardware.

SnakeCQC1772d ago

Exactly this ^^^^^

Carmack is an nvidia guy anyway.

Kleptic1772d ago

Articles like this take the context out of what Mantle is to begin with...

NO ONE ever said 'the consoles will use Mantle'...

Mantle is an API to do 'console like programming' on specific PC hardware...currently...that is not how it works...DirectX is more or less the current standard API for PC...and Nvidia/AMD both mimic low level 'tricks' with their driver software...but it does not offer low level access to any hardware...its advantage is that it works across all offered hardware, not that it makes any single one of them sing...

Mantle is entirely for PC development...the tie in with consoles comes from Mantle being able to quickly port back and forth between the two...Console code, in many situations, will be nearly identical to Mantle's instruction sets (even though its 'not' mantle specifically)...significantly cutting down re-writing code between the different platforms...

the catch only works on specific gpu's...its a focused development platform for specific PC parts...and has a lot of common things with what the consoles will use programming wise...MUCH more so than that of DirectX...

mandf1772d ago

@kleptic Thank you for you explaining it the way you did. People are looking at mantle all wrong. bubbles up to you

wishingW3L1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Sony has "libgcm" but what does MS has? And that is the question... DX is not exactly low level and that's what the Xbox has. MS even forces devs to pass through it every time.

Kleptic1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

but it doesn't have to be windows' version of DX...unified hardware allows them to make the changes necessary with that specific architecture...

whatever the name of the API used very much will be a low-level 'to the metal' API...very unlike what DirectX currently is for Windows based gaming...

and thats the point of has nothing to do with what the consoles use...its a console-like API for PC...nothing more...and shares instruction requirements like that of the consoles' APUs use...

Ju1772d ago

Xbox is strictly DirectX (API) - without driver model. It sits direct on top of the HW. With some console specific extensions.

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Ashlen1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

I believe that 50% of his statement is correct. Microsoft probably won't use it because they are so focused on DirectX. But I see no reason why Sony wouldn't embrace it, and they haven't in any form hinted that they won't.

Kleptic1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

Again, not trying to harp on this...but AMD has already stated numerous times that both MS and Sony will develop their own API tech for their hardware...AMD is only the supplier...Both Sony and MS have their own programming teams to do whatever they want with that hardware...

because of that...Sony and MS are NOT going to use some 3rd party API for their own devices...that is pretty much a given, which is why this article is kind of misleading in context...

Mantle is PC centric...nothing to do with what API's the two next gen consoles will use...But, as AMD built the APUs for the two consoles, they have a pretty good idea of their coding requirements as well (the gpus of both consoles use Graphics Core Next tech)...Mantle is a low level PC API that has common coding similarities with what the consoles will need...not identical, but MUCH closer in similarity than the consoles and full Windows DirectX...the reason they can achieve this lower level access is because its only designed for a very specific line of graphics processors (gpus based on the same Graphics Core Next tech that the consoles use) very focused API for specific PC parts...

it does give strong advantages between mantle for a PC game, and the same development on the two consoles...because of the similarities i mentioned earlier...Its not a direct port, but many aspects of a mantle based PC engine will translate with the console API's more directly than using DirectX which case all kinds of things will need to be re-written...this gives reduced development time/cost on PC porting...the 2nd benefit of Mantle; at least according to AMD's press release about it in late September...

Ju1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

You can't port this "low level" API/app to XBox because it will require back porting to DX. Same for PS4. It it is a lean API, but totally incompatible. You have to support multiple render backends. It is more likely (and feasible) to port PC Dx to Xbox. PS4 will need a rewrite anyway.

Mantel is a strictly performance driven interface. It has nothing to do with making porting easier.

Kleptic1772d ago (Edited 1772d ago )

^sorry, but what you're saying goes directly against a majority of this article...

Mantle IS strictly for PC...but it is NOT strictly performance oriented...context is key, here...Porting will not be a direct affair, stuff will need to be re-written...however, techniques and strategies for using the console's low level API, and Mantle, will be mostly the same...

So a large chunk of the guess work for console/PC development between three different software stacks is eliminated...multiple renderers are still built, but the similarities are much higher than ever before...Coding something like a texture streaming system using a PS4's API, the xbox one's, and Mantle...will all result in different programming...but by using mantle; the coding process is fundamentally identical to that of the new consoles, saving development time and money...which is currently not the case for PC, as ONLY a high level API is used in the form of directx or OpenGL...

A better analogy would be: You're building 3 engines for 3 different cars...currently, 2 cars would use gasoline...1 uses diesel fuel...the end result is mostly the same (the engine's move the cars around)...but how they went about building the engines, and how the engines operate...are as far apart as could be...

With'd build three gasoline engines...each car still has its own requirements for output, so all 3 engines are 'different'...but, they all use the same fuel and are designed in very similar ways...

Perspective #2 clearly outlines how Mantle integrates with the two new consoles...and this is all just rephrased from AMD to begin with (you can find the original press release outline within the article...take note, also, that AMD never says anything like 'the consoles will use mantle'...which is why the comment from Carmack is misleading...

Volkama1772d ago

I don't think it offers any advantage over their existing APIs. Except possibly easier porting of PC games that use it I suppose.

TIER1xWOLFPACKx1772d ago

Why would they need to use it, console API's have even more access to the hardware than what mantle will with the hardware in pc's

SaveFerris1772d ago

Why wouldn't Sony and MS want to do this if it could lead to better games?

wishingW3L1772d ago

not to better games but to faster development through all the systems.

SnakeCQC1772d ago

console devs already have low level access

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